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#41 closed bug (Fixed)

ghci failed to load package std

Reported by: nobody Owned by: simonmar
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Component: Compiler Version: 5.02
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This bug concerns  ghci version 5.02.2
Configured with --enable-hopengl and 
Compilation and installation were successful.
On starting ghci it failed:

Loading package std ... linking ... 
unknown symbol `stg_gc_l1'
ghc-5.02.2: panic! (the `impossible' happened, GHC 
version 5.02.2):
        can't load package `std'

The non-interactive ghc compiled a simple hello world 
programm successful.

The system is a customized Debian GNU/Linux (woody) 
box with libc version 2.2.4, gcc version 2.95.4 and ghc 
version 5.02.1 (for compilation of ghc-5.02.2).

Hope this is an informative bug report ;-)

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Bootstrapping 5.02.2 with 5.02.1 doesn't produce a working
GHCi, you need to bootstrap once more (ie. build 5.02.2
with 5.02.2).  We've changed the build system so that it
won't produce a GHCi at all in this case.
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