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hard-to-find .hs-boot docs

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I can never find the User's Guide's documentation on .hs-boot files... and this documentation section is wrong:

The lack of implementing mutually recursive modules directly as specified by Haskell98 is at least an infelicity I think :-) ... that section should summarize and link to

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The Haskell'98 Report specifies in Section 5.7:

"Depending on the Haskell implementation used, separate compilation of mutually recursive modules may require that imported modules contain additional information so that they may be referenced before they are compiled. The precise details of separate compilation are not defined by this report."

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by Isaac Dupree

Well, I don't think that .hs-boot files are information that "imported modules contain", because it's in a separate file, which is a nuisance to me in practice. And there's no inherent reason that ghc --make has to use separate compilation, so it's not completely obvious that that paragraph -as written- should apply. But I don't think the details matter so much as that the documentation should point out in that location what's going on, because users regularly get confused about it. If it really doesn't even count as an infelicity, then it should go in the "undefined behavior in Haskell 98" section of that page, <>, a section that unfortunately is harder to read due to the lack of sub-headings in the table of contents.

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OK I'll add it as an infelicity.


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Tue Aug 19 13:30:16 BST 2008
  * Fix Trac #2518: add hs-boot files as an infelicty


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