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#8964 simonmar split_marker_entry assert breaks -split-objs and -ddump-opt-cmm Compiler 7.9 new lowest
#9673 bgamari aarch64 7.8.4, 7.10, 7.11: lib/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg --version does not output from subprocess Compiler 7.11 7.10.2 merge high
#7782 nfrisby flag to run the demand analysis a second time Compiler 7.7 7.12.1 new high
#10271 garrett Typed Template Haskell splice difficulty when resolving overloading Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#10327 garrett Devise workaround for how infinite types prevent closed type family reduction Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#8326 bgamari Place heap checks common in case alternatives before the case Compiler 7.7 new normal
#7109 nfrisby Inlining depends on datatype size, even with INLINE pragmas Compiler 7.5 7.12.1 simonpj infoneeded normal
#7114 nfrisby Cannot recover (good) inlining behaviour from 7.0.2 in 7.4.1 Compiler 7.4.1 7.12.1 new normal
#9780 simonpj dep_orphs in Dependencies redundantly records type family orphans Compiler 7.9 7.12.1 new normal
#10098 simonpj Refactor wild card renaming Compiler 7.11 7.12.1 thomasw new normal
#8272 schyler testing if SpLim=$rbp and Sp=$rsp changed performance at all Compiler 7.7 7.12.1 carter new normal
#8910 kgardas cross compiling for x86_64 solaris2 Compiler 7.8.1-rc2 7.12.1 infoneeded normal
#10061 simonpj Remove fun_infix from Funbind, as it is now in Match Compiler 7.10.1-rc2 7.12.1 alanz new normal
#2255 nfrisby Improve SpecConstr for free variables Compiler 6.8.2 new normal
#4960 bgamari Better inlining test in CoreUnfold Compiler 7.0.1 7.12.1 new low
#9562 ezyang Type families + hs-boot files = unsafeCoerce Compiler 7.8.3 ezyang new high
#9370 ekmett unfolding info as seen when building a module depends on flags in a previously-compiled module Compiler 7.8.3 7.12.1 new high
#7336 cactus Defined but not used is not detected for data types with instances Compiler 7.6.1 new normal
#9438 carter panic: loading archives not supported Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9445 aseipp GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9675 ekmett Unreasonable memory usage on large data structures Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#10279 ezyang panic on haskell-src-exts Compiler 7.10.1 ezyang new normal
#8583 cactus Associated pattern synonyms Compiler new normal
#9192 duncan Add sameByteArray# Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#10064 duncan Add support for "foo"## literals to MagicHash Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#5619 dterei Shorter qualified import statements Compiler 7.2.1 7.12.1 new normal
#9671 cactus Allow expressions in patterns Compiler 7.12.1 new normal
#3379 dterei GHC should use the standard binary package Compiler 6.10.4 7.12.1 new normal
#3704 dterei Using -shared without -dynamic should be rejected on linux Compiler 7.12.1 new low
#3767 dterei SpecConstr for join points Compiler 6.12.1 7.12.1 new low
#4442 duncan Add unaligned version of indexWordArray# Compiler 7.1 7.12.1 ekmett new low
#3712 dterei Implement -dynamic-lib option Compiler 6.12.1 RC1 7.12.1 new low
#1176 dterei Infinite loop when printing error message Compiler 6.6 thorkilnaur new low
#2710 dterei -main-is flag in {-# OPTIONS #-} pragma not fully supported Compiler 6.8.3 7.12.1 infoneeded lowest
#2460 dterei provide -mwindows option like gcc Compiler 6.8.2 7.12.1 new lowest
#9630 gidyn compile-time performance regression (probably due to Generics) Compiler 7.9 7.12.1 simonpj new high
#9669 gidyn Long compile time/high memory usage for modules with many deriving clauses Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9992 tibbe Constructor specialization requires eta expansion Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#10299 alanz Inconsistent parsing of lifted list constructor Compiler 7.10.1 7.10.2 patch normal
#2365 claus Warn about usage of `OPTIONS_GHC -XLanguageExtension` Compiler 6.8.2 7.12.1 new lowest
#1880 claus Unify flag descriptions to generate both docs and code Compiler 6.8.1 7.12.1 new lowest
#9985 ross GHC panic with ViewPatterns and GADTs in a proc pattern Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#9173 hvr Better type error messages Compiler 7.8.2 new normal
#9386 hvr GHCi cannot load .so in ./ Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#9615 nh2 GHC panic: Loading temp shared object failed Compiler 7.8.3 infoneeded normal
#9979 hvr Performance regression GHC 7.8.4 to GHC HEAD Compiler 7.11 new normal
#10161 nh2 GHC does not relink if a library's code changed Compiler 7.8.4 new normal
#9614 nh2 ghc --print-(gcc|ld)-linker-flags broken Compiler 7.8.3 7.12.1 new normal
#9276 jrp audit ghc floating point support for IEEE (non)compliance Compiler 7.8.2 7.12.1 carter new normal
#9125 bgamari@…, murray@…, hvr, simonmar int-to-float conversion broken on ARM Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.3 7.12.1 infoneeded high
#8048 jan.stolarek@…, schyler, simonmar Register spilling produces ineffecient/highly contending code Compiler (CodeGen) 7.6.3 new normal
#10062 simonmar, shumovichy@…, bgamari Codegen on sequential FFI calls is not very good Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.3 new normal
#8871 jstolarek, simonmar No-op assignment I64[BaseReg + 784] = I64[BaseReg + 784]; is generated into optimized Cmm Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#10245 nomeata, simonmar panic in new integer switch logic with "out-of-range" literals Compiler (CodeGen) 7.11 new high
#9660 simonmar, dfeuer unnecessary indirect jump when returning a case scrutinee Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.3 new normal
#8327 simonmar Cmm sinking does not eliminate dead code in loops Compiler (CodeGen) 7.7 new normal
#8336 simonmar Sinking pass could optimize some assignments better Compiler (CodeGen) 7.7 new normal
#8887 simonmar Double double assignment in optimized Cmm on SPARC Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8905 simonmar Function arguments are always spilled/reloaded if scrutinee is already in WHNF Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8949 simonmar switch -msse2 to be on by default Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9 new normal
#8996 simonmar mark more things as const in C codegen Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.2 new normal
#7198 simonmar New codegen more than doubles compile time of T3294 Compiler (CodeGen) 7.4.2 7.12.1 simonmar new normal
#9342 simonmar Branchless arithmetic operations Compiler (CodeGen) 7.8.3 7.12.1 new normal
#3971 mikolaj.konarski@…, mle+hs@… FFI callback segfaults on PPC Compiler (FFI) 6.12.3 new normal
#3052 lennart@…, illissius@… ghc FFI doesn't support thiscall Compiler (FFI) 6.10.1 7.12.1 new low
#7621 nathan.huesken@…, 0@… Cross-build for QNX ARM smashes stack when using FunPtr wrappers Compiler (FFI) 7.7 7.12.1 infoneeded normal
#4340 mmitar@… Add alignment to hsc2hs template Compiler (FFI) 6.12.3 7.12.1 new low
#5567 jan.stolarek@…, brooks.brian@…, rwbarton, erikd LLVM: Improve alias analysis / performance Compiler (LLVM) 7.12.1 dterei new normal
#10074 dterei, scpmw, simonmar, bgamari Implement the 'Improved LLVM Backend' proposal Compiler (LLVM) 7.12.1 thoughtpolice new high
#4211 pho@…, dmp@… LLVM: Stack alignment on OSX Compiler (LLVM) 6.13 7.12.1 dterei new normal
#7610 karel.gardas@… Cross compilation support for LLVM backend Compiler (LLVM) 7.6.1 7.12.1 new normal
#9929 bgamari, erikd, george New alias handling not compatible with LLVM 3.4 Compiler (LLVM) 7.10.1-rc1 7.10.2 thoughtpolice new high
#4308 pumpkingod@… LLVM compiles Updates.cmm badly Compiler (LLVM) 6.13 7.12.1 new low
#9439 rwbarton@… LlvmCodegen: Overzealous mangler incorrectly transforms user code Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.2 7.8.4 merge highest
#4213 bgamari@… LLVM: Add support for TNTC to LLVM compiler suite Compiler (LLVM) 6.13 7.12.1 dterei new low
#8974 dterei, simonmar 64 bit windows executable built with ghc-7.9.20140405+LLVM segfaults Compiler (LLVM) 7.9 7.12.1 infoneeded high
#9555 slyfox internal error: ARR_WORDS object entered! Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#7297 slyfox LLVM incorrectly hoisting loads Compiler (LLVM) 7.7 7.12.1 dterei new normal
#5140 dterei Fix LLVM backend for PowerPC Compiler (LLVM) 7.1 7.12.1 erikd new low
#9308 erikd nofib fannkuch-redux runs perpetually with -fllvm Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#9504 erikd LLVM backend TBAA is too aggressive Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.3 new normal
#7679 tibbe, benl, pho@…, shelarcy@…, simonmar Regression in -fregs-graph performance Compiler (NCG) 7.6.2 7.12.1 new high
#9041 carter.schonwald@…, mail@…, simonmar NCG generates slow loop code Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3 new normal
#8311 simonmar, carter.schonwald@… suboptimal code generated for even :: Int -> Bool by NCG (x86, x86_64) Compiler (NCG) 7.7 new normal
#8971 simonmar, gideon@… Native Code Generator for 7.8 is not as optimized as 7.6.3... Compiler (NCG) 7.8.1-rc2 7.12.1 new normal
#7741 shelarcy@…, simonmar Add SIMD support to x86/x86_64 NCG Compiler (NCG) 7.7 7.12.1 new normal
#3511 zooko@…, simonmar port GHC to OpenBSD/sparc64 (unregisterised is fine) Compiler (NCG) 6.11 new normal
#2725 dterei, simonmar, erikd Remove Hack in compiler/nativeGen/X86/CodeGen.hs Compiler (NCG) 6.11 7.12.1 thoughtpolice new low
#8082 gidyn, simonmar Ordering of assembly blocks affects performance Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3 new normal
#8922 tibbe, simonmar GHC unnecessarily sign/zero-extends C call arguments Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3 7.12.1 new normal
#9431 hvr, simonmar integer-gmp small Integer multiplication does two multiplications on x86 Compiler (NCG) 7.9 new normal
#8847 simonmar Int64 ^ Int64 broken by optimization on SPARC Compiler (NCG) new normal
#9862 simonmar defined but not used errors on Solaris/SPARC Compiler (NCG) 7.8.2 new normal
#8404 simonmar Default to turning on architecture specific optimizations in the codegen Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3 new normal
#9350 simonmar Consider using xchg instead of mfence for CS stores Compiler (NCG) 7.9 new normal
#8657 simonmar -fregs-graph still has a limit on spill slots Compiler (NCG) 7.7 7.12.1 archblob new normal
#7337 simonmar GHC does not generate great code for bit-level rotation Compiler (NCG) 7.6.1 7.12.1 new normal
#8396 simonmar cleanup / refactor native code gens Compiler (NCG) 7.12.1 new normal
#9577 simonmar String literals are wasting space Compiler (NCG) 7.8.2 xnyhps new low
#9307 simonmar LLVM vs NCG: floating point numbers close to zero have different sign Compiler (NCG) 7.8.3 7.12.1 new low
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