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#8733 I/O manager causes unnecessary syscalls in send/recv loops new 7.10.1 Runtime System 7.6.3
#3048 Heap size suggestion gets ignored when -G1 flag is passed new Runtime System 6.10.1
#7949 Haskell Platform doesn't build on Fedora 17 new Compiler 7.6.3
#7539 Hard ghc api crash when calling runStmt on code which has not been compiled new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.6.1
#7695 Hang when locale-archive and gconv-modules are not there new trommler 7.8.3 None 7.8.1
#7624 Handling ImplicitParams in Instance Declaration new 7.8.3 Documentation 7.6.1
#7644 Hackage docs for base library contain broken links new hvr 7.8.3 Documentation 7.6.1
#8991 HLint: Illegal instruction (core dumped) new Compiler 7.8.2
#8727 HLearn test on ubuntu Precise x64 within vagrant Box new Compiler 7.6.3
#8732 Global big object heap allocator lock causes contention new simonmar 7.10.1 Runtime System 7.6.3
#5761 Getting stdout and stderr as a single handle from createProcess does not work on Windows new 7.6.2 libraries/process
#7443 Generated C code under -prof -fprof-auto -fprof-cafs very slow to compile new 7.8.3 Profiling 7.4.2
#7269 GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving and PolyKinds new dreixel 7.8.3 Compiler 7.6.1
#7133 GHCi: strange behaviour after CTRL-C, followed by 'hPutChar: resource vanished (Broken Pipe)' when quitting new tibbe 7.8.3 GHCi 7.4.1
#8123 GHCi warns about -eventlog even though it's sometimes necessary new GHCi 7.6.3
#8248 GHCi should not fail to honour ghci.conf or .ghci if group writable new GHCi 7.6.3
#6107 GHCi runtime linker cannot link with duplicate common symbols new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.4.1
#8316 GHCi debugger segfaults when trying force a certain variable new GHCi 7.6.3
#5071 GHCi crashes on large alloca/allocaBytes requests new Compiler 7.0.3
#8511 GHCi Startup Crash with GHC 7.6.3 / HP 2013.2.0.0 64bit on OS X 10.6 new Compiler 7.6.3
#8549 GHCI incorrectly link symbols defined with foreign import ccall new GHCi 7.6.3
#7789 GHCI core dumps when used with VTY new 7.8.3 GHCi 7.4.2-rc1
#6138 GHCI Startup Crash with HP 2012.2.0.0 on 64bit OS X 10.6 new Runtime System 7.6.1
#7241 GHC-7.6.1 panics on template haskell code new simonpj 7.8.3 Template Haskell 7.6.1
#7190 GHC's -fprof-auto does not work with LINE pragmas new 7.8.3 Profiling 7.4.2
#8922 GHC unnecessarily sign/zero-extends C call arguments new 7.10.1 Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3
#5448 GHC stuck in infinite loop compiling with optimizations new Compiler 7.0.3
#8149 GHC should warn about redundant import of a type name also if one of its record selectors is imported new Compiler 7.6.3
#8174 GHC should not load packages for TH if they are not used new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.6.3
#7316 GHC segfaults on ARM new bgamari 7.6.2 Compiler 7.4.2
#6047 GHC retains unnecessary binding new simonpj 7.6.2 Compiler 7.4.1
#8986 GHC panic while installing distributive library on Mac OS X Mavericks new Compiler 7.8.1
#8114 GHC panic when building `thyme` new Compiler 7.6.3
#8635 GHC optimisation flag ignored when importing a local module with derived type classes new Compiler 7.6.3
#8926 GHC makes unsound references in object code new Compiler 7.6.3
#5400 GHC loops on compiling with optimizations new Compiler 7.0.4
#8524 GHC is inconsistent with the Haskell Report on which Unicode characters are allowed in string and character literals new Compiler 7.6.3
#8015 GHC is inconsistent about where LANGUAGE is unsupported. new Compiler 7.6.3
#7072 GHC interpreter does not find stat64 symbol on Linux new 7.8.3 GHCi 7.4.2
#5722 GHC inlines class method forever new simonpj Compiler 7.2.1
#5762 GHC gives incorrect warnings with simple applications of the view patterns extension new Compiler 7.3
#7928 GHC fails to terminate while compiling with optimization level 2 new Compiler 7.6.3
#8331 GHC fails to apply {-# SPECIALIZE #-} for dubious reasons new Compiler 7.6.3
#9003 GHC eventlog: thread stop status codes modified (breaking ghc-events, threadscope, edentv) new simonmar 7.8.3 Runtime System 7.8.2
#7542 GHC doesn't optimize (strict) composition with id new simonpj 7.8.3 Compiler 7.6.1
#8662 GHC does not inline cheap inner loop when used in two places new Compiler 7.6.3
#8318 GHC does not infer type of `tagToEnum#` expression new Compiler 7.7
#8550 GHC builds recursive coerctions when using recursive type families new Compiler (Type checker)
#8415 GHC bug using darcs on Kubuntu 13.04 new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#8427 GHC accepts invalid program because of EPS poisoning new 7.10.1 Compiler 7.7
#9006 GHC accepts import of private data constructor if it has the same name as the type new Compiler 7.8.2
#8829 GHC HEAD/7.8 fails to build on Solaris 10 new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#7430 GHC API reports CPP errors in confusing ways new 7.8.3 GHC API 7.6.1
#7098 GHC 7.4.1 reports an internal error and core dumps while using DPH new benl 7.8.3 Compiler 7.4.1
#8905 Function arguments are always spilled/reloaded if scrutinee is already in WHNF new Compiler 7.9
#6070 Fun with the demand analyser new simonpj 7.8.3 Compiler 7.4.1
#8150 Foreign export requires redundant type signature new Compiler 7.6.3
#8993 Fold NullaryTypeClasses into MPTC new Compiler 7.8.2
#8883 FlexibleContexts checking should happen also on inferred signature new jstolarek Compiler 7.6.3
#3178 Fix linking -lpthread for semaphores new libraries/unix 6.10.2
#7858 Fix definitions of abs/signum for Floats/Doubles new libraries/base 7.6.3
#8973 Fewer CPSZ: lines with -dshow-passes new simonmar Compiler 7.6.3
#8043 Feature Request : Qualified module exports new Compiler 7.7
#8098 Faulty Word64 arithmetic if optimized new Compiler 7.4.2
#3971 FFI callback segfaults on PPC new Compiler (FFI) 6.12.3
#5630 External Core needs love new 7.6.2 Compiler 7.2.1
#670 External Core is broken new tim External Core 6.8.2
#4372 Extending quasiquotation support new 7.6.2 Template Haskell 6.12.3
#5840 Extend the supported environment sizes of vectorised closures new chak 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell 7.4.1
#8147 Exponential behavior in instance resolution on fixpoint-of-sum new Compiler 7.6.3
#7259 Eta expansion of products in System FC new simonpj 7.8.3 Compiler 7.6.1
#5443 Errors when shutting down the event manager loop new tibbe 7.6.2 Compiler 7.2.1
#7849 Error on pattern matching of an existential whose context includes a type function new Compiler (Type checker) 7.4.2
#7461 Error messages about "do" statements contain false information new 7.8.3 Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.1
#1978 Error message: Undefined reference to `XXX_closure' new Compiler 7.4.1
#7669 Empty case causes warning new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.7
#5786 Dynanmic way fails when GHC built with LLVM backend new dterei 7.6.2 Compiler (LLVM) 7.4.1-rc1
#8024 Dynamic linking not working on PowerPC Linux. new Compiler 7.7
#8614 Duplicate symbol error when loading text twice new Compiler 7.6.3
#8942 Duplicate symbol error when loading an archive twice new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#3081 Double output after Ctrl+C on Windows new Runtime System 6.10.1
#7460 Double literals generated bad core new tibbe 7.8.3 Compiler 7.4.2
#8887 Double double assignment in optimized Cmm on SPARC new Compiler 7.9
#5466 Documentation for Chan could be better new libraries/base 7.2.1
#8988 Documentation build fails if GHCi is unavailable new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1
#8740 Deriving instance conditionally compiles new Compiler 7.6.3
#1544 Derived Read instances for recursive datatypes with infix constructors are too inefficient new 7.6.2 Compiler 6.6.1
#8947 Depending on hint/ghc API fixes the binary version I can use new GHC API 7.6.3
#8036 Demand analyser is unpacking too deeply new simonpj 7.8.3 Compiler 7.7
#8404 Default to turning on architecture specific optimizations in the codegen new Compiler 7.6.3
#8487 Debugger confuses variables new Compiler 7.7
#8712 Data.Ix missing info on row/column major indexing new libraries/base 7.6.3
#5807 DPH library functions don't work without -fvectorise. new benl 7.6.2 Data Parallel Haskell 7.2.2
#8378 Cross-compiling from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to x86_64-sun-solaris2 with mkGmpConstants workaround fails to build objects for integer-gmp new Build System
#8373 Cross-compiling from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to x86_64-sun-solaris2 tries to run target compiled inplace/lib/bin/mkGmpDerivedConstants on host/build new Build System
#8652 Cross-compiling broken for ARM/Linux target new Compiler 7.7
#7621 Cross-build for QNX ARM smashes stack when using FunPtr wrappers new 7.8.3 Compiler (FFI) 7.7
#7610 Cross compilation support for LLVM backend new dterei 7.8.3 Compiler (LLVM) 7.6.1
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new 7.6.2 Package system 7.0.3
#7862 Could not deduce (A) from the context (A, ...) new Compiler (Type checker) 7.6.2
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