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#528 closed bug (Invalid)

GHC5.0 restricted bindings broken

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How did this compiler get thru its regression tests?

x () = y where y = 1


    Could not deduce `Num t' from the context ()
    Probable fix:
	Add `Num t' to the banding(s) for {y}
    arising from the literal `1' at N.hs:4
    in the definition of function `y': 1

After a glance thru TcBinds, I see that in
`generalise', under the `RESTRICTED CASE', it calls
`generalise_help' to do most of the work.  However,
`generalise_help' only appears to be designed to handle
the UNrestricted case, judging from the comments.

The good news is that the second implicit param bug is
probably just an instance of this same bug.

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Deep apologies... was accidently using a debugging version,
not the real ghc.  This bug report is bogus.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by lewie

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