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ghci should try to read erroneous modules partially

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If ghci (re-)reads a module that contains some error, then it considers the module loading as a complete failure, and at the prompt I get the Prelude environment.

It is understandable that ghci rejects modules with syntax errors, but for syntactically correct modules with type errors I wish that at least the effect of import statements would be visible.

Perhaps even some partial type checking could be done, and declarations that pass this can be executed.

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Thanks for the report, this one will be fixed in 6.8.3. See #2049.

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oops, sorry, too trigger-happy there. I mis-read the ticket.

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Milestone: 6.10 branch

This would be nice, but sounds fiddly to do. I'll put it in the 6.10 branch for now, but I expect it will get punted.

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i don't know whether type errors can be caught locally, without ghci losing its place during load, but if yes, one could try to replace each erroneous definition with calls to error:

f x = x+True

might become

f x = error "No instance for (Num Bool)
arising from a use of `+' at <interactive>:1:10-15
Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Num Bool)
In the expression: x + True
In the definition of `f': f x = x + True"

while trying to continue loading the rest of the module (which should be marked as partially loaded). does that sound plausible?

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See #1341

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