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#10023 hvr, ekmett Relax Monad constraint in traceM and traceShowM to Applicative libraries/base 7.10.1-rc1 7.12.1 new normal
#10055 hvr, ekmett Offer PolyKinded instances for Data.Fixed.HasResolution libraries/base 7.8.4 new low
#9636 adamgundry Function with type error accepted Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#10077 adamgundry Providing type checker plugin on command line results in false cyclic import error Compiler (Type checker) 7.11 new normal
#10227 adamgundry Type checker cannot deduce type Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#10451 adamgundry Constraint tuple regression in HEAD Compiler 7.11 new normal
#9637 adamgundry Type level programming needs an error function Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#10301 adamgundry Plugins/dynamic loading subtly broken (it seems) Compiler 7.8.2 7.10.2 new normal
#9291 heisenbug Don't reconstruct sum types if the type subtly changes Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#10368 fryguybob STM test failing on Armhf/Linux Compiler 7.11 7.12.1 new normal
#8618 simonmar can't load .so/.DLL Compiler 7.7 new normal
#8665 simonmar RELEASE_LOCK: I do not own this lock Runtime System 7.6.3 infoneeded normal
#8847 simonmar Int64 ^ Int64 broken by optimization on SPARC Compiler (NCG) new normal
#8887 simonmar Double double assignment in optimized Cmm on SPARC Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8905 simonmar Function arguments are always spilled/reloaded if scrutinee is already in WHNF Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8949 simonmar switch -msse2 to be on by default Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8982 simonmar Cost center heap profile restricted by biography of GHC segfaults Profiling 7.8.1 new normal
#9017 goldfire Confusing error message with PolyKinds Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.2 new normal
#9215 snoyberg GHC 7.8.2 mingw-w64: symbol not found in link Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#9481 simonmar Linker does not correctly resolve symbols in previously loaded objects Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#9512 simonmar T9329 fails test on unregisterised i386, amd64 Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9862 simonmar defined but not used errors on Solaris/SPARC Compiler (NCG) 7.8.2 new normal
#10414 simonmar Buggy behavior with threaded runtime (-N1 working, -N2 getting into <<loop>>) Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#8996 simonmar mark more things as const in C codegen Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.2 new normal
#9350 simonmar Consider using xchg instead of mfence for CS stores Compiler (NCG) 7.9 new normal
#8422 diatchki type nats solver is too weak! Compiler (Type checker) 7.7 7.12.1 new normal
#8971 simonmar Native Code Generator for 7.8 is not as optimized as 7.6.3... Compiler (NCG) 7.8.1-rc2 7.12.1 new normal
#9342 simonmar Branchless arithmetic operations Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.3 7.12.1 new normal
#9846 rodlogic GHC --make should also look for .hi, not only for .hs Compiler new normal
#8447 diatchki A combination of type-level comparison and subtraction does not work for 0 Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.3 infoneeded low
#8619 simonmar Support anonymous string literals in C-- (OR) give better ASSERT failure messages in C-- Compiler 7.7 new low
#10413 simonmar Incorrect offsets for array size indexing Compiler (CodeGen) 7.10.1 new low
#9307 simonmar LLVM vs NCG: floating point numbers close to zero have different sign Compiler (NCG) 7.8.3 7.12.1 new low
#9719 nominolo Improve `mkInteger` interface Compiler 7.12.1 new low
#1612 eivuokko GHC_PACKAGE_PATH and $topdir bug Package system 6.6.1 7.12.1 new lowest
#8964 simonmar split_marker_entry assert breaks -split-objs and -ddump-opt-cmm Compiler 7.9 new lowest
#10271 garrett Typed Template Haskell splice difficulty when resolving overloading Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#10327 garrett Devise workaround for how infinite types prevent closed type family reduction Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#10172 kgardas Cross-platform sed Build System 7.11 new normal
#9780 simonpj dep_orphs in Dependencies redundantly records type family orphans Compiler 7.9 7.12.1 new normal
#10376 bgamari arm/linux linking failure Compiler 7.11 7.12.1 new normal
#10394 bgamari LLVM mangler doesn't mangle AVX instructions Compiler (LLVM) 7.11 7.12.1 new normal
#8910 kgardas cross compiling for x86_64 solaris2 Compiler 7.8.1-rc2 7.12.1 infoneeded normal
#8516 dreixel Add (->) representation and the Invariant class to GHC.Generics Compiler (Type checker) 7.7 new low
#9370 ekmett unfolding info as seen when building a module depends on flags in a previously-compiled module Compiler 7.8.3 7.12.1 new high
#8424 gintas quasi-quotes have carriage returns on Windows Template Haskell 7.6.3 new normal
#9438 carter panic: loading archives not supported Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9445 aseipp GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9555 slyfox internal error: ARR_WORDS object entered! Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#9675 ekmett Unreasonable memory usage on large data structures Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9803 cactus Poor error message for unbound variable in pattern synonym Compiler (Type checker) 7.9 new normal
#10296 slyfox Segfaults when using dynamic wrappers and concurrency Compiler 7.11 new normal
#8583 cactus Associated pattern synonyms Compiler new normal
#9192 duncan Add sameByteArray# Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#10064 duncan Add support for "foo"## literals to MagicHash Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#8842 gintas Make sure msys2 builds non emulating binaries Build System 7.8.1-rc2 new normal
#9671 cactus Allow expressions in patterns Compiler 7.12.1 new normal
#9133 duncan Improve parser error reporting in `ghc-pkg` ghc-pkg 7.8.2 7.12.1 new normal
#9479 ekmett Report required constraints when reporting the type of a hole Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3 new low
#9087 gidyn Executables in the Linux binaries are not stripped Build System 7.8.2 new normal
#9308 erikd nofib fannkuch-redux runs perpetually with -fllvm Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#9504 erikd LLVM backend TBAA is too aggressive Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#9669 gidyn Long compile time/high memory usage for modules with many deriving clauses Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9992 tibbe Constructor specialization requires eta expansion Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#10374 gidyn Can't build GHC with a dynamic only GHC installation Build System 7.10.1 new normal
#8731 gidyn long compilation time for module with large data type and partial record selectors Compiler 7.8.1-rc1 7.12.1 new normal
#10456 erikd Wrong CPP during cross-compilation Build System 7.11 new low
#9985 ross GHC panic with ViewPatterns and GADTs in a proc pattern Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#8914 nsch Remove unnecessary constraints from MonadComprehensions and ParallelListComp Compiler (Type checker) new normal
#10442 hvr Loading of shared libraries is problematic in ghc 7.10.1 Compiler 7.10.1 7.10.2 new high
#8487 hvr Debugger confuses variables GHCi 7.7 new normal
#8645 hvr Improper response from GHCI terminal after importing Gnuplot package GHCi 7.6.3 infoneeded normal
#8925 hvr :print and :sprint sometimes fully evaluates strings GHCi 7.8.1 new normal
#8948 hvr Profiling report resolution too low Profiling 7.6.3 new normal
#9173 hvr Better type error messages Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#9280 hvr GHCi crash: illegal text-relocation to _ in _ from _ in _ for architecture x86_64; relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol _ can not be used when making a shared object GHCi 7.8.2 new normal
#9386 hvr GHCi cannot load .so in ./ Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9615 nh2 GHC panic: Loading temp shared object failed Compiler 7.8.3 infoneeded normal
#9643 hvr ghci must be restarted to use break point more than once? GHCi 7.8.3 new normal
#9765 hvr Strange behavior of GC under ghci GHCi 7.8.3 new normal
#9979 hvr Performance regression GHC 7.8.4 to GHC HEAD Compiler 7.11 new normal
#10018 hvr Cannot define custom fixity for infix data constructors in GHCi GHCi 7.10.1-rc2 new normal
#10059 hvr :i doesn't work for ~ GHCi 7.11 new normal
#10160 hvr GHCi :sprint has odd/unhelpful behavior for values defined within the REPL GHCi 7.8.4 new normal
#10161 nh2 GHC does not relink if a library's code changed Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#10179 hvr Kinds missing from types in ghci GHCi 7.10.1-rc2 new normal
#10310 nh2 MakingReleases outdated or build system problems Build System 7.10.1 new normal
#10458 hvr GHCi fails to load shared object (the 'impossible' happened) GHCi 7.10.1 new normal
#10462 hvr GHCi doesn't work Any and missing RealWorld foreign prim imports GHCi 7.10.1 new normal
#8642 hvr Allow GHCi to print non-pretty forms of things. GHCi 7.9 new normal
#9690 hvr in GHCi map `:editNNN` to $EDITOR +NNN GHCi 7.8.3 new normal
#9887 hvr No message when GCHI reusing compiled code GHCi 7.8.3 new normal
#9995 hvr :info enhancements GHCi 7.8.4 new normal
#9996 hvr Support symbols in GHCi tab completion GHCi 7.8.4 new normal
#10249 hvr Suboptimal error message with deferred type errors GHCi 7.10.1 new normal
#10053 hvr Regression on MacOS platform, error in ghci calling main after loading compiled code: "Too late for parseStaticFlags..." GHCi 7.10.1-rc2 7.10.2 new normal
#9034 hvr GHCi panics when given C++ object file on GNU/Linux GHCi 7.8.2 7.12.1 new normal
#9046 hvr Panic in GHCi when using :print GHCi 7.8.2 7.12.1 new normal
#9614 nh2 ghc --print-(gcc|ld)-linker-flags broken Compiler 7.8.3 7.12.1 new normal
#9841 nh2 Touching a file that uses TH triggers TH recompilation flood Driver 7.8.3 7.12.1 new normal
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