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#2178 closed bug (invalid)

GHC.Prim.Any replaces forall-bound type variables in GHCi

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see :: IO (a -> b)
see = return $ undefined

in GHCi

*Main> g <- see
*Main> :t g
g :: GHC.Prim.Any -> GHC.Prim.Any

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Looks fine to me. 'see' has type 'forall a,b. IO (a->b)'. You bind it, so 'g' must have type 't1 -> t2' for some types 't1' and 't2'. There is no generalisation in a bind, so GHC must choose some types for 't1' and 't2'... and it has.

It's essential for soundness that we don't generalise in a bind, otherwise we'd get the ML polymorphic reference problem. If you say

  r <- newIORef []

you do not want 'r :: forall a. IORef [a]'.


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