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#126 closed bug (Fixed)

Link fails when trying to generate a profiling executable

Reported by: nedervold Owned by: wthaller
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Component: Profiling Version: 5.04.2
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Bug generating profiling code:

Link fails when trying to generate a profiling executable.  I'm
running on MacOS X.  Output and source below.  The bug 
doesn't occur when all the code is in a single module.


ghc --make -prof Tmp2.hs
ghc-5.04.2: chasing modules from: Tmp2.hs
Compiling Tmp              ( Tmp.hs, Tmp.o )
Compiling Main             ( Tmp2.hs, ./Tmp2.o )
ghc: linking ...
ld: Undefined symbols:

module Tmp where

import System.IO

name = "Tmp.hs"

main' = do
    h <- openFile name ReadMode
    inp <- hGetContents h
    putStr "Here it is: "
    putStr inp

module Main where

import Tmp

main = main'

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This bug has been fixed for 5.04.3.
On my machine, it _did_ occur when all code was in a single
module, and I would be very surprised if that was different
anywhere else... are you really positively sure?
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