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Confusion about types

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In GHC 6.0.1 the following data type definition (for a binary search tree) seems to be invalid. I know I've used this kind of thing before, so whats up. This is the entire file, by the way:

data BST a = Ord a => Leaf | Node a (BST a) (BST a)

Gives an error message :

All of the type variables in the constraint `Ord a' are already in scope

(at least one must be universally quantified here)

When checking the existential context of constructor `Leaf' In the data type declaration for `BST'

I'm confused - where would I put a universal quantification? Does Leaf now need a type declaration and if so what would it be?

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Not a bug, but rather a confusion about data type declarations.

My advice: just leave the "Ord a =>" out. If you must have it, use this

  data Ord a => BST a = ...

The Haskell Report discusses this; Haskell-cafe mailing list will help too.

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