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5.0: .hi files should indicate origin

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It would be nice if a .hi file indicated its origin. 
Otherwise, if you happen to have two different files
with the same module name, GHC can get confused (or
more importantly, the user can get confused!), because
it has no way of knowing whether it's using the .hi
file from the wrong source file.  This seems a bit of a
marginal case, but it shows up in things like test
suites.  In GHC's tests, tc056.hs and tc057.hs if run
one after the other (as is intended), will fail on
tc057.hs with a warning about something that comes from
the .hi file of test056.

% ghc -c tc056.hs 

    Warning: Duplicate class assertion `Eq' a' in the
		 (Eq' a, Eq' a) => ...
% ghc -c tc057.hs 

    Warning: Duplicate class assertion
`ShouldSucceed.Eq' a' in the context:
		 (ShouldSucceed.Eq' a, ShouldSucceed.Eq' a) => ...

As you might guess, there's no duplicate class
assertion in tc057.hs.

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We discussed this and decided that while in principle it's 
a reasonable idea, the cost-of-implementation doesn't 
justify the benefit.  So wont-fix for now.
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