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#8809 Prettier error messages? new normal Compiler
#8812 Make *_stub.c files available again new normal Driver
#8816 Make SPARC registerised again. new normal Compiler
#8822 Allow -- ^ Haddock syntax on record constructors new normal Compiler (Parser)
#8828 Type pattern synonyms new normal Compiler
#8844 Pseudo terminal and process- new snoyberg normal Core Libraries
#8850 (Compositional) function mkWeakChan new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#8875 Track Exceptions new normal Compiler
#8903 Add dead store elimination new normal Compiler
#8914 Remove unnecessary constraints from MonadComprehensions and ParallelListComp new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8920 Alternative GADT syntax new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Parser)
#8924 Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP needs some kind of "commit" or "cut" to force a single parse.. new normal Compiler
#8927 Multiple case match at once new normal Compiler (Parser)
#8930 GHC API: List of available Pragmas new normal GHC API
#8944 Warn instead of stopping on misplaced Haddock comments new normal Compiler (Parser)
#8955 Syscall intrinsic new normal Compiler
#8967 Add syntax for creating finite maps and sets new normal Compiler
#8989 nofib should record and report more fine-grained binary size information new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#8996 mark more things as const in C codegen new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#9015 A documented way to differentiate between statements, declarations, imports, etc. new normal GHC API
#9030 An async exception handler that blocks throwTo until handler finishes running new normal Compiler
#9037 Add option to make selected warnings errors new normal Compiler
#9051 Report heap profile data in eventlog new normal Profiling
#9052 Support a "stable heap" which doesn't get garbage collected new simonmar normal Runtime System
#9091 print and/or apply constraints when showing info for typed holes new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9101 Need option to use system gcc and binutils on Windows/msys2 new gintas normal Build System
#9112 support for deriving Vector/MVector instances new normal Compiler
#9118 Can't eta-reduce representational coercions new normal Compiler
#9120 Cache intermediate powers new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#9137 A way to match RULES only for literals new normal Compiler
#9143 feature request: way to set actual program argv new normal Runtime System
#9180 New magic function `staticError` new nomeata normal Compiler
#9183 GHC shouldn't expand constraint synonyms new normal Compiler
#9192 Add sameByteArray# new normal Compiler
#9197 FFI types should be usable in foreign import decls without revealing representations new normal Compiler (FFI)
#9214 UNPACK support for sum types new normal Compiler
#9244 Compiler could warn about type variable shadowing, and hint about ScopedTypeVariables new normal Compiler
#9252 Generalize hs-boot files to be more like module signatures new ezyang normal Compiler
#9256 Support automatic derivation of an hs-boot file from an hs file new ezyang normal Compiler
#9259 GHCi should list its available command line options new kolmodin normal Driver
#9269 Type families returning quantified types new normal Compiler
#9289 add anyToAddr# :: (#a#)-> Addr# primop (inverse of addrToAny#) new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9291 Don't reconstruct sum types if the type subtly changes new normal Compiler
#9319 nofib-analyze doesn’t provide per-benchmark compile time/alloc numbers new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#9321 Support for waiting on multiple MVars new simonmar normal Runtime System
#9328 MINIMAL pragma should supprt negation new normal Compiler
#9334 Implement "instance chains" new diatchki normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9342 Branchless arithmetic operations new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (CodeGen)
#9350 Consider using xchg instead of mfence for CS stores new normal Compiler (NCG)
#9351 add ability to version symbols .c for packages with C code new normal Compiler
#9352 Allow `State# s` argument/result types in `ccall` FFI imports new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#9360 GHCi: Behave nicely on `-e`, like `ghc` and other programs new normal GHCi
#9365 Make command key in GHCi configurable new normal GHCi
#9376 More informative error messages when closed type families fail to simplify new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9378 Make unknown LANGUAGE pragmas a warning, not an error new normal Compiler
#9394 Show data/type family instances with ghci's :info command new normal GHCi
#9419 Machine-readable output for profiling new ezyang normal Profiling
#9427 Do finer-grained dependency analysis to infer more general kinds on type/class declarations new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9429 Alternative to type family Any new normal Compiler
#9430 implement more arithmetic operations natively in the LLVM backend new normal Compiler (LLVM)
#9431 integer-gmp small Integer multiplication does two multiplications on x86 new normal Compiler (NCG)
#9441 CSE should deal with letrec new normal Compiler
#9476 Implement late lambda-lifting new nfrisby normal Compiler
#9478 Partial type signatures new normal Compiler
#9499 Add -prelude-is flag new agibiansky normal Compiler
#9507 ghc-pkg mode to query by package-key new ezyang normal ghc-pkg
#9526 Add missing Generic instances in base new dreixel normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#9571 nofib should use criterion-style bootstrapping/sampling new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#9591 Add custom "Wiki" field in Trac new hvr normal Trac & Git
#9601 Make the rewrite rule system more powerful new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9611 Suggest the cause of "No instance" errors involving multiple versions of a package new normal Compiler
#9613 when giving an error "No instance for C (a -> b)", suggest that a function may be underapplied new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9617 Implement `quot` and `rem` using `quotRem`; implement `div` and `mod` using `divMod` new normal Compiler
#9622 GHCi command to solve a constraint new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9624 "Unlikely constraint" recognition new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9632 Promotable type synonyms (or: synonyms to promoted types) new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9637 Type level programming needs an error function new normal Compiler
#9638 Speed up Data.Char.isDigit new ekmett normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#9642 LANGUAGE pragma synonyms new normal Compiler
#9645 Optimize range checks for primitive types new normal Compiler
#9649 symbols should/might be type level lists of chars new ibotty normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9659 Offer branchless conditional (CMOV) primop new normal Compiler
#9661 Branchless ==# is compiled to branchy code new bgamari normal Compiler
#9667 Type inference is weaker for GADT than analogous Data Family new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9671 Allow expressions in patterns new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9688 Improve the interaction between CSE and the join point transformation new normal Compiler
#9690 in GHCi map `:editNNN` to $EDITOR +NNN new normal GHCi
#9699 TH function to list names in scope new normal Template Haskell
#9700 Support C structures in Haskell FFI new normal Compiler
#9702 Offer a weaker name shadowing warning new normal Compiler
#9724 reexport IsList class from a trustworthy module new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#9731 Inductive type definitions on Nat new normal Compiler
#9743 Expose ghc-bin code as a library new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9756 Warn about unnecessary unsafeCoerce new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9784 Improve error message for misplaced quote inside promoted qualified type new normal Compiler (Parser)
#9789 Make GHC accept .format+lhs as extension for literate haskell files new merijn normal Compiler
#9790 Produce coercion rules for derived Functor instances new normal Compiler
#9793 Some as-patterns could be accepted in pattern synonyms new cactus normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#9795 Debug.Trace.trace is too strict new normal 7.12.1 libraries/base
#9819 Create typesafe method of obtaining dictionary types from class definitions, and constraint objects from dictionary types new normal Compiler
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