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#6095 closed bug (worksforme)

GHC 7.0.3 panic when compiling mwc-random

Reported by: hesselink Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: Compiler Version: 7.0.3
Keywords: Cc:
Operating System: Linux Architecture: x86
Type of failure: Compile-time crash Test Case:
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Our Jenkins server showed a GHC (7.0.3) panic during the building of mwc-random- I haven't been able to reproduce (the next build went through fine) but since the message says to report it, I will. The full output that cabal gave is below.

This was on Ubuntu 11.10, GHC 7.0.3, cabal 0.10.2 using Cabal, and mwc-random- The build was in a cabal-dev sandbox (cabal-dev version 0.9 built with the same Cabal). Building this package was part of a much larger install plan.

Configuring mwc-random-
Preprocessing library mwc-random-
Preprocessing test suites for mwc-random-
Building mwc-random-
[1 of 3] Compiling System.Random.MWC ( System/Random/MWC.hs, dist/build/System/Random/MWC.o )
ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)
  (GHC version 7.0.3 for i386-unknown-linux):
    ds20{v s824} [lid]
    static binds for:
    mwc-random-{v rTi} [gid[[RecSel]]]
    mwc-random-{v rTu} [gid[ClassOp]]
    mwc-random-{v rTw} [gid[ClassOp]]
    mwc-random-{v rTA} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTC} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTE} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTG} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTI} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTK} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTM} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTO} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTQ} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTS} [gid]{v rTU} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rTW} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rU6} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rUa} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rUc} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rUk} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v rUm} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt32{v r1uL} [gid[DFunId]]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt16{v r1uN} [gid[DFunId]]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt8{v r1uP} [gid[DFunId]]
    a{v r6eK} [gid]
    a1{v r6eM} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fTypeableSeed2{v r6eN} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fTypeableSeed3{v r6eO} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fTypeableSeed1{v r6eP} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fShowSeed1{v r6eQ} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fShowSeed2{v r6eR} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fShowSeed3{v r6eS} [gid]
    mwc-random-$w$cshowsPrec{v r6eT} [gid]
    lvl{v r6eV} [gid]
    warned{v r6eX} [gid]
    lvl1{v r6eZ} [gid]
    lvl2{v r6f1} [gid]
    lvl3{v r6f3} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateWord64_$swordsTo64Bit{v r6f4} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt64_$swordsTo64Bit{v r6f5} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateBool_$snextIndex{v r6f6} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fEqSeed1{v r6f7} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fEqSeed2{v r6f8} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v r6f9} [gid]
    poly_a{v r6fb} [gid]
    lvl4{v r6fd} [gid]
    lvl5{v r6ff} [gid]
    lvl6{v r6fh} [gid]
    lvl7{v r6fj} [gid]
    lvl8{v r6fl} [gid]
    lvl9{v r6fn} [gid]
    lvl10{v r6fp} [gid]
    lvl11{v r6fr} [gid]
    lvl12{v r6ft} [gid]
    lvl13{v r6fv} [gid]
    lvl14{v r6fx} [gid]
    lvl15{v r6fz} [gid]
    lvl16{v r6fB} [gid]
    lvl17{v r6fD} [gid]
    lvl18{v r6fF} [gid]
    lvl19{v r6fH} [gid]
    lvl20{v r6fJ} [gid]
    lvl21{v r6fL} [gid]
    lvl22{v r6fN} [gid]
    lvl23{v r6fP} [gid]
    lvl24{v r6fR} [gid]
    lvl25{v r6fT} [gid]
    lvl26{v r6fV} [gid]
    lvl27{v r6fX} [gid]
    lvl28{v r6fZ} [gid]
    lvl29{v r6g1} [gid]
    lvl30{v r6g3} [gid]
    lvl31{v r6g5} [gid]
    lvl32{v r6g7} [gid]
    lvl33{v r6g9} [gid]
    lvl34{v r6gb} [gid]
    lvl35{v r6gd} [gid]
    lvl36{v r6gf} [gid]
    lvl37{v r6gh} [gid]
    lvl38{v r6gj} [gid]
    lvl39{v r6gl} [gid]
    lvl40{v r6gn} [gid]
    lvl41{v r6gp} [gid]
    lvl42{v r6gr} [gid]
    lvl43{v r6gt} [gid]
    lvl44{v r6gv} [gid]
    lvl45{v r6gx} [gid]
    lvl46{v r6gz} [gid]
    lvl47{v r6gB} [gid]
    lvl48{v r6gD} [gid]
    lvl49{v r6gF} [gid]
    lvl50{v r6gH} [gid]
    lvl51{v r6gJ} [gid]
    lvl52{v r6gL} [gid]
    lvl53{v r6gN} [gid]
    lvl54{v r6gP} [gid]
    lvl55{v r6gR} [gid]
    lvl56{v r6gT} [gid]
    lvl57{v r6gV} [gid]
    lvl58{v r6gX} [gid]
    lvl59{v r6gZ} [gid]
    lvl60{v r6h1} [gid]
    lvl61{v r6h3} [gid]
    lvl62{v r6h5} [gid]
    lvl63{v r6h7} [gid]
    lvl64{v r6h9} [gid]
    lvl65{v r6hb} [gid]
    lvl66{v r6hd} [gid]
    lvl67{v r6hf} [gid]
    lvl68{v r6hh} [gid]
    lvl69{v r6hj} [gid]
    lvl70{v r6hl} [gid]
    lvl71{v r6hn} [gid]
    lvl72{v r6hp} [gid]
    lvl73{v r6hr} [gid]
    lvl74{v r6ht} [gid]
    lvl75{v r6hv} [gid]
    lvl76{v r6hx} [gid]
    lvl77{v r6hz} [gid]
    lvl78{v r6hB} [gid]
    lvl79{v r6hD} [gid]
    lvl80{v r6hF} [gid]
    lvl81{v r6hH} [gid]
    lvl82{v r6hJ} [gid]
    lvl83{v r6hL} [gid]
    lvl84{v r6hN} [gid]
    lvl85{v r6hP} [gid]
    lvl86{v r6hR} [gid]
    lvl87{v r6hT} [gid]
    lvl88{v r6hV} [gid]
    lvl89{v r6hX} [gid]
    lvl90{v r6hZ} [gid]
    lvl91{v r6i1} [gid]
    lvl92{v r6i3} [gid]
    lvl93{v r6i5} [gid]
    lvl94{v r6i7} [gid]
    lvl95{v r6i9} [gid]
    lvl96{v r6ib} [gid]
    lvl97{v r6id} [gid]
    lvl98{v r6if} [gid]
    lvl99{v r6ih} [gid]
    lvl100{v r6ij} [gid]
    lvl101{v r6il} [gid]
    lvl102{v r6in} [gid]
    lvl103{v r6ip} [gid]
    lvl104{v r6ir} [gid]
    lvl105{v r6it} [gid]
    lvl106{v r6iv} [gid]
    lvl107{v r6ix} [gid]
    lvl108{v r6iz} [gid]
    lvl109{v r6iB} [gid]
    lvl110{v r6iD} [gid]
    lvl111{v r6iF} [gid]
    lvl112{v r6iH} [gid]
    lvl113{v r6iJ} [gid]
    lvl114{v r6iL} [gid]
    lvl115{v r6iN} [gid]
    lvl116{v r6iP} [gid]
    lvl117{v r6iR} [gid]
    lvl118{v r6iT} [gid]
    lvl119{v r6iV} [gid]
    lvl120{v r6iX} [gid]
    lvl121{v r6iZ} [gid]
    lvl122{v r6j1} [gid]
    lvl123{v r6j3} [gid]
    lvl124{v r6j5} [gid]
    lvl125{v r6j7} [gid]
    lvl126{v r6j9} [gid]
    lvl127{v r6jb} [gid]
    lvl128{v r6jd} [gid]
    lvl129{v r6jf} [gid]
    lvl130{v r6jh} [gid]
    lvl131{v r6jj} [gid]
    lvl132{v r6jl} [gid]
    lvl133{v r6jn} [gid]
    lvl134{v r6jp} [gid]
    lvl135{v r6jr} [gid]
    lvl136{v r6jt} [gid]
    lvl137{v r6jv} [gid]
    lvl138{v r6jx} [gid]
    lvl139{v r6jz} [gid]
    lvl140{v r6jB} [gid]
    lvl141{v r6jD} [gid]
    lvl142{v r6jF} [gid]
    lvl143{v r6jH} [gid]
    lvl144{v r6jJ} [gid]
    lvl145{v r6jL} [gid]
    lvl146{v r6jN} [gid]
    lvl147{v r6jP} [gid]
    lvl148{v r6jR} [gid]
    lvl149{v r6jT} [gid]
    lvl150{v r6jV} [gid]
    lvl151{v r6jX} [gid]
    lvl152{v r6jZ} [gid]
    lvl153{v r6k1} [gid]
    lvl154{v r6k3} [gid]
    lvl155{v r6k5} [gid]
    lvl156{v r6k7} [gid]
    lvl157{v r6k9} [gid]
    lvl158{v r6kb} [gid]
    lvl159{v r6kd} [gid]
    lvl160{v r6kf} [gid]
    lvl161{v r6kh} [gid]
    lvl162{v r6kj} [gid]
    lvl163{v r6kl} [gid]
    lvl164{v r6kn} [gid]
    lvl165{v r6kp} [gid]
    lvl166{v r6kr} [gid]
    lvl167{v r6kt} [gid]
    lvl168{v r6kv} [gid]
    lvl169{v r6kx} [gid]
    lvl170{v r6kz} [gid]
    lvl171{v r6kB} [gid]
    lvl172{v r6kD} [gid]
    lvl173{v r6kF} [gid]
    lvl174{v r6kH} [gid]
    lvl175{v r6kJ} [gid]
    lvl176{v r6kL} [gid]
    lvl177{v r6kN} [gid]
    lvl178{v r6kP} [gid]
    lvl179{v r6kR} [gid]
    lvl180{v r6kT} [gid]
    lvl181{v r6kV} [gid]
    lvl182{v r6kX} [gid]
    lvl183{v r6kZ} [gid]
    lvl184{v r6l1} [gid]
    lvl185{v r6l3} [gid]
    lvl186{v r6l5} [gid]
    lvl187{v r6l7} [gid]
    lvl188{v r6l9} [gid]
    lvl189{v r6lb} [gid]
    lvl190{v r6ld} [gid]
    lvl191{v r6lf} [gid]
    lvl192{v r6lh} [gid]
    lvl193{v r6lj} [gid]
    lvl194{v r6ll} [gid]
    lvl195{v r6ln} [gid]
    lvl196{v r6lp} [gid]
    lvl197{v r6lr} [gid]
    lvl198{v r6lt} [gid]
    lvl199{v r6lv} [gid]
    lvl200{v r6lx} [gid]
    lvl201{v r6lz} [gid]
    lvl202{v r6lB} [gid]
    lvl203{v r6lD} [gid]
    lvl204{v r6lF} [gid]
    lvl205{v r6lH} [gid]
    lvl206{v r6lJ} [gid]
    lvl207{v r6lL} [gid]
    lvl208{v r6lN} [gid]
    lvl209{v r6lP} [gid]
    lvl210{v r6lR} [gid]
    lvl211{v r6lT} [gid]
    lvl212{v r6lV} [gid]
    lvl213{v r6lX} [gid]
    lvl214{v r6lZ} [gid]
    lvl215{v r6m1} [gid]
    lvl216{v r6m3} [gid]
    lvl217{v r6m5} [gid]
    lvl218{v r6m7} [gid]
    lvl219{v r6m9} [gid]
    lvl220{v r6mb} [gid]
    lvl221{v r6md} [gid]
    lvl222{v r6mf} [gid]
    lvl223{v r6mh} [gid]
    lvl224{v r6mj} [gid]
    lvl225{v r6ml} [gid]
    lvl226{v r6mn} [gid]
    lvl227{v r6mp} [gid]
    lvl228{v r6mr} [gid]
    lvl229{v r6mt} [gid]
    lvl230{v r6mv} [gid]
    lvl231{v r6mx} [gid]
    lvl232{v r6mz} [gid]
    lvl233{v r6mB} [gid]
    lvl234{v r6mD} [gid]
    lvl235{v r6mF} [gid]
    lvl236{v r6mH} [gid]
    lvl237{v r6mJ} [gid]
    lvl238{v r6mL} [gid]
    lvl239{v r6mN} [gid]
    lvl240{v r6mP} [gid]
    lvl241{v r6mR} [gid]
    lvl242{v r6mT} [gid]
    lvl243{v r6mV} [gid]
    lvl244{v r6mX} [gid]
    lvl245{v r6mZ} [gid]
    lvl246{v r6n1} [gid]
    lvl247{v r6n3} [gid]
    lvl248{v r6n5} [gid]
    lvl249{v r6n7} [gid]
    lvl250{v r6n9} [gid]
    lvl251{v r6nb} [gid]
    lvl252{v r6nd} [gid]
    lvl253{v r6nf} [gid]
    lvl254{v r6nh} [gid]
    lvl255{v r6nj} [gid]
    lvl256{v r6nl} [gid]
    lvl257{v r6nn} [gid]
    lvl258{v r6np} [gid]
    lvl259{v r6nr} [gid]
    lvl260{v r6nt} [gid]
    lvl261{v r6nv} [gid]
    lvl262{v r6nx} [gid]
    lvl263{v r6nz} [gid]
    lvl264{v r6nB} [gid]
    lvl265{v r6nD} [gid]
    lvl266{v r6nF} [gid]
    lvl267{v r6nH} [gid]
    lvl268{v r6nJ} [gid]
    lvl269{v r6nL} [gid]
    lvl270{v r6nN} [gid]
    lvl271{v r6nP} [gid]
    lvl272{v r6nR} [gid]
    lvl273{v r6nT} [gid]
    lvl274{v r6nV} [gid]
    lvl275{v r6nX} [gid]
    lvl276{v r6nZ} [gid]
    lvl277{v r6o1} [gid]
    lvl278{v r6o3} [gid]
    lvl279{v r6o5} [gid]
    lvl280{v r6o7} [gid]
    lvl281{v r6o9} [gid]
    lvl282{v r6ob} [gid]
    lvl283{v r6od} [gid]
    lvl284{v r6of} [gid]
    lvl285{v r6oh} [gid]
    lvl286{v r6oj} [gid]
    lvl287{v r6ol} [gid]
    lvl288{v r6on} [gid]
    lvl289{v r6op} [gid]
    lvl290{v r6or} [gid]
    lvl291{v r6ot} [gid]
    lvl292{v r6ov} [gid]
    lvl293{v r6ox} [gid]
    lvl294{v r6oz} [gid]
    lvl295{v r6oB} [gid]
    lvl296{v r6oD} [gid]
    lvl297{v r6oF} [gid]
    lvl298{v r6oH} [gid]
    lvl299{v r6oJ} [gid]
    lvl300{v r6oL} [gid]
    lvl301{v r6oN} [gid]
    lvl302{v r6oP} [gid]
    lvl303{v r6oR} [gid]
    lvl304{v r6oT} [gid]
    lvl305{v r6oV} [gid]
    lvl306{v r6oX} [gid]
    lvl307{v r6oZ} [gid]
    lvl308{v r6p1} [gid]
    lvl309{v r6p3} [gid]
    lvl310{v r6p5} [gid]
    lvl311{v r6p7} [gid]
    lvl312{v r6p9} [gid]
    lvl313{v r6pb} [gid]
    lvl314{v r6pd} [gid]
    lvl315{v r6pf} [gid]
    lvl316{v r6ph} [gid]
    lvl317{v r6pj} [gid]
    lvl318{v r6pl} [gid]
    lvl319{v r6pn} [gid]
    lvl320{v r6pp} [gid]
    lvl321{v r6pr} [gid]
    lvl322{v r6pt} [gid]
    lvl323{v r6pv} [gid]
    lvl324{v r6px} [gid]
    lvl325{v r6pz} [gid]
    lvl326{v r6pB} [gid]
    lvl327{v r6pD} [gid]
    lvl328{v r6pF} [gid]
    lvl329{v r6pH} [gid]
    lvl330{v r6pJ} [gid]
    lvl331{v r6pL} [gid]
    lvl332{v r6pN} [gid]
    lvl333{v r6pP} [gid]
    lvl334{v r6pR} [gid]
    lvl335{v r6pT} [gid]
    lvl336{v r6pV} [gid]
    lvl337{v r6pX} [gid]
    lvl338{v r6pZ} [gid]
    lvl339{v r6q1} [gid]
    lvl340{v r6q3} [gid]
    lvl341{v r6q5} [gid]
    lvl342{v r6q7} [gid]
    lvl343{v r6q9} [gid]
    lvl344{v r6qb} [gid]
    lvl345{v r6qd} [gid]
    lvl346{v r6qf} [gid]
    lvl347{v r6qh} [gid]
    lvl348{v r6qj} [gid]
    lvl349{v r6ql} [gid]
    lvl350{v r6qn} [gid]
    lvl351{v r6qp} [gid]
    lvl352{v r6qr} [gid]
    lvl353{v r6qt} [gid]
    lvl354{v r6qv} [gid]
    lvl355{v r6qx} [gid]
    lvl356{v r6qz} [gid]
    lvl357{v r6qB} [gid]
    lvl358{v r6qD} [gid]
    lvl359{v r6qF} [gid]
    lvl360{v r6qH} [gid]
    lvl361{v r6qJ} [gid]
    lvl362{v r6qL} [gid]
    lvl363{v r6qN} [gid]
    lvl364{v r6qP} [gid]
    lvl365{v r6qR} [gid]
    lvl366{v r6qT} [gid]
    lvl367{v r6qV} [gid]
    lvl368{v r6qX} [gid]
    lvl369{v r6qZ} [gid]
    lvl370{v r6r1} [gid]
    lvl371{v r6r3} [gid]
    lvl372{v r6r5} [gid]
    lvl373{v r6r7} [gid]
    lvl374{v r6r9} [gid]
    lvl375{v r6rb} [gid]
    lvl376{v r6rd} [gid]
    lvl377{v r6rf} [gid]
    lvl378{v r6rh} [gid]
    lvl379{v r6rj} [gid]
    lvl380{v r6rl} [gid]
    lvl381{v r6rn} [gid]
    lvl382{v r6rp} [gid]
    lvl383{v r6rr} [gid]
    lvl384{v r6rt} [gid]
    lvl385{v r6rv} [gid]
    lvl386{v r6rx} [gid]
    lvl387{v r6rz} [gid]
    lvl388{v r6rB} [gid]
    lvl389{v r6rD} [gid]
    lvl390{v r6rF} [gid]
    lvl391{v r6rH} [gid]
    lvl392{v r6rJ} [gid]
    lvl393{v r6rL} [gid]
    lvl394{v r6rN} [gid]
    lvl395{v r6rP} [gid]
    lvl396{v r6rR} [gid]
    lvl397{v r6rT} [gid]
    lvl398{v r6rV} [gid]
    lvl399{v r6rX} [gid]
    lvl400{v r6rZ} [gid]
    lvl401{v r6s1} [gid]
    lvl402{v r6s3} [gid]
    lvl403{v r6s5} [gid]
    lvl404{v r6s7} [gid]
    lvl405{v r6s9} [gid]
    lvl406{v r6sb} [gid]
    lvl407{v r6sd} [gid]
    lvl408{v r6sf} [gid]
    lvl409{v r6sh} [gid]
    lvl410{v r6sj} [gid]
    lvl411{v r6sl} [gid]
    lvl412{v r6sn} [gid]
    lvl413{v r6sp} [gid]
    lvl414{v r6sr} [gid]
    lvl415{v r6st} [gid]
    lvl416{v r6sv} [gid]
    lvl417{v r6sx} [gid]
    lvl418{v r6sz} [gid]
    lvl419{v r6sB} [gid]
    lvl420{v r6sD} [gid]
    lvl421{v r6sF} [gid]
    lvl422{v r6sH} [gid]
    lvl423{v r6sJ} [gid]
    lvl424{v r6sL} [gid]
    lvl425{v r6sN} [gid]
    lvl426{v r6sP} [gid]
    lvl427{v r6sR} [gid]
    lvl428{v r6sT} [gid]
    lvl429{v r6sV} [gid]
    lvl430{v r6sX} [gid]
    lvl431{v r6sZ} [gid]
    lvl432{v r6t1} [gid]
    lvl433{v r6t3} [gid]
    lvl434{v r6t5} [gid]
    lvl435{v r6t7} [gid]
    lvl436{v r6t9} [gid]
    lvl437{v r6tb} [gid]
    lvl438{v r6td} [gid]
    lvl439{v r6tf} [gid]
    lvl440{v r6th} [gid]
    lvl441{v r6tj} [gid]
    lvl442{v r6tl} [gid]
    lvl443{v r6tn} [gid]
    lvl444{v r6tp} [gid]
    lvl445{v r6tr} [gid]
    lvl446{v r6tt} [gid]
    lvl447{v r6tv} [gid]
    lvl448{v r6tx} [gid]
    lvl449{v r6tz} [gid]
    lvl450{v r6tB} [gid]
    lvl451{v r6tD} [gid]
    lvl452{v r6tF} [gid]
    lvl453{v r6tH} [gid]
    lvl454{v r6tJ} [gid]
    lvl455{v r6tL} [gid]
    lvl456{v r6tN} [gid]
    lvl457{v r6tP} [gid]
    lvl458{v r6tR} [gid]
    lvl459{v r6tT} [gid]
    lvl460{v r6tV} [gid]
    lvl461{v r6tX} [gid]
    lvl462{v r6tZ} [gid]
    lvl463{v r6u1} [gid]
    lvl464{v r6u3} [gid]
    lvl465{v r6u5} [gid]
    lvl466{v r6u7} [gid]
    lvl467{v r6u9} [gid]
    lvl468{v r6ub} [gid]
    lvl469{v r6ud} [gid]
    lvl470{v r6uf} [gid]
    lvl471{v r6uh} [gid]
    lvl472{v r6uj} [gid]
    lvl473{v r6ul} [gid]
    lvl474{v r6un} [gid]
    lvl475{v r6up} [gid]
    lvl476{v r6ur} [gid]
    lvl477{v r6ut} [gid]
    lvl478{v r6uv} [gid]
    lvl479{v r6ux} [gid]
    lvl480{v r6uz} [gid]
    lvl481{v r6uB} [gid]
    lvl482{v r6uD} [gid]
    lvl483{v r6uF} [gid]
    lvl484{v r6uH} [gid]
    lvl485{v r6uJ} [gid]
    lvl486{v r6uL} [gid]
    lvl487{v r6uN} [gid]
    lvl488{v r6uP} [gid]
    lvl489{v r6uR} [gid]
    lvl490{v r6uT} [gid]
    lvl491{v r6uV} [gid]
    lvl492{v r6uX} [gid]
    lvl493{v r6uZ} [gid]
    lvl494{v r6v1} [gid]
    lvl495{v r6v3} [gid]
    lvl496{v r6v5} [gid]
    lvl497{v r6v7} [gid]
    lvl498{v r6v9} [gid]
    lvl499{v r6vb} [gid]
    lvl500{v r6vd} [gid]
    lvl501{v r6vf} [gid]
    lvl502{v r6vh} [gid]
    lvl503{v r6vj} [gid]
    lvl504{v r6vl} [gid]
    lvl505{v r6vn} [gid]
    lvl506{v r6vp} [gid]
    lvl507{v r6vr} [gid]
    lvl508{v r6vt} [gid]
    lvl509{v r6vv} [gid]
    lvl510{v r6vx} [gid]
    lvl511{v r6vz} [gid]
    lvl512{v r6vB} [gid]
    lvl513{v r6vD} [gid]
    lvl514{v r6vF} [gid]
    lvl515{v r6vH} [gid]
    lvl516{v r6vJ} [gid]
    lvl517{v r6vL} [gid]
    lvl518{v r6vN} [gid]
    lvl519{v r6vP} [gid]
    lvl520{v r6vR} [gid]
    lvl521{v r6vT} [gid]
    lvl522{v r6vV} [gid]
    lvl523{v r6vX} [gid]
    lvl524{v r6vZ} [gid]
    lvl525{v r6w1} [gid]
    lvl526{v r6w3} [gid]
    lvl527{v r6w5} [gid]
    lvl528{v r6w7} [gid]
    lvl529{v r6w9} [gid]
    lvl530{v r6wb} [gid]
    lvl531{v r6wd} [gid]
    lvl532{v r6wf} [gid]
    lvl533{v r6wh} [gid]
    lvl534{v r6wj} [gid]
    lvl535{v r6wl} [gid]
    lvl536{v r6wn} [gid]
    lvl537{v r6wp} [gid]
    lvl538{v r6wr} [gid]
    lvl539{v r6wt} [gid]
    lvl540{v r6wv} [gid]
    lvl541{v r6wx} [gid]
    lvl542{v r6wz} [gid]
    lvl543{v r6wB} [gid]
    lvl544{v r6wD} [gid]
    lvl545{v r6wF} [gid]
    lvl546{v r6wH} [gid]
    lvl547{v r6wJ} [gid]
    lvl548{v r6wL} [gid]
    lvl549{v r6wN} [gid]
    lvl550{v r6wP} [gid]
    lvl551{v r6wR} [gid]
    lvl552{v r6wT} [gid]
    lvl553{v r6wV} [gid]
    lvl554{v r6wX} [gid]
    lvl555{v r6wZ} [gid]
    lvl556{v r6x1} [gid]
    lvl557{v r6x3} [gid]
    lvl558{v r6x5} [gid]
    lvl559{v r6x7} [gid]
    lvl560{v r6x9} [gid]
    lvl561{v r6xb} [gid]
    lvl562{v r6xd} [gid]
    lvl563{v r6xf} [gid]
    lvl564{v r6xh} [gid]
    lvl565{v r6xj} [gid]
    lvl566{v r6xl} [gid]
    lvl567{v r6xn} [gid]
    lvl568{v r6xp} [gid]
    lvl569{v r6xr} [gid]
    lvl570{v r6xt} [gid]
    lvl571{v r6xv} [gid]
    lvl572{v r6xx} [gid]
    lvl573{v r6xz} [gid]
    lvl574{v r6xB} [gid]
    lvl575{v r6xD} [gid]
    lvl576{v r6xF} [gid]
    lvl577{v r6xH} [gid]
    lvl578{v r6xJ} [gid]
    lvl579{v r6xL} [gid]
    lvl580{v r6xN} [gid]
    lvl581{v r6xP} [gid]
    lvl582{v r6xR} [gid]
    lvl583{v r6xT} [gid]
    lvl584{v r6xV} [gid]
    lvl585{v r6xX} [gid]
    lvl586{v r6xZ} [gid]
    lvl587{v r6y1} [gid]
    lvl588{v r6y3} [gid]
    lvl589{v r6y5} [gid]
    lvl590{v r6y7} [gid]
    lvl591{v r6y9} [gid]
    lvl592{v r6yb} [gid]
    lvl593{v r6yd} [gid]
    lvl594{v r6yf} [gid]
    lvl595{v r6yh} [gid]
    lvl596{v r6yj} [gid]
    lvl597{v r6yl} [gid]
    lvl598{v r6yn} [gid]
    lvl599{v r6yp} [gid]
    lvl600{v r6yr} [gid]
    lvl601{v r6yt} [gid]
    lvl602{v r6yv} [gid]
    lvl603{v r6yx} [gid]
    lvl604{v r6yz} [gid]
    lvl605{v r6yB} [gid]
    lvl606{v r6yD} [gid]
    lvl607{v r6yF} [gid]
    lvl608{v r6yH} [gid]
    lvl609{v r6yJ} [gid]
    lvl610{v r6yL} [gid]
    lvl611{v r6yN} [gid]
    lvl612{v r6yP} [gid]
    lvl613{v r6yR} [gid]
    lvl614{v r6yT} [gid]
    lvl615{v r6yV} [gid]
    lvl616{v r6yX} [gid]
    lvl617{v r6yZ} [gid]
    lvl618{v r6z1} [gid]
    lvl619{v r6z3} [gid]
    lvl620{v r6z5} [gid]
    lvl621{v r6z7} [gid]
    lvl622{v r6z9} [gid]
    lvl623{v r6zb} [gid]
    lvl624{v r6zd} [gid]
    lvl625{v r6zf} [gid]
    lvl626{v r6zh} [gid]
    lvl627{v r6zj} [gid]
    lvl628{v r6zl} [gid]
    lvl629{v r6zn} [gid]
    lvl630{v r6zp} [gid]
    lvl631{v r6zr} [gid]
    lvl632{v r6zt} [gid]
    lvl633{v r6zv} [gid]
    lvl634{v r6zx} [gid]
    lvl635{v r6zz} [gid]
    lvl636{v r6zB} [gid]
    lvl637{v r6zD} [gid]
    lvl638{v r6zF} [gid]
    lvl639{v r6zH} [gid]
    lvl640{v r6zJ} [gid]
    lvl641{v r6zL} [gid]
    lvl642{v r6zN} [gid]
    lvl643{v r6zP} [gid]
    lvl644{v r6zR} [gid]
    lvl645{v r6zT} [gid]
    lvl646{v r6zV} [gid]
    lvl647{v r6zX} [gid]
    lvl648{v r6zZ} [gid]
    poly_$dPrimMonad{v r6A1} [gid]
    fini{v r6A3} [gid]
    lvl649{v r6A5} [gid]
    lvl650{v r6A7} [gid]
    mwc-random-$wa{v r6A8} [gid]
    mwc-random-{v r6A9} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt8_$cuniformR{v r6Aa} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt8_$cuniform{v r6Ab} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt16_$cuniformR{v r6Ac} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt16_$cuniform{v r6Ad} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt32_$cuniformR{v r6Ae} [gid]
    mwc-random-$fVariateInt32_$cuniform{v r6Af} [gid]
    local binds for:
    eta{v s7YJ} [lid]
    b{v s7YM} [lid]
    SRT label mwc-random-$fVariateInt64_$cuniformR{v r6Ag}_srt

Please report this as a GHC bug:

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by simonmar

difficulty: Unknown
Resolution: worksforme
Status: newclosed

Thanks for the report. I tried it here and it worked. Lacking a way to reproduce it, we'll have to close the ticket, but keep an eye open in case it happens again.

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