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Partially promoted data types

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{-# LANGUAGE DataKinds, PolyKinds #-}

data D a where
  D1 :: a -> D a
  D2 :: (a~Int) => D a
  D3 :: forall (a:k). Proxy a -> D b

Is D a promoted type?

Well, D1 is promotable, but D2 is not because of constraints in its type, and neither is D3 because it uses kind polymorphism. It's a bit odd to promote only one of the three constructors, but that is what happens right now.

We should probably check for promotability of all data constructors, and promote all or none. A bit of fiddling around is need to do this, so I'm opening a ticket. It's not terribly pressing.

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Test #7481, which had already been fixed.

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