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Make -XNoMonoPatBinds documentation match ghc behavior

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According to this documentation:

And this ticket:

I would expect for ghc-7.4.1 to give an error about this example:

foo :: a -> a
bar :: a -> a
(foo, bar) = (\x -> x, \y -> y)

main = print $ foo $ bar 1

Trying this code on ghc 7.0.1 gives the error listed in #4940 but on ghc-7.4.1 this code type checks and using -XNoMonoPatBinds gives this warning:

on the commandline:
    Warning: -XMonoPatBinds is deprecated: Experimental feature now removed; has no effect

I suspect the bug is with the documentation and the section about mono pat binds is in the user guide of the latest release of GHC.

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You're right... even the HEAD documentation mentions MonoPatBinds which indeed has gone. I've tidied up the documentation HEAD, but won't go back to earlier releases. Thanks for pointing this out.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by dagit

Thank you!

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