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Incorrect "Defined but not used"

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This is

When I compile the following function:

150 hexArg :: P Hex
151 hexArg = do MyState i n <- getState
152             let i = i + 1
153             setState (MyState i n)
154             x <- hexNumber
155             if i < n then do { char ','; return () }
156                       else do { char ')'; eof }
157             return x

I get the following messages:

Vesta.hs:151:20: Warning: Defined but not used: `i'

    Warning: This binding for `i' shadows an existing 
             In the binding group for: i

The second  is correct, if course, but the first is not.

If I change the new binding to i' instead of i (and the 
references below, of course) *both* messages go away!

Please let me know if you'd like more information, a 
shorter error case, etc.

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I'm afraid the error message is quite right.  In Haskell, 'let' is 
always recursive, so 
    let i = i+1
    letrec i = i+1
which binds i to bottom, of course. Indeed the 'i' bound by the 
previous statement is unused.  Changing the new binding to 
something else is the right thing to do.
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