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Operating System: MacOS X (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9704 GHC fails with "Loading temp shared object failed" new bug normal
#9564 Floating point subnormals overrounded on output new bug normal
#9517 hp2ps generates invalid postscript file new bug normal
#9481 Linker does not correctly resolve symbols in previously loaded objects new bug normal
#9445 GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor new bug normal
#9438 panic: loading archives not supported new bug normal
#9399 CPP does not process test case enum01.hs correctly new rwbarton bug normal
#9389 Full Test Suite Failures new bug normal
#9348 "Symbol not found" when using a shared library new simonmar bug normal
#9307 LLVM vs NCG: floating point numbers close to zero have different sign new bug low 7.12.1
#9278 GHCi crash: selector _ for message _ does not match selector known to Objective C runtime new bug normal
#9277 GHCi panic: Loading temp shared object failed: Symbol not found new bug normal
#9257 CC_CLANG_BACKEND not reconfigured during bindist install new bug normal
#9044 createDirectoryIfMissing does not fail on unwritable parent dir new ekmett bug normal
#8946 Using hdevtools caused "Evaluated the place holder for a PostTcKind" new bug normal
#8916 "error: thread-local storage not supported for this target" when building cross-compiling GHC on OSX new bug normal
#8721 Testsuite not reporting errors for DYN way on OS X new bug normal
#8629 Option 'split-objs' being ignored when trying to reduce object code size in iOS cross-compilation new bug normal
#7934 usleep hangs, no threads new bug normal
#7602 Threaded RTS performing badly on recent OS X (10.8?) new thoughtpolice bug high 7.12.1
#5918 hsc2hs forces wordsize (i.e. -m32 or -m64) to be the choice of GHC instead of allowing a different (or no/default choice) new feature request low 7.12.1
#4245 ghci panic: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation new tibbe bug normal 7.12.1
#4211 LLVM: Stack alignment on OSX new dterei task normal 7.12.1
#4105 ffi005 fails on OS X new bug low 7.12.1
#3960 ghc panic when attempting to compile DPH code new rl bug lowest 7.12.1
#3533 mac installer package deletes old version of ghc new bug lowest 7.12.1
#3354 binaries built with GHC on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) do not work on 10.4 (Tiger) new bug normal
#2805 Test ffi009(ghci) fails on PPC Mac OS X new bug lowest 7.12.1
#2370 num009 fails on OS X 10.5? new bug lowest 7.12.1
#2031 relocation overflow new bug normal

Operating System: Other (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8859 import conditionalization in System.Posix.Files.Common is wrong new ekmett bug normal
#8604 Some stack/vmem limits (ulimit) combinations causing GHC to fail new bug normal

Operating System: QNX (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#7988 Big integers crashing integer-simple on qnxnto-arm new bug normal

Operating System: Solaris (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9862 defined but not used errors on Solaris/SPARC new bug normal
#9599 app runs 10 times faster when compiled with profilling information than without it new bug normal
#8887 Double double assignment in optimized Cmm on SPARC new bug normal
#8847 Int64 ^ Int64 broken by optimization on SPARC new bug normal
#8816 Make SPARC registerised again. new feature request normal
#8362 Filesystem related tests failed on solaris (SmartOS) new bug normal 7.12.1
#2933 LDFLAGS ignored by build system new bug lowest 7.12.1

Operating System: Unknown/Multiple (60 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10126 Test framework should not assume that GHC tools are in the same directory as GHC itself new Rufflewind feature request normal
#10125 Improper evaluation of type families new bug high
#10124 Simple case analyses generate too many branches new bug normal
#10121 operational semantics is incomplete? new goldfire bug normal
#10120 Unnecessary code duplication from case analysis new bug normal
#10117 Change the scheme for reporting redundant imports new bug normal
#10116 Closed type families: Warn if it doesn't handle all cases new feature request normal
#10114 Kind mismatches with AnyK in rank-2 types new bug normal
#10113 Re-export (<$>) from Prelude new feature request highest 7.10.1
#10112 Desugaring of do-syntax intros unification var with -XRebindableSyntax new bug normal
#10111 hp2ps silently discards samples new bug normal
#10109 Kinds aren't checked in the coverage condition new bug normal
#10107 Add Functor etc. to Data.Monoid wrappers new feature request normal 7.12.1
#10105 ghc panic Simplifier ticks exhausted when trying UnfoldingDone x_alB new bug normal
#10103 Outdated comment (or bug?) in `types/TyCon.hs` new bug normal 7.12.1
#10101 ghci :e throws exception after type error new bug normal
#10099 cabal install broken with ghc 7.10.1-rc2 new bug highest 7.10.1
#10098 Refactor wild card renaming new thomasw bug normal 7.12.1
#10097 GHC 7.11 errors on dictionary casting tricks new bug normal
#10094 Template Haskell cannot represent type wildcards new feature request normal
#10092 lex doesn't handle binary literals new ekmett bug normal
#10089 feature: warn about unused data definitions (with typeclass instances) new feature request normal
#10087 DefaultSignatures: error message mentions internal name new feature request normal
#10084 Data.List should have a takeLastN function new feature request normal
#10081 SIGTERM ignored when process has been detached from terminal new ekmett bug normal
#10079 Coercible solver regression: Couldn't match rep of () with Const () b new goldfire bug high 7.10.1
#10076 Don't suppress warnings in the presence of errors new feature request normal
#10075 Muddling Constraint and * means that Core is inconsistent new bug normal
#10074 Implement the 'Improved LLVM Backend' proposal new thoughtpolice task high 7.12.1
#10073 Idris REPL is pretty and we can too new feature request normal
#10071 Implement deprecation-warnings for class-methods to non-method transitions new feature request normal 7.12.1
#10070 Cross compiling from Linux to Windows fails with mising Win32 library new erikd bug normal 7.12.1
#10069 CPR related performance issue new bug normal
#10068 Make the runtime reflection API for names, modules, locations more systematic new bug high 7.12.1
#10067 The Read Integer instance is too slow new feature request high 7.10.1
#10065 Definition of fix lacks commentary new dfeuer bug normal
#10064 Add support for "foo"## literals to MagicHash new feature request normal
#10063 State a law for foldMap new ekmett feature request low 7.12.1
#10062 Codegen on sequential FFI calls is not very good new bug normal
#10061 Remove fun_infix from Funbind, as it is now in Match new alanz task normal 7.12.1
#10059 :i doesn't work for ~ new bug normal
#10056 Inconsistent precedence of ~ new bug normal
#10055 Offer PolyKinded instances for Data.Fixed.HasResolution new feature request low
#10052 Panic (something to do with floatExpr?) new simonmar bug high 7.10.1
#10049 Lower level memcpy primop new feature request normal
#10046 Linker script patch in rts/Linker.c doesn't work for (non-C or non-en..) locales new simonmar bug normal 7.12.1
#10045 type holes related ghc panic new thomasw bug normal
#10044 Wrong line number reported with CPP and line beginning with # new bug low
#10042 progain 350 overview new bug lowest
#10039 Make Const (Control.Applicative) kind polymorphic in its second argument new ekmett feature request normal
#10037 Several profiling tests give different results optimised vs. unoptimised new bug normal 7.12.1
#10035 Harbormaster doesn't post to Differential on success new feature request normal
#10034 Regression in mapM_ performance new ekmett bug highest 7.10.1
#10033 Can't push to `wip/...` branches because of pre-commit check new bug normal
#10032 binary distributions not working --with-system-libffi new bug normal
#10027 Importing constructor of associated data type fails new bug normal
#10025 Tracker: "My Tickets" does not work new hvr bug normal
#10024 This bug tracker: Can not create filter `x contains y && x contains z` new hvr bug normal
#10023 Relax Monad constraint in traceM and traceShowM to Applicative new feature request normal 7.12.1
#10022 Clean up GHC.RTS.Flags new bug normal 7.12.1
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