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Idris REPL is pretty and we can too

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Manual for configuring colors in the Idris REPL: Screenshot:

Particularly, I'd like to make type errors and warnings more visually distinct. I think little touches like this can go a long way to making it nice to work with Haskell code.

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For the meantime, until GHCi gains native support for colours, the Emacs haskell-mode provides a coloured REPL with the ability to jump to referenced source-locations...

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@hvr - I'm a user of haskell-mode and haskell-interactive-mode, the colouring is nice, but the source-loc jumping hasn't ever worked for me. That only worked in ghci-ng, and even then, not reliably.

Sometimes, for various reasons, I can't use h-i-m and must use cabal repl in the terminal. When that happens, and for the benefit of non-Emacs users, I'd like it to be pretty :)

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The error messages are now colourful to some degree. I will close this ticket unless there is a precise suggestion you have in mind.

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