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#8668 SPECIALIZE silently fails to apply new Compiler 7.8.3
#8114 STG lint panic new Compiler 7.6.3
#9920 Segfault in arm binary with llvm 3.5 new Compiler 7.11
#3266 Segment fault with WxHaskell and GHC 6.10.2 new Compiler 6.10.2
#7625 Semicolon is not handled between imports at the ghci command prompt new 7.12.1 GHCi 7.4.2
#10037 Several profiling tests give different results optimised vs. unoptimised new 7.12.1 Profiling 7.10.1-rc2
#7307 Share top-level code for strings new parcs 7.12.1 Compiler 7.6.1
#5645 Sharing across functions causing space leak new Alexander.Pakhomov 7.12.1 Compiler 7.2.1
#9927 Should simplifier try more iterations? new Compiler 7.11
#6101 Show instance for integer-simple is not lazy enough new ekmett 7.12.1 Core Libraries 7.4.1
#7057 Simplifier infinite loop regression new simonpj 7.12.1 Compiler 7.4.2
#8319 Simplifier ticks exhausted (need -fsimpl-tick-factor=955) new Compiler 7.6.3
#9235 Simplifier ticks exhausted on recursive class method new Compiler 7.8.2
#8336 Sinking pass could optimize some assignments better new Compiler (CodeGen) 7.7
#5444 Slow 64-bit primops on 32 bit system new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.2.1
#3094 Some GHC.* module should export word size and heap object header size new 6.12.1 libraries (other) 6.10.1
#8604 Some stack/vmem limits (ulimit) combinations causing GHC to fail new Documentation 7.6.3
#8136 Some tests segfault randomly with ghci way new GHCi 7.7
#5692 Source code with large floating constants in exponential notation cannot be compiled new pcapriotti 7.12.1 Compiler 7.2.1
#3831 SpecConstr should exploit cases where there is exactly one call pattern new simonpj 7.12.1 Compiler 6.13
#8420 Spurious dynamic library dependencies new Driver 7.6.3
#4139 Spurious non-exhaustive pattern match warnings are given using GADTs new Compiler 7.4.1
#6124 Spurious non-exhaustive warning with GADT and newtypes new 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1
#7670 StablePtrs should be organized by generation for efficient minor collections new 7.12.1 Runtime System 7.7
#1466 Stack check for AP_STACK new simonmar 7.12.1 Compiler 6.6.1
#7240 Stack trace truncated too much with indirect recursion new 7.12.1 Profiling 7.4.1
#8128 Standalone deriving fails for GADTs due to inaccessible code new Compiler (Type checker) 7.7
#9853 Stateful transformation causes non-termination in Hoopl analysis. new libraries/hoopl 7.8.3
#9202 Strange Closure Type new Compiler 7.8.2
#9765 Strange behavior of GC under ghci new GHCi 7.8.3
#8687 Strange closure type 9983 new Compiler 7.6.3
#8623 Strange slowness when using async library with FFI callbacks new simonmar 7.12.1 Runtime System 7.6.3
#6065 Suggested type signature causes a type error (even though it appears correct) new Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.1
#7803 Superclass methods are left unspecialized new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.6.2
#8853 Surprising mention of unboxed integers in pattern exhaustiveness warning new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8879 System.IO.Error documentation refers to invalid module Control.Exception.Exception new Documentation 7.6.3
#5278 System.Random.randomIvalInteger makes invalid assumptions about RandomGen new ekmett Core Libraries 7.0.3
#7305 T5975a is broken on Windows new 7.12.1 Test Suite 7.6.1
#9512 T9329 fails test on unregisterised i386, amd64 new Compiler 7.8.3
#9022 TH pretty printer and GHC parser semicolon placement mismatch new 7.12.1 Template Haskell 7.8.1
#9539 TQueue can lead to thread starvation new ekmett Core Libraries 7.8.2
#9980 TcS monad is too heavy new Compiler 7.8.4
#9113 Template Haskell should warn about non-exhaustive pattern matches new Template Haskell 7.8.2
#8721 Testsuite not reporting errors for DYN way on OS X new Test Suite 7.6.3
#5641 The -L flag should not exist new 7.12.1 Profiling 7.2.1
#5470 The DPH library needs to support PData and PRepr instances for more than 15-tuples new chak 7.12.1 Data Parallel Haskell 7.3
#10011 The Data instance for Ratio violates internal invariants. new 7.10.1 Core Libraries 7.10.1-rc1
#7309 The Ix instance for (,) leaks space in range new ekmett Core Libraries 7.6.1
#7045 The `Read` instance of `Rational` does not support decimal notation new ekmett 7.12.1 Core Libraries 7.4.2
#9453 The example for GHC Generics is kinda broken new dreixel 7.12.1 Documentation 7.8.2
#8281 The impossible happened: primRepToFFIType new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.6.2
#8527 The ordering of -I directives should be consistent with the ordering of -package directives new parcs Package system 7.7
#3620 The seeds generated by split are not independent new ekmett Core Libraries 6.11
#10024 This bug tracker: Can not create filter `x contains y && x contains z` new hvr Trac & Git
#9405 Ticky results should be displayed even during interrupts (Ctrl-c) new 7.12.1 Profiling
#10053 Too late for parseStaticFlags, error in ghci calling main after loading compiled code, regression new GHCi 7.10.1-rc2
#9841 Touching a file that uses TH triggers TH recompilation flood new 7.12.1 Build System 7.8.3
#10025 Tracker: "My Tickets" does not work new hvr Trac & Git
#8774 Transitivity of Auto-Specialization new Compiler 7.6.3
#1614 Type checker does not use functional dependency to avoid ambiguity new Compiler (Type checker) 6.7
#9587 Type checking with type functions introduces many type variables, which remain ambiguous. The code no longer type checks. new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9223 Type equality makes type variable untouchable new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.2
#9627 Type error with functional dependencies new Compiler 7.8.3
#9562 Type families + hs-boot files = unsafeCoerce new Compiler 7.8.3
#9708 Type inference non-determinism due to improvement new diatchki Compiler 7.8.3
#1308 Type signature in warning is wrong new Compiler 6.7
#5051 Typechecker behaviour change new Compiler (Type checker) 7.0.2
#8907 Un-zonked kind variable passes through type checker new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1-rc2
#7593 Unable to print exceptions of unicode identifiers new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.6.1
#9886 Undefined reference to `__sync_fetch_and_xor_8' new erikd Compiler (CodeGen) 7.11
#8060 Undefined symbols when using Template Haskell linked from another object with unexposed modules new Compiler 7.6.3
#9618 Undocument ImpredicativeTypes new 7.12.1 Documentation 7.8.3
#9755 Unhelpful error message when -XScopedTypeVariables is omitted new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9947 Unicode «other number» characters not consistently accepted in identifiers new Compiler (Parser) 7.8.4
#10120 Unnecessary code duplication from case analysis new Compiler 7.10.1-rc2
#9675 Unreasonable memory usage on large data structures new Compiler 7.8.3
#9873 Use CONF_GCC_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE2 only in stage2 new Build System 7.9
#9769 User's Guide missing from Windows binary distributions new 7.12.1 Build System 7.8.3
#7535 Using -with-rtsopts=-N should fail unless -threaded is also specified new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.6.1
#8946 Using hdevtools caused "Evaluated the place holder for a PostTcKind" new Compiler 7.8.1-rc1
#8387 View patterns + pattern bindings: finnicky about scoping new Compiler 7.6.3
#9906 Warning generated by hscpp code have unhelpful file names new Driver 7.8.3
#9418 Warnings about "INLINE binder is (non-rule) loop breaker" new Compiler 7.8.2
#5728 Warnings from -fwarn-incomplete-record-updates even with all constructors matched new Compiler 7.4.1
#9456 Weird behavior with polymorphic function involving existential quantification and GADTs new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.2
#9315 Weird change in allocation numbers of T9203 new simonmar Runtime System 7.9
#816 Weird fundep behavior (with -fallow-undecidable-instances) new Compiler (Type checker) 6.4.2
#7373 When building GHC: Failed to load interface for `GHC.Fingerprint' new 7.12.1 Driver 7.6.1
#8995 When generalising, use levels rather than global tyvars new Compiler 7.8.2
#9663 Windows build process should give better message if you forgot to clone tarballs new Build System 7.9
#8032 Worker-wrapper transform and NOINLINE trigger bad reboxing behavior new Compiler 7.7
#8042 `:load *` and `:add *` misbehave in presence of `-fobject-code` new GHCi 7.6.3
#8709 `make 1` does not work (well) new Build System 7.7
#9599 app runs 10 times faster when compiled with profilling information than without it new Compiler 7.8.2
#9048 armel: evacuate(static): strange closure type 0 new Compiler 7.8.2
#8279 bad alignment in code gen yields substantial perf issue new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.7
#1087 bang patterns with infix ops new Compiler (Parser) 6.6
#8029 batch-mode recompilation checking sometimes fails new Compiler 7.6.3
#3354 binaries built with GHC on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) do not work on 10.4 (Tiger) new Build System 6.10.1
#10032 binary distributions not working --with-system-libffi new Build System 7.11
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