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System.Mem.Weak breaks referential transparency

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Consider the following two functions:

foo = do

mkWeakPtr y (Just launchMissiles) return y where y = 42

bar = do

mkWeakPtr 42 (Just launchMissiles) return 42

These two functions are equivalent right? After all referential transparency means that if y = 42, then anywhere y occurrs I can write 42. The problem is that if I call foo, and hang on to the return value, then launchMissiles won't be called until some time after I stop using the return value, but if I call bar, then launchMissiles may be called any time, including before bar returns!

Looks to me like finalizers break referential transparency, so System.Mem.Weak is broken, though I'm quite willing to be proven wrong.

cheers, Tom

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mkWeakPtr does not break referential transparency. You cannot use it to write a function that returns a non-deterministic result.

Think of it as being similar to forkIO, in that it postpones an IO action until some time in the future. This is one of the reasons that mkWeakPtr must be in the IO monad, incedentally.

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