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#13408 new feature request

Consider inferring a higher-rank kind for type synonyms

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In terms, a definition comprising one non-recursive equation may have a higher-rank type inferred. For example:

f :: (forall a. a -> a -> a) -> Int
f z = z 0 1

g = f

g gets an inferred type equal to f's. However, this fails at the type level:

type F (z :: forall a. a -> a -> a) = z 0 1

type G = F

If anything is strange here, it's that the term-level definition is accepted. GHC should not be in the business of inferring higher-rank types. But there is an exception for definitions comprising one non-recursive equation.

This ticket proposes expanding this behavior to the type level, allowing G to be accepted.

This is spun off from #13399, but is not tightly coupled to that ticket.

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