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Ticket Summary Status Owner Milestone Component Version
#8790 rts: unrust 'libbfd' debug symbols parser new Compiler 7.6.3
#8796 -ddump-splices prints to error stream new Compiler 7.9
#8798 Missing symbols with -fprof-auto-calls new Compiler 7.6.3
#8808 ImpredicativeTypes type checking fails depending on syntax of arguments new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1-rc1
#8811 Profiling output jumbled together new Compiler 7.6.3
#8814 7.8 optimizes attoparsec improperly new Compiler 7.8.1-rc1
#8815 confusing language in error message new Compiler 7.8.1-rc1
#8825 ghc can't determine gcc version on ru_RU locale new Compiler 7.8.1-rc1
#8827 Inferring Safe mode with GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving is wrong new 7.10.1 Compiler 7.9
#8829 GHC HEAD/7.8 fails to build on Solaris 10 new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8830 internal error: Misaligned section: 18206e5b on Windows new Compiler 7.6.3
#8832 Constant-folding regression wrt `clearBit (bit 0) 0 ` new thoughtpolice Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8843 Maverick GHC --make problem - linking problem new Compiler 7.6.3
#8847 Int64 ^ Int64 broken by optimization on SPARC new Compiler (NCG)
#8849 Unregisterised compiler: arithmetic failure new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8852 7.8.1 uses a lot of memory when compiling attoparsec programs using <|> new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8853 Surprising mention of unboxed integers in pattern exhaustiveness warning new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8859 import conditionalization in System.Posix.Files.Common is wrong new libraries/unix 7.8.1-rc2
#8862 forkProcess does not play well with heap or time profiling new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#8866 scavenge_stack: weird activation record found on stack on "cabal install -j" new 7.8.3 Build System 7.8.1-rc2
#8871 No-op assignment I64[BaseReg + 784] = I64[BaseReg + 784]; is generated into optimized Cmm new Compiler 7.9
#8872 hsc cast size warnings on 32-bit Linux new hsc2hs 7.9
#8874 Warning: Couldn't figure out linker information! new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8877 "if this code is reached, the program will abort" in unregisterised build new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8879 System.IO.Error documentation refers to invalid module Control.Exception.Exception new Documentation 7.6.3
#8883 FlexibleContexts checking should happen also on inferred signature new jstolarek Compiler 7.6.3
#8887 Double double assignment in optimized Cmm on SPARC new Compiler 7.9
#8890 segfault on Windows 7 i386 new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8896 ghci fails on Arm - "Illegal instruction" new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8897 Can't change "Full Name" in preferences new hvr Trac & Git 7.6.3
#8899 StdGen does not generate 0 new libraries/random 7.9
#8901 (very) bad inline heuristics new Compiler 7.7
#8905 Function arguments are always spilled/reloaded if scrutinee is already in WHNF new Compiler 7.9
#8907 Un-zonked kind variable passes through type checker new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1-rc2
#8909 ppc dyn executable compiled with ghc-7.8.1 RC2 segfaults new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8916 "error: thread-local storage not supported for this target" when building cross-compiling GHC on OSX new Compiler 7.6.3
#8918 Network package doesn't load under GHC 7.8 RC on windows (?) new libraries (other) 7.8.1-rc1
#8919 Why is xhtml library installed but not exported to users? new 7.8.3 Build System 7.8.2
#8922 GHC unnecessarily sign/zero-extends C call arguments new 7.10.1 Compiler (NCG) 7.6.3
#8925 :print and :sprint sometimes fully evaluates strings new GHCi 7.8.1
#8926 GHC makes unsound references in object code new Compiler 7.6.3
#8928 64-bit statically linked binary consumes all memory while spinning on 'SIGVTALRM's new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#8933 process007: internal error: checkStackFrame: weird activation record found on stack new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8939 Should check the return value of clock_gettime new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#8941 Module that causes GHC-7.8 to exhaust memory when compiled with -O2 new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8942 Duplicate symbol error when loading an archive twice new simonmar Runtime System 7.6.3
#8946 Using hdevtools caused "Evaluated the place holder for a PostTcKind" new Compiler 7.8.1-rc1
#8947 Depending on hint/ghc API fixes the binary version I can use new GHC API 7.6.3
#8948 Profiling report resolution too low new Profiling 7.6.3
#8949 switch -msse2 to be on by default new Compiler (CodeGen) 7.9
#8951 genSym uses atomic_inc but doesn't link arm_atomic_spin_lock new 7.8.3 Build System 7.8.1-rc1
#8953 Reifying poly-kinded type families misses kind annotations new goldfire Template Haskell 7.9
#8956 Parser error shadowed by "module ‘main:Main’ is defined in multiple files" error new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8957 ghci's :l -> internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 8306 new GHCi 7.6.3
#8960 SpecConstr usage explodes beyond 4GB with GHC 7.8.1 rc 2 new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8962 compile hang and memory blowup when using profiling and optimization new Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8968 Pattern synonyms and GADTs new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1-rc2
#8970 Non-exhaustive pattern match warning with DataKinds and TypeFamilies new Compiler 7.6.3
#8971 Native Code Generator 7.8.1 RC2 is not as optimized as 7.6.3... new Compiler (NCG) 7.8.1-rc2
#8973 Fewer CPSZ: lines with -dshow-passes new simonmar Compiler 7.6.3
#8975 Troubling build warning with GHC 7.8.1 on Mavericks new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.8.1-rc2
#8976 dll-split: internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 0 new 7.8.3 Driver 7.8.1
#8980 ghc-7.8.1 -O2 eats excessive amounts of RAM, highlighting-kate and pandoc-citeproc new Compiler 7.8.1
#8981 ghc-pkg complains about missing haddock interface files new 7.8.3 Compiler 7.8.1
#8982 Cost center heap profile restricted by biography of GHC segfaults new Profiling 7.8.1
#8986 GHC panic while installing distributive library on Mac OS X Mavericks new Compiler 7.8.1
#8988 Documentation build fails if GHCi is unavailable new Compiler (Type checker) 7.8.1
#8990 Performance tests behave differently depending on presence of .hi file (even with -fforce-recomp) new Test Suite 7.9
#8991 HLint: Illegal instruction (core dumped) new Compiler 7.8.2
#8993 Fold NullaryTypeClasses into MPTC new Compiler 7.8.2
#8995 When generalising, use levels rather than global tyvars new Compiler 7.8.2
#9001 unexpected runtime crash new simonmar Runtime System 7.8.2
#9002 bus error on sparc in ffi call new Compiler 7.6.3
#9003 GHC eventlog: thread stop status codes modified (breaking ghc-events, threadscope, edentv) new simonmar 7.8.3 Runtime System 7.8.2
#9006 GHC accepts import of private data constructor if it has the same name as the type new Compiler 7.8.2
#9007 relocation R_X86_64_32 against `stg_CHARLIKE_closure' can not be used when making a shared object new Compiler 7.9
#9009 Confusing error message when loading package with TH new Package system 7.8.2
#9010 TemplateHaskell leads to an "unknown symbol" error new Compiler 7.6.3

Priority: low (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Milestone Component Version
#229 Integer overflow in array allocation new libraries/base 6.4.1
#345 GADT - fundep interaction new simonpj Compiler (Type checker) 6.4
#589 Various poor type error messages new Compiler (Type checker) 6.4.1
#1171 GHC doesn't respect the imprecise exceptions semantics new Compiler 6.6
#1176 Infinite loop when printing error message new thorkilnaur Compiler 6.6
#1476 Template Haskell: splicing types and patterns new Template Haskell 6.6.1
#1498 Optimisation: eliminate unnecessary heap check in recursive function new 7.6.2 Compiler 6.6.1
#1928 Confusing type error message new Compiler (Type checker) 6.8.1
#2182 ghc sessions (--make, --interactive, ghc api) erroneously retain instances new GHCi 6.9
#2356 GHC accepts multiple instances for the same type in different modules new Compiler 6.8.3
#2401 aborting an STM transaction should throw an exception new 7.6.2 Runtime System 6.8.3
#2465 View + Pattern Match not fused sufficiently new Compiler 6.8.2
#2625 Unexpected -ddump-simpl output for derived Ord instance and UNPACKed fields new Compiler 6.8.3
#2926 Foreign exported function returns wrong type new Compiler (FFI) 6.10.1
#3184 package.conf should be under /var, not /usr new 7.6.2 Package system 6.10.2
#3427 control what sort of entity a deprecated pragma applies to new 7.6.2 Compiler 6.10.4
#3517 GHC has lots of extra hidden IOErrorType values new 7.6.2 libraries/base
#3588 ghc -M should emit dependencies on CPP headers new 7.6.2 Compiler 6.10.4
#3625 GHCI doesn't work with dtrace on OS X new 7.6.2 GHCi 6.10.4
#3649 inconsistent exception between unix/windows for running non-existant program new 7.6.2 libraries/process 6.10.4
#3704 Using -shared without -dynamic should be rejected on linux new 7.6.2 Compiler
#3739 ghc-cabal mishandles relative paths in arguments new 7.6.2 Build System
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