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ghci 6.7 PPC memory corruption

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Component: GHCi Version: 6.7
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Operating System: MacOS X Architecture: powerpc
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{{{mress:5017 Z$ compiler/stage2/ghc-inplace --interactive

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/ _ \ /\ /\/ (_)

/ /_\ /_/ / / | | GHC Interactive, version 6.7.20070224, for Haskell 98.

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/ / /_| | \/\/ /_/\/|_| Type :? for help.

ghc-6.7.20070224(25701,0xa000ed88) malloc: * error for object 0x3807ff8: pointer being reallocated was not allocated ghc-6.7.20070224(25701,0xa000ed88) malloc: * set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug malloc: failed on request for 10331948 bytes; message: ocAllocateJumpIslands}}}

Interestingly, when I invoke it through gdb the breakpoint in szone_error is ineffective (although gdb has in the past had enough bugs in its breakpoint support that I wonder if it's gdb that's broken here and not some strange confusion in what malloc library is being invoked or etc.)

I've placed the build log (including testsuite output) from this build at in case there's something obvious there about something I'm doing wrong.

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Thanks a lot for this report. This seems to be caused by the patch merge error for which a patch was applied on 2007-Jan-28. See I can find the patch applied to a recently pulled ghc HEAD:

Sun Jan 28 22:32:16 CET 2007  Ian Lynagh <>
  * Fix GHCi on PowerPC OS X
  David Kirkman and Peter Tanski noticed that a line had been removed during
  a patch merge which meant that oc->image pointed to the wrong place and
  ultimately caused an error from realloc.

So I am closing this bug report. Please feel free to reopen if you cannot make this problem go away.

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