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#4466 new feature request

Add extension for type application

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In we discussed adding an extension for explicit type application.

The main stumbling block is syntax.

For example, we would like to be able to write something to the effect of

(Just @ Char) 'a'

and also to be able to pattern match types, e.g.

f ((Just @ t) x) = (Right @ String @ t) x

For a more useful example:

data T where
    MkT :: forall a. a -> (a -> Int) -> T

f (MkT @ a x g) = g (x::a)

Possible suggested syntaxes to make something of type

Maybe (forall a. a->a)


Just @ (forall a. a->a) id    (@ has another meaning in patterns)
Just[forall a. a->a] id       (pvs, opal, HasCASL with paramterized modules; conflicts with Haskell list syntax)
Just {forall a. a->a} id      (Agda)
#Just (forall a. a->a) id
@Just (forall a. a->a) id     (coq)

In the last 2 cases we would presumably have something like

Just :: forall a . a -> Maybe a
Just :: Char -> Maybe Char
#Just :: /\ a . a -> Maybe a
#Just Char :: Char -> Maybe Char

and similarly

#map :: /\ a b . (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b]

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See also #5296.

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