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#11577 6 ezyang GHCi accepts invalid programs when recompiling GHCi 8.1 new normal
#12770 6 ezyang Shrink list of RUNPATH entries for GHC libraries Compiler 8.0.1 new normal
#12850 6 ezyang Panic with unboxed integers and ghci Compiler 8.0.1 new normal
#13102 6 ezyang orphan family instances can leak through the EPS in --make mode Compiler 8.1 rwbarton new normal
#13168 6 ezyang Ambiguous interface errors in GHCi, even with -XPackageImports GHCi 8.0.2 new normal
#13291 6 ezyang bpk15 and bkp47 fail with -dunique-increment=-1 Compiler 8.1 new normal
#10952 6 ezyang Use IPids instead of package keys in HPC tix files Code Coverage 7.10.2 new low
#12699 18 ezyang, adamgundry Suspicious treatment of renaming of field labels Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 ezyang patch normal
#13283 14 ezyang, dfeuer T5435_dyn_asm fails with gold linker Runtime System (Linker) 8.1 new normal
#12518 29 ezyang, pggiarrusso, simonmar Allow customizing immutable package dbs by stacking Package system 8.0.1 new normal
#2273 14 ezyang@… inlining defeats seq Compiler 6.9 new lowest
#624 26 ezyang@…, gridaphobe Program location for thread error messages Compiler None new normal
#9429 70 facundo.dominguez, m@…, edsko, ekmett, rrnewton, GregoryCollins Alternative to type family Any Compiler 7.9 new normal
#12875 33 facundo.dominguez, mboes, dcoutts GHC fails to link all StaticPointers-defining modules of a library in an executable Compiler 8.0.1 8.2.1 new normal
#11526 32 facundo.dominguez, mboes, ekmett unsafeLookupStaticPtr should not live in IO Core Libraries 8.0.1-rc1 8.4.1 new normal
#13148 14 facundominguez Adding weak pointers to non-mutable unboxed values segfaults Compiler 8.0.1 new normal
#2940 36 felix.lequen@…, slyfox, osa1 Do CSE after CorePrep Compiler 6.10.1 simonpj new lowest
#6040 10 fox@… Adding a type signature changes heap allocation into stack allocation without changing the actual type Compiler 7.4.1 simonpj new normal
#11032 19 fryguybob@… Missing result type handling for State# s in foreign import prim. Compiler (FFI) 7.10.2 new normal
#3081 6 ganesh Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows Runtime System 6.10.1 new normal
#589 36 ganesh.sittampalam@… Various poor type error messages Compiler (Type checker) 6.4.1 new low
#367 139 ganesh.sittampalam@…, SamB, leon.p.smith@…, pho@…, bgamari@…, fryguybob@…, mail@… Infinite loops can hang Concurrent Haskell Compiler 6.4.1 ezyang new lowest
#1475 202 ganesh.sittampalam@…, alfonso.acosta@…, mjm2002@…, Deewiant, merehap, ivan.perez@…, hackage.haskell.org@…, campersander@…, silvio.frischi@… Adding imports and exports with Template Haskell Template Haskell 6.8.2 new normal
#3073 15 ganesh@… Avoid reconstructing dictionaries in recursive instance methods Compiler 6.10.1 new lowest
#10271 7 garrett Typed Template Haskell splice difficulty when resolving overloading Compiler (Type checker) 7.10.1 new normal
#10327 7 garrett Devise workaround for how infinite types prevent closed type family reduction Compiler 7.10.1 new normal
#8025 8 gershomb "During interactive linking, GHCi couldn't find the following symbol" typechecker error with TemplateHaskell involved Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.3 new normal
#11009 8 gershomb Errors reading stdin on Windows libraries/base 7.10.2 new normal
#8238 26 ggreif@…, trommler Implement unloading of shared libraries Runtime System (Linker) 7.7 new normal
#13119 9 ghc-8.0.1 yesod-auth-1.4.15: ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) Linker error Compiler 7.10.3 new normal
#4980 25 ghc@… Warning about module abbreviation clashes Compiler 7.0.1 new low
#3557 272 ghc@…, axman6@…, haskell.vivian.mcphail@…, pumpkingod@…, dterei, william.knop.nospam@…, Jake.McArthur@…, as@…, hackage.haskell.org@…, jystic@…, nightski@…, mle+hs@… CPU Vector instructions in GHC.Prim Data Parallel Haskell 6.11 new normal
#9334 55 ghc@…, garrett, jstolarek, tomberek Implement "instance chains" Compiler (Type checker) 7.9 diatchki new normal
#4959 44 ghc@…, leroux@… Warning about variables with leading underscore that are used anyway Compiler (Parser) 7.0.1 new low
#7275 31 ghc@…, maoe Give more detailed information about PINNED data in a heap profile Profiling 7.6.1 new normal
#11449 53 ghc@…, wren@… Treat '_' consistently in type declarations Compiler 7.10.3 new normal
#1851 5 gidyn "make install-strip" should work Build System 8.0.1 8.2.1 new normal
#9646 5 gidyn Simplifer non-determinism leading to 8 fold difference in run time performance Test Suite 7.8.3 new normal
#8287 5 gidyn exploring calling convention changes and related engineering for 7.10 Compiler 7.6.3 new normal
#9669 18 gidyn, RyanGlScott Long compile time/high memory usage for modules with many deriving clauses Compiler 7.8.3 new normal
#7428 18 gidyn, RyanGlScott GHC compile times are seriously non-linear in program size Compiler 7.4.2 new normal
#8731 12 gidyn, erikd long compilation time for module with large data type and partial record selectors Compiler 7.8.1-rc1 new normal
#9630 50 gidyn, kolmodin, erikd, michalt, RyanGlScott, akst compile-time performance regression (probably due to Generics) Compiler 7.9 8.4.1 new high
#10818 23 gidyn, maoe, j.waldmann GHC 7.10.2 takes much longer to compile some packages Compiler 7.10.2 new high
#8082 15 gidyn, simonmar Ordering of assembly blocks affects performance Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3 new normal
#10374 15 gidyn, trommler Can't build GHC with a dynamic only GHC installation Build System 7.10.1 new normal
#7495 113 giorgidze@…, info@…, jeroen.weijers@…, eir@…, gershomb@… generalizing overloaded list syntax to Sized Lists, HLists, HRecords, etc Compiler 7.6.1 carter new normal
#11195 8 gkaracha New pattern-match check can be non-performant Compiler 7.11 8.4.1 new high
#12949 8 gkaracha Pattern coverage mistake Compiler 8.0.1 8.2.1 gkaracha new normal
#11253 8 gkaracha Duplicate warnings for pattern guards and relevant features (e.g. View Patterns) Compiler 7.11 gkaracha new normal
#11984 8 gkaracha Pattern match incompleteness / inaccessibility discrepancy Compiler 8.1 new normal
#13021 8 gkaracha Inaccessible RHS warning is confusing for users Compiler 8.0.1 new normal
#11822 15 gkaracha, ivanm Pattern match checker exceeded (2000000) iterations Compiler 8.0.1-rc3 gkaracha new normal
#12158 17 gkaracha, roshats ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) translateConPatVec: lookup GHCi 8.0.1 gkaracha new normal
#2986 38 glasgow-haskell-users@…, hvr :info printing instances often isn't wanted GHCi 6.10.1 Remi new lowest
#10808 5 glguy Odd interaction between record update and type families Compiler (Type checker) 7.10.2 new normal
#10648 9 gmainland Some 64-vector SIMD primitives are absolutely useless Compiler new normal
#9693 8 goldfire Reloading GHCi with Template Haskell names can panic GHC Template Haskell 7.8.3 new high
#13202 8 goldfire Levity polymorphism panic in GHCi Compiler 8.0.1 8.2.1 new high
#10946 8 goldfire Typed hole inside typed Template Haskell bracket causes panic Template Haskell 7.10.1 8.4.1 new high
#10490 8 goldfire Missing binder type check in coercion equality test? Compiler (Type checker) 7.11 new normal
#8426 8 goldfire one-shot compilation + TH doesn't see instances that is seen in batch mode Template Haskell 7.7 new normal
#10995 8 goldfire Existentials in newtypes Compiler (Type checker) 7.10.2 new normal
#11333 8 goldfire GHCi does not discharge satisfied constraints Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1-rc1 new normal
#11400 8 goldfire * is not an indexed type family Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 new normal
#12092 8 goldfire Out-of-scope variable leads to type error, not scope error Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1 new normal
#12093 8 goldfire Wrong argument count in error message with TypeApplications Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1 new normal
#12694 8 goldfire GHC HEAD no longer reports inaccessible code Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 new normal
#12723 8 goldfire Family instance modules are not fingerprinted in ABI Driver 8.1 patch normal
#13337 8 goldfire GHC doesn't think a type is of kind *, despite having evidence for it Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.2 new normal
#13149 8 goldfire Giving Backpack a Promotion Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 Research needed new low
#3483 8 goldfire Some mechanism for eliminating "absurd" patterns Compiler 6.10.4 new low
#11319 29 goldfire, a.serranomena@… ImpredicativeTypes even more broken than usual Compiler (Type checker) 7.11 new normal
#11342 62 goldfire, augustss, RyanGlScott, cactus, int-index, akio, zyla Character kind Compiler 7.10.3 alexvieth patch normal
#8477 18 goldfire, diatchki Allow inferring ambiguous types Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.3 new normal
#11672 18 goldfire, diatchki Poor error message Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1-rc2 new normal
#12131 16 goldfire, ekmett Can't solve constraints with UndecidableSuperClasses but can infer kind (+ undesired order of kinds) Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1 new normal
#8177 84 goldfire, hackage.haskell.org@…, ecrockett0@…, dmcclean, RyanGlScott Roles for type families Compiler 7.6.3 goldfire new normal
#12088 19 goldfire, int-index Type/data family instances in kind checking Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 8.4.1 new high
#12564 19 goldfire, int-index Type family in type pattern kind Compiler (Type checker) 8.0.1 8.4.1 goldfire new high
#9918 14 goldfire, oleg GHC chooses an instance between two overlapping, but cannot resolve a clause within the similar closed type family Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3 new normal
#12561 24 goldfire, oleg@… Scope extrusion in Template Haskell Template Haskell 8.0.1 new normal
#13233 25 goldfire, simonmar, scpmw typePrimRep panic while compiling GHC with profiling Compiler 8.0.1 8.2.1 bgamari new highest
#12731 30 goldfire, simonpj, RyanGlScott Generic type class has type family; leads to big dep_finsts Compiler 8.1 new normal
#11511 29 goldfire, simonpj, adamgundry Type family producing infinite type accepted as injective Compiler (Type checker) 8.1 new normal
#11186 30 goldfire, sweirich, adamgundry Give strong preference to type variable names in scope when reporting hole contexts Compiler (Type checker) 7.10.2 new normal
#11501 31 gracjanpolak@…, michalt Building nofib/fibon returns permission denied NoFib benchmark suite 7.10.3 new normal
#4479 31 griba2001@…, adamgundry Implement TDNR Compiler (Type checker) 7.5 new low
#12150 10 gridaphobe Compile time performance degradation on code that uses undefined/error with CallStacks Compiler 8.0.1 8.2.1 new high
#11686 10 gridaphobe implicit call stacks should provide a way to get the calling function's name Compiler 7.10.3 8.2.1 gridaphobe new normal
#11179 10 gridaphobe Allow plugins to access "dead code" Compiler 7.10.2 patch normal
#11366 10 gridaphobe Control.Exception.assert should perhaps take an implicit call stack Compiler 7.10.3 new normal
#10044 10 gridaphobe Wrong line number reported with CPP and line beginning with # Compiler 7.10.1-rc2 new low
#12096 28 gridaphobe, ekmett, mnislaih Attach stacktrace information to SomeException Core Libraries 8.0.1 new normal
#10986 37 gridaphobe, slyfox, snoyberg, omefire GHC should delete all temporary files it creates in /tmp Compiler 7.11 8.2.1 new high
#6077 5 gueux Respect XDG_CONFIG_HOME None 7.4.1 new normal
#2427 74 gwern0@…, id@…, nathanhowell@… Allow compilation of source from stdin Compiler 6.8.3 new normal
#855 47 hackage.haskell.org@…, ekmett@… Improvements to SpecConstr Compiler 6.4.2 new normal
#947 47 hackage.haskell.org@…, jwlato@… ghc -O space leak: CSE between different CAFs Compiler 6.5 new normal
#7647 130 hackage.haskell.org@…, mnislaih@…, bgamari@…, tkn.akio@…, f@…, MikeIzbicki, vagarenko, osa1 UNPACK polymorphic fields Compiler 7.6.1 new normal
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