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#3895 "Fix" pervasive-but-unnecessary signedness in GHC.Prim new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#5590 "guarded instances": instance selection can add extra parameters to the class new simonpj normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#7767 "internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 154886248" crash new normal 7.8.3 Runtime System
#8850 (Compositional) function mkWeakChan new normal libraries/base
#3140 (Windows?) GHCi doesn't load hierachical modules new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#8624 -ddump-splices-file new normal Compiler
#1365 -fbyte-code is ignored in a OPTIONS_GHC pragma new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#3000 :break command should recognize also nonexported top level symbols in qualified IDs new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#2345 :browse limitations (browsing virtual namespaces, listing namespaces) new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#2215 :disable command to disable breakpoints new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#2986 :info printing instances often isn't wanted new Remi lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#9015 A documented way to differentiate between statements, declarations, imports, etc. new normal GHC API
#5927 A type-level "implies" constraint on Constraints new normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#3021 A way to programmatically insert marks into heap profiling output new normal Profiling
#4429 Ability to specify the namespace in mkName new reinerp low 7.6.2 Template Haskell
#5364 Access RTS flag values from inside Haskell programs new normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#8516 Add (->) representation and the Invariant class to GHC.Generics new low Compiler (Type checker)
#8354 Add INLINE (or at least INLINABLE) pragmas for methods of Ord in ghc-prim new normal libraries (other)
#2104 Add Labels new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#7741 Add SIMD support to x86/x86_64 NCG new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#9016 Add System.Exit.die new normal libraries/base
#4479 Add Type Directed Name Resolution new low 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#8347 Add a Strict LANGUAGE pragma new tibbe normal Compiler
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC new iduhetonas low 7.6.2 Compiler
#1894 Add a total order on type constructors new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#4340 Add alignment to hsc2hs template new low 7.6.2 Compiler (FFI)
#2550 Add an option to read file names from a file instead of the command line new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#3314 Add compilation date to +RTS --info new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#5941 Add compilation stage plugins new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#8903 Add dead store elimination new normal Compiler
#7181 Add documentation on heap-profile file format. new normal 7.8.3 Documentation
#3192 Add dynCompileCoreExpr :: GhcMonad m => Bool -> Expr CoreBind -> m Dynamic to ghc-api new lowest 7.6.2 GHC API
#5296 Add explicit type applications new low 7.6.2 Compiler (Type checker)
#4466 Add extension for type application new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#8010 Add forkOSUnmasked (patch) new normal libraries/base
#8517 Add library function retrieve label set by GHC.Conc.Sync.labelThread new normal libraries/base
#3769 Add manpages for programs installed alongside ghc new normal Documentation
#7860 Add more bit fiddling functions to 'integer-gmp' new normal libraries (other)
#8299 Add richer data model address arithmetic: AddrDiff and AddrInt (ie d Int_ptr_diff and Int_ptr_size) new high 7.10.1 Compiler
#7015 Add support for 'static' new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#8206 Add support for Portable Native Client new Alex Sayers normal Compiler
#8581 Add support for explicitly-bidirectional pattern synonyms new cactus normal Compiler
#8967 Add syntax for creating finite maps and sets new normal Compiler
#1407 Add the ability to :set -l{foo} in .ghci files new normal GHCi
#7048 Add the ability to statically define a `FunPtr` to a haskell function new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#7104 Add tryWriteTBQueue to Control.Concurrent.STM.TBQueue new simonmar normal 7.8.3 libraries (other)
#4442 Add unaligned version of indexWordArray# new low 7.6.2 libraries (other)
#5218 Add unpackCStringLen# to create Strings from string literals new thoughtpolice high 7.8.3 Compiler
#2514 Add/Expose Binary API that allows dumping of any GHC Binary instance new nominolo lowest 7.6.2 GHC API
#1475 Adding imports and exports with Template Haskell new normal Template Haskell
#8822 Allow -- ^ Haddock syntax on record constructors new normal Compiler (Parser)
#7300 Allow CAFs kept reachable by FFI to be forcibly made unreachable for GC new high 7.8.3 Compiler (FFI)
#8642 Allow GHCi to print non-pretty forms of things. new normal GHCi
#5834 Allow both INLINE and INLINABLE for the same function new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#1379 Allow breakpoints and single-stepping for functions defined interactively new lowest 7.6.2 GHCi
#7494 Allow compatible type synonyms to be the return type of a GADT data constructor. new normal 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker)
#2427 Allow compilation of source from stdin new normal Compiler
#6089 Allow declaration splices inside declaration brackets new simonpj normal 7.8.3 Template Haskell
#6024 Allow defining kinds alone, without a datatype new normal 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker)
#8441 Allow family instances in an hs-boot file new low Compiler
#3372 Allow for multiple linker instances new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#8477 Allow inferring ambiguous types new normal Compiler
#3541 Allow local foreign imports new normal Compiler (FFI)
#1409 Allow recursively dependent modules transparently (without .hs-boot or anything) new normal Compiler
#2101 Allow some form of type-level lemma new normal Compiler
#4453 Allow specifying .hi files of imports on command line in batch mode new low 7.6.2 Compiler
#2041 Allow splicing in concrete syntax new normal Template Haskell
#7331 Allow the evaluation of declaration splices in GHCi new normal 7.8.3 GHCi
#7140 Allow type signature in export list new normal 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker)
#1965 Allow unconstrained existential contexts in newtypes new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5108 Allow unicode sub/superscript symbols in both identifiers and operators new normal 7.6.2 Compiler (Parser)
#8099 Alternate syntax for indicating when a function is "fully applied" for purposes of inlining new normal Compiler
#8920 Alternative GADT syntax new normal 7.10.1 Compiler (Parser)
#8605 Alternative, guard-like syntax for view patterns new normal Compiler
#2180 Any installed signal handler stops deadlock detection, but XCPU never happens in a deadlock new Baughn normal Runtime System
#3545 As-patterns for type signatures new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8583 Associated pattern synonyms new normal Compiler
#8161 Associated type parameters that are more specific than the instance header new low Compiler (Type checker)
#8544 Auto-Reference ticket-related branches in tickets new normal Trac & Git
#1830 Automatic derivation of Lift new normal Template Haskell
#1420 Automatic heap profile intervals new lowest 7.6.2 Profiling
#3870 Avoid Haddock-links to the Prelude new lowest 7.6.2 Documentation
#2598 Avoid excessive specialisation in SpecConstr new lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#7105 Better names for derived SCCs of instances new simonmar normal 7.6.2 Profiling
#2600 Bind type variables in RULES new simonpj lowest 7.6.2 Compiler
#4102 Bit manipulation built-ins new normal 7.6.2 libraries/base
#4370 Bring back monad comprehensions new normal Compiler
#1574 Broken link testing new lowest 7.6.2 Documentation
#8558 Build xhtml and haddock only when `HADDOCK_DOCS=YES` new normal Build System
#5647 CLI option to silence "Loading package foo ... linking ... done" output new normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#860 CPP fails when a macro is used on a line containing a single quote character new lowest Compiler
#5075 CPR optimisation for sum types if only one constructor is used new simonpj normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#3557 CPU Vector instructions in GHC.Prim new normal Compiler (NCG)
#5344 CSE should look through coercions new simonpj normal Compiler
#7952 Can cost-centre annotations be included in -ddump-simpl? new normal Compiler
#8310 Can we change the semantics of `Trustworthy`? new dterei normal Compiler
#7401 Can't derive instance for Eq when datatype has no constructor, while it is trivial do do so. new monoidal normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#5476 Cap memory usage for one thread without disrupting other threads new normal Runtime System
#3447 Class restrictions on type instances new normal Compiler
#7870 Compilatio​n errors break the complexity encapsulat​ion on DSLs, impairs success in industry new normal Compiler (Type checker)
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