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user-visible env in GHCi sometimes wrong

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Let M be the head module of a multi-module project.  
First compile M and all below it to objects:
   ghc --make M
Now start an interactive session with M:
   ghc --interactive M
ghci loads object code for M and all dependencies.  
Unfortunately the top-level env is then stuffed,
so that, for example
   1 + 2
   <no file>:0: Variable not in scope: `+'
This doesn't happen if any of the modules have been 
compiled to bytecode, which inclines me to believe 
this is some difficulty with the renamer/typechecker.

This happens in the just-about-to-be-released 5.00.1 
sources, and probably the HEAD too.

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Actually it's a documented issue.  See the User Guide, 
section 3.4.1 "What's really in scope at the prompt?"  
Unfortunately, rather confusing, and is really due to 
limitations in the GHCi implementation. 
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