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Compiler dumping core

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I have a simple code fragment that works in previous
versions of ghc and other Haskell systems (like Hugs),
but which will cause the compiler to dump core in
interactive mode (the compiled executable also dumps

If I define a simple factorial:

   myFact :: Integer -> Integer
   myFact 0 = 1
   myFact n = n * myFact (n - 1)

it will run correctly for very small n, but not for
larger n's (but < 30 on my platform).  I'm using the
pre-compiled binary linux package, on a RedHat 7.0

I though it was a stack or heap overflow, but I've
increased the heap with RTS options, and it still

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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by sewardj

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I can't reproduce this -- myFact 30 works fine for me
in interactive mode.

Maybe it's a GMP incompability problem?  Can you send 
precise details on where you got your ghc-5 from, what
machine/os you're using and the version of gmp in use?
(ldd on the main compiler executable might be useful)


comment:2 Changed 16 years ago by sewardj

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I think this happened because of a misconfiguration of GMP,
causing it to be compiled with P6 insns, which naturally
don't work on 486s/P5s.

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