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#5073 new feature request

Add blockST for nested ST scopes

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Description (last modified by simonpj)

GHC lacks the blockST and importVar primitives introduced by Launchbury/Sabry:

The two new combinators have these types:

blockST :: (forall r. ST (s,r) a) -> ST s a
importVar :: STRef s a -> STRef (s,r) a

They are useful, and have no runtime cost; I don't think it'd be hard to provide them. We need these primitives, I think:

promoteState# :: State# s -> State# (s,r) a
demoteState#  :: State# (s,r) -> State# s
promoteVar# :: MutVar# s a -> MutVar# (s,r) a

All three are implemented as no-ops. (Compare with newMutVar# etc in

Now the implementations look (something) like this. (For background see the current impementations of ST and STRef in (ST.lhs and STRef.lhs resp.)

blockST (ST thing) = ST (\s -> case thing (promoteState# s) of
                                 (s', r) -> (demoteState# s', r) )
promoteVar (STRef r) = STRef (promoteVar# r)

Things to think about:

  • Can we use coercions instead of primops? (I think yes for promote/demoteState but it's unsound to demote variables.)
  • I'm hazy about what type safety guarantees we still have in Core, where the representation of the state monad is exposed.
  • Nomenclature. I'm not attached to these particular names.
  • Is there other relevant background material?

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It does seem simple enough to add. And I think it is a good building block (pun?) for other, more sophisticated scope handling mechanisms, along the lines that John alluded to.

However, it does seem that it is more useful to move *computations* from one ST scope to another. That is, as mentioned in the Region Monad paper by way of Simon, making the two primitives be:

  blockST :: (forall r. ST (s,r) a) -> ST s a
  importST :: ST s a -> ST (s, r) a

importVar requires that you have your hands on all of the STRef-s, which makes it hard to abstract over computations. importST seems to simply be the public face of the proposed promoteState# primitive. (Is there a typo in the type of promoteState#? The final a seems out of place.)

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Ah yes, your importST is much better. Yes, the type of promoteState# has a bogus a. Thanks.

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