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#9677 "operation not permitted" when running tests on Windows new Compiler 7.9
#9686 Link option detection does not work for incremental builds on Windows new gintas Compiler 7.9
#9687 Missing Typeable instances for built-in types new Compiler 7.8.3
#9691 GHC-HEAD runtime is broken on arm new Compiler 7.9
#9693 Reloading GHCi with Template Haskell names can panic GHC new Template Haskell 7.8.3
#9696 readRawBufferPtr and writeRawBufferPtr allocate memory new Compiler 7.8.3
#9701 GADTs not specialized properly new Compiler 7.9
#9704 GHC fails with "Loading temp shared object failed" new Compiler 7.8.3
#9708 Type inference non-determinism due to improvement new diatchki Compiler 7.8.3
#9709 Make restarts itself sometimes, and that's OK new Build System 7.9
#9717 More lazy orphan module loading new ezyang 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker) 7.9
#9718 Avoid TidyPgm predicting what CorePrep will do new Compiler 7.8.3
#9725 Constraint deduction failure new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9729 GHCi accepts invalid programs when recompiling new GHCi 7.8.3
#9730 Polymorphism and type classes new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9737 List ANN in pragmas chapter of user manual new Documentation 7.8.3
#9746 tests/ghci/scripts/T8172 is sensitive to drive name on Windows new Test Suite 7.8.3
#9755 Unhelpful error message when -XScopedTypeVariables is omitted new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9760 ghc -c 7.8 drops last char of file name if -osuf contains a dot new 7.12.1 Driver 7.8.3
#9765 Strange behavior of GC under ghci new GHCi 7.8.3
#9769 User's Guide missing from Windows binary distributions new 7.12.1 Build System 7.8.3
#9772 Building documentation alone is broken new 7.12.1 Build System 7.9
#9780 dep_orphs in Dependencies redundantly records type family orphans new Compiler 7.9
#9782 Do not by default set ekmett as owner for 'Core libraries' new hvr Trac & Git
#9792 map/coerce rule does not fire until the coercion is known new ekmett 7.12.1 Core Libraries 7.9
#9795 Debug.Trace.trace is too strict new 7.12.1 libraries/base 7.8.3
#9798 Frustrating behaviour of the INLINE pragma new Compiler 7.8.3
#9799 ghci -e panic "v_unsafeGlobalDynFlags: not initialised" new 7.12.1 GHCi 7.9
#9803 Poor error message for unbound variable in pattern synonym new Compiler 7.9
#9806 malloc and mallocArray ignore Storable alignment requirements new 7.12.1 Core Libraries 7.8.3
#9809 Overwhelming the TimerManager new simonmar Runtime System 7.9
#9813 Error when reifying type constructor new Compiler 7.8.3
#9820 Apparently inconsistent behaviour in the presence of OverlappingInstances new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.3
#9821 DeriveAnyClass support for higher-kinded classes + some more comments new dreixel 7.10.1 Compiler 7.9
#9823 --show-iface panics with HEAD new 7.12.1 Driver 7.9
#9825 ghc "panic! (the 'impossible' happened)" building vimus on NixOS new Compiler 7.8.3
#9839 RTS options parser silently accepts invalid flags new simonmar Runtime System 7.8.3
#9841 Touching a file that uses TH triggers TH recompilation flood new 7.12.1 Build System 7.8.3
#9848 List.all does not fuse new libraries/base 7.9
#9849 GHC seems out of date new Compiler 7.8.3
#9851 Hoopl library in GHC hides runWithFuel / version number clash new libraries/hoopl 7.8.3
#9853 Stateful transformation causes non-termination in Hoopl analysis. new libraries/hoopl 7.8.3
#9854 Literal overflow check is too aggressive new Compiler 7.8.3
#9855 Harbormaster uses the wrong code sometimes new thoughtpolice Trac & Git
#9861 ghc readme provides out of date git clone directions new Compiler 7.9
#9862 defined but not used errors on Solaris/SPARC new Compiler (NCG) 7.8.2
#9868 ghc: panic! Dynamic linker not initialised new Compiler 7.8.3
#9873 Use CONF_GCC_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE2 only in stage2 new Build System 7.9
#9877 ForeignImport coercion evaluated before typechecking new Compiler 7.8.3
#9886 Undefined reference to `__sync_fetch_and_xor_8' new erikd Compiler (CodeGen) 7.11
#9887 No message when GCHI reusing compiled code new GHCi 7.8.3
#9894 Presence of DWARF debug symbols doesn't result in working backtraces in GDB new scpmw Compiler 7.9
#9899 HEAD: make clean fails to delete libraries/bootstrapping.conf (directory) new 7.12.1 Build System 7.9
#9903 GHCi produces a cryptic message when using HPC new GHCi 7.9
#9906 Warning generated by hscpp code have unhelpful file names new Driver 7.8.3
#9910 ghc's dwarf (-g) output does not like Unicode (Char.intToDigit: not a digit 136) new Compiler 7.9
#9912 Allow access to full logs in Harbormaster builds new thoughtpolice Trac & Git
#9917 ddump-llvm runs opt/llc even when -fllvm isnt set new Compiler 7.8.3
#9918 GHC chooses an instance between two overlapping, but cannot resolve a clause within the similar closed type family new Compiler 7.8.3
#9920 Segfault in arm binary with llvm 3.5 new Compiler 7.11
#9921 Building Haddocks with Hoogle output results in an error new 7.12.1 Compiler 7.9
#9925 ghc internal error while installing hakyll new Compiler 7.6.3
#9927 Should simplifier try more iterations? new Compiler 7.11
#9932 GHC fails to build when cross compiling for mingw with the message "Threads not supported" new Build System 7.8.4
#9936 Data.Fixed truncates 5.17 to 5.16 new libraries/base 7.6.3
#9945 export list for System.Posix.Internals breaking the build on Windows new 7.12.1 Build System 7.11
#9947 Unicode «other number» characters not consistently accepted in identifiers new Compiler (Parser) 7.8.4
#9950 Documentation for InterruptibleFFI contains broken example new Documentation 7.8.4
#9951 OverloadedLists breaks exhaustiveness check new Compiler 7.8.4
#9960 Performance problem with TrieMap new Compiler 7.8.4
#9962 time: Show instance for UTCTime is orphan new libraries (other) 7.8.4
#9965 getChanContents BlockedIndefinitelyOnMVar on 7.10 RC1 new libraries/base 7.10.1-rc1
#9978 DEBUG is always replaced as 1 when CPP pragma is on new Compiler (Parser) 7.8.4
#9979 Performance regression GHC 7.8.4 to GHC HEAD new Compiler 7.11
#9980 TcS monad is too heavy new Compiler 7.8.4
#9981 Potential typechecker regression in GHC 7.10.1RC new simonpj 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker) 7.10.1-rc1
#9982 cross building integer-gmp is running target program on build host new Build System 7.8.4
#9983 configure script invokes ghc with LDFLAGS during cross-builds new Build System 7.8.4
#9985 GHC panic with ViewPatterns and GADTs in a proc pattern new Compiler 7.8.4
#9989 GHCI is slow for precompiled code new GHC API 7.8.3
#9991 runghc shows the value produced by main when its type is a non-() Show instance new Compiler 7.8.4
#9992 Constructor specialization requires eta expansion new Compiler 7.8.4
#10001 GHC crash trying to build a project within Nix-shell new Compiler 7.8.4
#10005 Operations on string literals won't be inlined new Compiler 7.8.4
#10010 LLVM/optimized code for sqrt incorrect for negative values new Compiler (LLVM) 7.8.4
#10011 The Data instance for Ratio violates internal invariants. new 7.10.1 Core Libraries 7.10.1-rc1
#10012 Cheap-to-compute values aren't pushed into case branches inducing unnecessary register pressure new Compiler 7.8.4
#10018 Cannot define custom fixity for infix data constructors in GHCi new GHCi 7.10.1-rc2
#10022 Clean up GHC.RTS.Flags new 7.12.1 libraries/base 7.10.1-rc1
#10024 This bug tracker: Can not create filter `x contains y && x contains z` new hvr Trac & Git
#10025 Tracker: "My Tickets" does not work new hvr Trac & Git
#10027 Importing constructor of associated data type fails new Compiler 7.8.4
#10029 ARM: internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 62744 new Compiler 7.8.4
#10032 binary distributions not working --with-system-libffi new Build System 7.11
#10033 Can't push to `wip/...` branches because of pre-commit check new Trac & Git 7.8.4
#10037 Several profiling tests give different results optimised vs. unoptimised new 7.12.1 Profiling 7.10.1-rc2
#10045 type holes related ghc panic new thomasw Compiler 7.10.1-rc2
#10046 Linker script patch in rts/Linker.c doesn't work for (non-C or non-en..) locales new simonmar 7.12.1 Runtime System 7.8.4
#10053 Too late for parseStaticFlags, error in ghci calling main after loading compiled code, regression new GHCi 7.10.1-rc2
#10056 Inconsistent precedence of ~ new Compiler (Parser) 7.8.4
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