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Derived types unequal with let binding

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The types of x and y are different. This breaks the replacing equals with equals gives equals property. I am not sure whether this is a bug, but I would be very keen to know whether it is.

class X l z b m | l -> z b where 
  p:: (Show a, Show b, Show b') => l a b -> m (l a b')
  e::(Show a, Show b) => l a b ->  m [z]

foo :: (X l a b m, Show b, Show a1) => [a] -> l a1 b -> m [(Int, Int, b)]
foo = undefined
o :: (Show z1, Show b,  X l z b m) =>(Int, Int, b) -> l a1 b -> m (l z1 b)
o = undefined

x f r = do
 es <- e r
 something <- p r
 xxx <- foo es r
  (flip o) 
   (map f xxx)

y f r = do
 es <- e r
 something <- p r
 xxx <- foo es r
 let abc = map f xxx
  (flip o) 

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let-bindings generalize, (is there an effect if they are affected by the monomorphism restriction?), which could have odd effects with type-system extensions (which doesn't tell me, either, whether this is a bug).

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