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reporting the origin of kind errors

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Component: Compiler (Type checker) Version: 6.4
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This code produces a kind error in the class declaration.  
There is indeed a kind error, but I think the error message 
is somewhat misleading.  It reports a kind error in the class 
declaration.  The kind error is due to an inconsistency 
between usage of "Name" in the class and data 
It would make more sense to me if the kind error were 
reported in the data declaration, or if it contained some 
information on how the expected kind was inferred. 
-- beginning of code 
class (Show a, Eq a, Monad m) => Name m a where 
    hashName :: a -> Int 
    newName :: m a 
data Name a => Exp a 
-- end of code 
The error reported is: 
    Couldn't match kind `*' against `k_a16S -> *' 
    In the class declaration for `Name' 

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Happily this one is fixed already: (Will be in 6.4.1)

    Kind error: `Name a' is not applied to enough type 
    In the data type declaration for `Exp'

Thanks for reporting it

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