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Ticket Summary Operating System Status Owner Type Priority
#4843 "include" directory missing in the ghc 7.0.1 windows installer Windows closed bug highest
#7233 Int64 division buggy on a 32-bit installation Unknown/Multiple closed bug highest
#1271 Vista: we need to add manifests to binaries to subvert installer-detection Windows closed simonmar task high
#1515 Nightly installer does not setup .hs/.lhs icons property Windows closed igloo bug high
#1625 Windows installer: no Users guide or Cabal docs Windows closed igloo bug high
#3610 Installer has hard-coded path /usr/bin/strip Unknown/Multiple closed bug high
#3847 Windows installer has incorrect documentation shortcut Windows closed igloo bug high
#3934 add licence to Windows installer Unknown/Multiple closed igloo bug high
#4292 Windows installer (6.12.3) issues Windows closed igloo bug high
#916 windows installer should play nice with other Haskell tools Windows closed bug normal
#1055 Visual Haskell installer 2005 failed for non standard location Unknown/Multiple closed bug normal
#1135 HsTime.h isn't installed by the Windows installer Unknown/Multiple closed bug normal
#1484 gcc installation problem? Windows closed bug normal
#1499 Visual Haskell installer issue(s) Windows closed bug normal
#1881 Windows installer: add a start menu item pointing to the flag reference Windows closed igloo task normal
#1917 6.8.1 windows installer doesn't include GLUT Unknown/Multiple closed simonmar task normal
#2097 bug in regEnumKeys (System.Win32.Registry) Windows closed igloo merge normal
#2489 Registry keys are created in per-user HKCU instead of system-wide HKLM Windows closed bug normal
#2505 windows installer should not hijack filetype associations! Windows closed bug normal
#2510 Environment modification during installation should be optional Windows closed feature request normal
#2633 Broken windres in Windows installer Windows closed bug normal
#3241 System.Win32.Registry - incorrect length calculation in regSetStringValue Windows closed simonmar bug normal
#4353 windows installer: docs should use / in urls, not \ Windows closed bug normal
#5730 unicode characters in cabal path leads to package installation failure Windows closed bug normal
#7639 Fix installation issues with cross compiling + honour Stage1Only properly Unknown/Multiple closed bug normal
#8050 add a required wrapper around plugin installers Unknown/Multiple new task normal
#604 Windows installer: use WiX Unknown/Multiple closed task low
#2791 Allow two versions of GHC to be installed simultaneously with the OS X installer Unknown/Multiple closed bug low
#1345 Wrong registry key created by Windows installer Windows closed bug lowest
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