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C++ & C-style comments

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  1. Comments in -- style are too hard to mention cause they do not stop the eye-flow as vertical slashes do.
  2. Comments in // style are too easy to enter from the right numeric keyboard, but {--} style require shift + some keys in the middle of keyboard.

From phisiological point of view - putting the right hand to the right for comments tells the body "i'm putting a comment", but putting {--} in some way tells the body - I still type-in the code part.

I do believe that c++ and c-styled comments are not big deal to add, but they are big deal in making haskell more rapid typing programming language.

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I am not a GHC developer but I am taking the liberty of closing this ticket as 'invalid' anyway since I am confident that nobody in the GHC team and/or a Haskell developer in general would otherwise. No point wasting their time on this.

I hope the reporter understands that this is a non-issue.

  1. That is because you are a C/C++ programmer. For the rest of us it works fine.
  2. While your point is entertaining, it is also a complete non-sequitur.

They are not a big deal to add, except for the fact that this language has been stable, with two standardized specifications, for several years. And finally, no, they are not a big deal in making Haskell more "rapid typing programming language".

In Haskell we think for quite a long time before starting typing.

Hope this helps.

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