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Fork bomb should throw an exception

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Priority: normal Milestone: 6.8.1
Component: Runtime System Version: 6.7
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When fork bombing (example code below, just run 'f'), a failed forkIO should raise an exception, but on 6.7.20070206 it just brings my system to its knees for a while then sometimes crashes and sometimes I just have to kill it. (printouts included just for the heck of it)

import Control.Concurrent

f = do a <- forkIO g
       b <- forkIO g
       putStrLn $ "f(): Forked a: " ++ (show a) ++ " and b: " ++ (show b)
       return ()

g = do a <- forkIO f
       b <- forkIO f
       putStrLn $ "g(): Forked a: " ++ (show a) ++ " and b: " ++ (show b)
       return ()

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There's nothing special about forkIO here; you can get the same effect by writing a program with a space leak. The runtime keeps allocating memory until memory runs out.

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