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#407 closed bug (Fixed)

Segfault when using -xc to smoke out a <<loop>>

Reported by: blamario Owned by: simonmar
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Component: Runtime System Version: 6.4
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The following program illustrates the problem:

module Main where

data T k = T | S k deriving Show

test :: T k
test = test

main :: IO ()
main = putStrLn $ show (test :: T Int)

When compiled with
   ghc --make Main.hs
and run, the program outputs "<<loop>>". Which is fine.
However, when compiled with
   ghc --make Main.hs -prof -auto-all
and run with
   ./a.out +RTS -xc -RTS
the result is a segmentation fault. There is no stack

The test was done on Gentoo Linux, the CPU is Athlon XP. 

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+RTS -xc was broken in 6.4, a fix has been committed. 
Please try out a STABLE snapshot, or wait for 6.4.1.
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