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Template Haskell support for GADTs

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Andres Loh asks that Template Haskell supports GADTs.

Related tickets: #2399 (support view patterns), #1262 (support mdo/do rec).

Really all that is needed here is for some motivated person to

  • Design the data types in Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax
  • Get a consensus that the design is a good one
  • Update pretty printers etc
  • Add conversions to and from from HsSyn to TH.Syntax (these are in hsSyn/Convert.lhs and deSugar/DsMeta.lhs).

For the first two steps, the best plan might be to use the libraries process (ie make a proposal, give a discussion period etc).

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A related question is that of reifying type-class instances. Here there is a bit more design to do. I suppose you might want to add a new method to Quasi, something like

  qReifyInstances :: Pred -> m InstanceInfo

Here the idea is that to get all the instances matching, say (C [a]) you'd give that predicate to qReifyInstances and it'd return all the matching instances.

See for example.

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OK this is done:

  • For reifying instances see #1480
  • For GADTs, TH syntax is now expressive enough to reify GADTs, albeit slightly oddly. A GADT
    data Con = NormalC Name [StrictType]          -- ^ @C Int a@
             | RecC Name [VarStrictType]          -- ^ @C { v :: Int, w :: a }@
             | InfixC StrictType Name StrictType  -- ^ @Int :+ a@
             | ForallC [TyVarBndr] Cxt Con        -- ^ @forall a. Eq a => C [a]@

The ForallC form of constructor can express GADTs because the Cxt can include equality constraints.


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