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generalized newtype deriving not working with polymorphic component

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I’d like generalized newtype deriving to work also with polymorphic components like in this example:

{-# LANGUAGE GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving, RankNTypes #-}

import Control.Monad.Cont

newtype PolyContT monad o = PolyContT (forall result. ContT result monad o)
                            deriving (Monad)

Would this be possible?

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No, sorry, you'll have to write this one by hand! The newtype deriving stuff works when there is an existing instance that is related only by a newtype to the new instance you want. Thus

newtype N = MkN <old-type>

But there is no instance Monad (forall result. ContT result monad o). One could imagine a further extension to handle this, somehow, but I don't think it'd be easy.


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