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#9840 Permit empty closed type families new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9846 GHC --make should also look for .hi, not only for .hs new normal Compiler
#9865 Comonads in base library new ekmett normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#9866 ssh pubkey self-mgmt new hvr normal Trac & Git
#9883 Make OverloadedLists more usable by splitting the class interface new normal External Core
#9898 Wanted: higher-order type-level programming new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9908 Improve enumFromX support for OverloadedLists new ekmett normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#9911 Pattern synonyms with no signatures should yield warnings new cactus normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#9923 Offer copy-on-GC sliced arrays new simonmar normal Runtime System
#9931 Option to truncate Show output in ghci REPL new normal Compiler
#9938 GHC's link step needs to be told which packages to link new normal Compiler
#9948 Recommend class constraint instead of instance constraint new normal Compiler
#9952 Add -g<level> new normal Compiler
#9970 Export more types in GHC.RTS.Flags new normal 7.12.1 libraries/base
#9974 Allow more general structural recursion without UndecidableInstances new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9990 Top level module identifiers shadow imported identifiers new normal Compiler
#9993 PostfixOperators doesn't work for types new normal Compiler
#9994 Provide option to show current module in ghci prompt without listing imported modules. new normal GHCi
#9995 :info enhancements new normal GHCi
#9996 Support symbols in GHCi tab completion new normal GHCi
#10006 Add baseline ellipsis as unicode alternative to «..» new normal Compiler (Parser)
#10014 Data.Array.Base.elems needlessly calls bounds. new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#10016 UNPACK support for existentials new normal Compiler
#10021 Add "Error:" prefix for compile-time error messages new k-bx normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#10023 Relax Monad constraint in traceM and traceShowM to Applicative new normal 7.12.1 libraries/base
#10035 Harbormaster doesn't post to Differential on success new normal Trac & Git
#10039 Make Const (Control.Applicative) kind polymorphic in its second argument new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#10049 Lower level memcpy primop new normal Compiler
#10064 Add support for "foo"## literals to MagicHash new normal Compiler
#10071 Implement deprecation-warnings for class-methods to non-method transitions new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#10073 Idris REPL is pretty and we can too new normal GHCi
#10076 Don't suppress warnings in the presence of errors new normal Compiler
#10084 Data.List should have a takeLastN function new normal libraries/base
#10087 DefaultSignatures: error message mentions internal name new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#10089 feature: warn about unused data definitions (with typeclass instances) new normal Compiler
#10094 Template Haskell cannot represent type wildcards new normal Template Haskell
#10107 Add Functor etc. to Data.Monoid wrappers new normal 7.12.1 libraries/base
#10116 Closed type families: Warn if it doesn't handle all cases new normal Compiler
#307 Implicit Parameters and monomorphism new low None
#989 Build GHC on Windows using Microsoft toolchain new low Build System
#1192 GHC-only IOErrorType constructors, and is*Error(Type) functions new low Compiler
#1231 deprecation warnings are reported too often new simonpj low Compiler
#1311 newtypes of unboxed types disallowed - documentation bug and/or feature request new low Compiler
#1388 Newbie help features new low GHCi
#1628 warning(s) for using stolen syntax that's not currently enabled new low Compiler
#1768 More flexible type signatures for data constructors new low Compiler
#2465 Fusion of recursive functions new low Compiler
#2614 Enumeration of values for `Sys.Info.os`, `Sys.Info.arch` new mjg low 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#2708 Error message should suggest UnboxedTuples language extension new low Compiler (Parser)
#2896 Warning suggestion: argument not necessarily a binary operator new low Compiler
#3052 ghc FFI doesn't support thiscall new low 7.12.1 Compiler (FFI)
#3372 Allow for multiple linker instances new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3427 control what sort of entity a deprecated pragma applies to new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3464 Find import declaration importing a certain function new low 7.12.1 GHCi
#3483 Some mechanism for eliminating "absurd" patterns new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3517 GHC has lots of extra hidden IOErrorType values new low Core Libraries
#3547 Improve granularity of UndecidableInstances new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3619 allow to set ghc search path globally (a'la CPATH) new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3632 lift restrictions on records with existential fields, especially in the presence of class constraints new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3645 Layout and pragmas new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Parser)
#3699 Wildcards in type functions new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#3701 allow existential wrapper newtypes new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#3744 Comparisons against minBound/maxBound not optimised for (Int|Word)(8|16|32) new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3753 Make ghci's -l option consistent with GNU ld's -l option new low 7.12.1 GHCi
#3786 showing function arguments when stopped at its definition new low 7.12.1 GHCi
#3869 RTS GC Statistics from -S should be logged via the eventlog system new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#3895 "Fix" pervasive-but-unnecessary signedness in GHC.Prim new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#3980 System.Posix.Signals should provide a way to set the SA_NOCLDWAIT flag new ekmett low 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#4016 Strange display behaviour in GHCi new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4020 Please consider adding support for local type synonyms new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#4052 Two sided sections new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Parser)
#4096 New primops for indexing: index*OffAddrUsing# etc new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC new VictorDenisov low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4180 do not consider associativity for unary minus for fixity resolution new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Parser)
#4213 LLVM: Add support for TNTC to LLVM compiler suite new dterei low 7.12.1 Compiler (LLVM)
#4222 Template Haskell lets you reify supposedly-abstract data types new low 7.12.1 Template Haskell
#4316 Interactive "do" notation in GHCi new low 7.12.1 GHCi
#4329 GHC.Conc modifyTVar primitive new ekmett low 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#4340 Add alignment to hsc2hs template new low 7.12.1 Compiler (FFI)
#4442 Add unaligned version of indexWordArray# new ekmett low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4453 Allow specifying .hi files of imports on command line in batch mode new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4459 Polymorphic Data.Dynamic new vivian low 7.12.1 GHC API
#4466 Add extension for type application new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4479 Implement Dot as Postfix Function Apply new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#4520 startup code on Windows should use SetDllDirectory("") new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#4815 Instance constraints should be used when deriving on associated data types new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4823 Loop strength reduction for array indexing new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#4913 Make event tracing conditional on an RTS flag only new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#4955 increase error message detail for module lookups failure due to hi references new low 7.12.1 Package system
#4959 Warning about variables with leading underscore that are used anyway new low 7.12.1 Compiler (Parser)
#4980 Warning about module abbreviation clashes new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#5016 Make Template Haskell: -ddump-splices generate executable code new low 7.12.1 Template Haskell
#5059 Pragma to SPECIALISE on value arguments new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#5073 Add blockST for nested ST scopes new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#5082 Emit warnings when conflicting flags are supplied new low Compiler
#5171 Misfeature of Cmm optimiser: no way to extract a branch of expression into a separate statement new low 7.12.1 Compiler
#5197 Support static linker semantics for archives and weak symbols new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#5219 need a version of hs_init that returns an error code for command-line errors new low 7.12.1 Runtime System
#5266 Licensing requirements and copyright notices new low 7.12.1 None
#5273 error and undefined should print a location new low 7.12.1 Compiler
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