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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
#4913 Make event tracing conditional on an RTS flag only new feature request low Runtime System
#3753 Make ghci's -l option consistent with GNU ld's -l option new feature request low GHCi
#4281 Make impredicativity work properly new simonpj task low Compiler
#1572 Make it easy to find documentation for GHC and installed packages new task lowest Compiler
#8761 Make pattern synonyms work with Template Haskell new feature request normal Template Haskell
#9786 Make quot/rem/div/mod with known divisors fast new task normal Compiler
#7353 Make system IO interruptible on Windows new ekmett bug normal Core Libraries
#1631 Make the External Package Table contain ModDetails not ModIface new ezyang task lowest Compiler
#9601 Make the rewrite rule system more powerful new feature request normal Compiler
#10068 Make the runtime reflection API for names, modules, locations more systematic new bug high Compiler
#4800 Memory Leak when Compiling qtHaskell new bug low Compiler
#7289 Mingw FPU init not Windows compatible. new bug normal Runtime System
#5171 Misfeature of Cmm optimiser: no way to extract a branch of expression into a separate statement new feature request low Compiler
#1216 Missed opportunity for let-no-esape new simonpj bug normal Compiler
#2439 Missed optimisation with dictionaries and loops new simonpj bug lowest Compiler
#8034 Missing ambiguity test for class methods new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#5267 Missing type checks for arrow command combinators new ross bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#1620 ModBreaks.modBreaks_array not initialised new bug normal GHCi
#2437 More accurate package dependencies new task lowest Package system
#9717 More lazy orphan module loading new ezyang bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#2374 MutableByteArray# is slower than Addr# new bug lowest Compiler (NCG)
#8971 Native Code Generator for 7.8 is not as optimized as 7.6.3... new bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#7335 Need for extra warning pragma for accidental pattern matching in do blocks new feature request normal Compiler
#9123 Need for higher kinded roles new goldfire bug normal Compiler
#2289 Needless reboxing of values when returning from a tight loop new bug lowest Compiler
#9238 Negative zero broken new bug normal Compiler
#7198 New codegen more than doubles compile time of T3294 new simonmar bug normal Compiler
#3462 New codegen: allocate large objects using allocateLocal() new simonmar task low Runtime System
#4096 New primops for indexing: index*OffAddrUsing# etc new feature request low Compiler
#2721 Newtype deriving doesn't work with type families new feature request lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#2260 Non-ideal error message for misplaced LANGUAGE pragma new bug lowest Compiler (Parser)
#4899 Non-standard compile plus Template Haskell produces spurious "unknown symbol" linker error new simonmar bug low Compiler
#5813 Offer a compiler warning for failable pattern matches new feature request normal Compiler
#849 Offer control over branch prediction new feature request normal Compiler
#8198 One-shot mode is buggy w.r.t. hs-boot files new parcs bug normal Driver
#7596 Opportunity to improve CSE new simonpj bug normal Compiler
#1600 Optimisation: CPR the results of IO new task lowest Compiler
#1498 Optimisation: eliminate unnecessary heap check in recursive function new bug low Compiler
#4301 Optimisations give bad core for foldl' (flip seq) () new bug low Compiler
#2387 Optimizer misses unboxing opportunity new bug lowest Compiler
#10103 Outdated comment (or bug?) in `types/TyCon.hs` new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#3107 Over-eager GC when blocked on a signal in the non-threaded runtime new bug lowest Runtime System
#9046 Panic in GHCi when using :print new bug normal GHCi
#7078 Panic using mixing list with parallel arrays incorrectly new chak bug normal Compiler
#7380 Panic: mkNoTick: Breakpoint loading modules with -O2 via API new bug normal GHC API
#3766 Parsing of lambdas is not consistent with Haskell'98 report. new bug low Compiler (Parser)
#9911 Pattern synonyms with no signatures should yield warnings new cactus feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#5954 Performance regression 7.0 -> 7.2 (still in 7.4) new simonpj bug normal Compiler
#6166 Performance regression in mwc-random since 7.0.x new bug normal Compiler
#3231 Permission denied error with runProcess/openFile new simonmar bug normal Core Libraries
#4020 Please consider adding support for local type synonyms new feature request low Compiler (Type checker)
#4459 Polymorphic Data.Dynamic new vivian feature request low GHC API
#5326 Polymorphic instances aren't automatically specialised new simonpj bug low Compiler
#4288 Poor -fspec-constr-count=n warning messages new bug low Compiler
#9981 Potential typechecker regression in GHC 7.10.1RC new simonpj bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#5059 Pragma to SPECIALISE on value arguments new feature request low Compiler
#1727 Precedence and associativity rules ignored when mixing infix type and data constructors in a single expression new bug lowest Compiler (Parser)
#4101 Primitive constant unfolding new schyler bug low Compiler
#5654 Profiling semantics bug new simonmar bug low Profiling
#6113 Profiling with -p not written if killed with SIGTERM new bug normal Profiling
#2531 Prune duplicates in ghci history new feature request lowest GHCi
#5376 Quotation in System.Process.system for Windows new snoyberg bug low Core Libraries
#3869 RTS GC Statistics from -S should be logged via the eventlog system new feature request low Runtime System
#7398 RULES don't apply to a newtype constructor new bug normal Compiler
#4451 Re-linking avoidance is too aggressive new bug normal Compiler
#6017 Reading ./.ghci files raises security issues new task normal GHCi
#7828 RebindableSyntax and Arrow new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7277 Recompilation check fails for TH unless functions are inlined new bug normal Template Haskell
#3355 Refactor Template Haskell syntax conversions new task lowest Template Haskell
#4121 Refactor the plumbing of CafInfo to make it more robust new task low Compiler
#10098 Refactor wild card renaming new thomasw bug normal Compiler
#7063 Register allocators can't handle non-uniform register sets new benl bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#7679 Regression in -fregs-graph performance new bug high Compiler (NCG)
#7450 Regression in optimisation time of functions with many patterns (6.12 to 7.4)? new bug normal Compiler
#5369 Reinstate VECTORISE pragmas with expressions as right-hand sides new chak bug normal Data Parallel Haskell
#10023 Relax Monad constraint in traceM and traceShowM to Applicative new feature request normal libraries/base
#8634 Relax functional dependency coherence check ("liberal coverage condition") new feature request high Compiler
#4259 Relax restrictions on type family instance overlap new feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9331 Release Cabal 1.22 before GHC 7.10 release new task normal Package system
#8330 Remove ExtsCompat46 module once we bootstrap with GHC 7.8 new task highest Compiler
#2725 Remove Hack in compiler/nativeGen/MachCodeGen.hs new thoughtpolice bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#10061 Remove fun_infix from Funbind, as it is now in Match new alanz task normal Compiler
#4374 Remove in-tree gmp new task normal Build System
#4937 Remove indirections caused by sum types, such as Maybe new feature request normal Compiler
#8226 Remove the old style -- # Haddock comments. new adinapoli task normal Compiler
#8785 Replace hooks API in the RTS with something better new simonmar task high Runtime System
#2648 Report out of date interface files robustly new feature request lowest GHCi
#3138 Returning a known constructor: GHC generates terrible code for cmonad new bug lowest Compiler
#4295 Review higher-rank and impredicative types new simonpj bug normal Compiler
#2641 Revise the rules for -XExtendedDefaultRules new feature request lowest Compiler
#7611 Rewrite rules application prevented by type variable application (map id vs. map (\x -> x)) new bug normal Compiler
#7511 Room for GHC runtime improvement >~5%, inlining related new bug normal Compiler
#6079 SEH exception handler not implemented on Win64 new Phyx- bug normal Runtime System
#5463 SPECIALISE pragmas generated from Template Haskell are ignored new bug normal Template Haskell
#2028 STM slightly conservative on write-only transactions new bug lowest Compiler
#7635 SafeHaskell implying other options new feature request normal Compiler
#4505 Segmentation fault on long input (list of pairs) new simonmar bug high Compiler
#7625 Semicolon is not handled between imports at the ghci command prompt new bug normal GHCi
#17 Separate warnings for unused local and top-level bindings new feature request lowest Compiler
#10037 Several profiling tests give different results optimised vs. unoptimised new bug normal Profiling
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