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#8032 Worker-wrapper transform and NOINLINE trigger bad reboxing behavior new bug normal Compiler
#8040 installed include/HsVersions.h wants to #include "../includes/ghcautoconf.h" new bug normal GHC API
#8293 user001 spuriously fails if getGroupEntryForID correctly fails new bug lowest libraries/unix
#8304 more lenient operator sections (RelaxedSections extension) new feature request lowest Compiler (Parser)
#8369 Small improvements to ./sync-all new hvr bug lowest Trac & Git
#8403 Pretty-printing of long types new bug lowest Compiler
#8504 Provide minor GC residency estimates new simonmar feature request lowest Runtime System
#8552 Rename StgArrWords to StgArrBytes new task lowest Compiler
#8159 Uses of Binary decode should have a proper error message new bug low Compiler
#8161 Associated type parameters that are more specific than the instance header new feature request low Compiler (Type checker)
#8173 GHC uses nub new leroux bug low Compiler
#8195 Different floating point results with -msse2 on 32bit Linux new bug low Compiler (NCG)
#8207 Pretty Printer for textual version of Language (name) in DynFlags new feature request low GHC API
#8315 Improve specialized Hoopl module new task low Compiler
#8399 Of Bird tacks and non-blank blank lines new bug low Compiler
#8441 Allow family instances in an hs-boot file new feature request low Compiler
#8447 A combination of type-level comparison and subtraction does not work for 0 new bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#8516 Add (->) representation and the Invariant class to GHC.Generics new feature request low Compiler (Type checker)
#8520 ghc.exe: internal error: loadArchive: error whilst reading `C' new bug low Compiler
#8532 Hyperbolic arc cosine fails on (-1) :: Complex r. new bug low libraries/base
#8539 Data.Complex shouldn't use default implementation of (**) new bug low Prelude
#8593 vector is being built even with `--no-dph` new feature request low Build System
#8619 Support anonymous string literals in C-- (OR) give better ASSERT failure messages in C-- new bug low Compiler
#8672 :browse and roles on typefamilies new goldfire bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#8707 Kind inference fails in data instance definition new feature request low Compiler
#8710 Overlapping patterns warning misplaced new bug low Compiler
#8723 sdist should not have to build everything new task low Build System
#8730 Invalid Unicode Codepoints in Char new bug low Compiler
#8780 abs for IEEE floating point is slightly wrong. new bug low Compiler
#8873 /cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)/Haskell Platform/2013.2.0.0/bin/ No such file or directory new bug low GHCi
#8902 Test for RTLD_NEXT, RTLD_DEFAULT broken on Linux new bug low libraries/unix
#8904 haddock displays GHC.Types.Coercible as a datatype new bug low GHC API
#8959 GHCi should honour UnicodeSyntax new bug low Compiler
#8983 sync-all get should respect branches new bug low Build System
#8997 Warn about unused parameters in recursive definitions new feature request low Compiler
#1978 Error message: Undefined reference to `XXX_closure' new bug normal Compiler
#5395 Context reduction stack overflow without undecidable instances new bug normal Compiler
#6138 GHCI Startup Crash with HP 2012.2.0.0 on 64bit OS X 10.6 new bug normal Runtime System
#7854 Constrained method type accepted in Haskell 98 mode new bug normal Compiler
#7860 Add more bit fiddling functions to 'integer-gmp' new feature request normal libraries (other)
#7862 Could not deduce (A) from the context (A, ...) new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7863 Verbosity level for quieter Template Haskell new feature request normal Template Haskell
#7897 MakeTypeRep fingerprints be proper, robust fingerprints new bug normal Compiler
#7898 SpecConstr explodes when compiling module BSP of frag-1.1.2 new bug normal Compiler
#7908 InstanceSigs suggestion not accepted new bug normal Compiler
#7913 Argument order not preserved by nubBy new bug normal Prelude
#7930 Nested STM Invariants are lost new fryguybob bug normal Runtime System
#7952 Can cost-centre annotations be included in -ddump-simpl? new feature request normal Compiler
#7960 Compiling profiling CCS registration .c file takes far too long new bug normal Compiler
#7961 Remove restrictions on promoting GADT's new feature request normal Compiler
#7988 Big integers crashing integer-simple on qnxnto-arm new bug normal Compiler
#8010 Add forkOSUnmasked (patch) new feature request normal libraries/base
#8029 batch-mode recompilation checking sometimes fails new bug normal Compiler
#8042 `:load *` and `:add *` misbehave in presence of `-fobject-code` new bug normal GHCi
#8043 Feature Request : Qualified module exports new bug normal Compiler
#8044 "Inaccessible code" error reported in wrong place new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8045 Move I/O manager benchmarks into the GHC tree new feature request normal NoFib benchmark suite
#8046 Make the timer management scale better across multicore new bug normal Compiler
#8050 add a required wrapper around plugin installers new task normal Compiler
#8052 make ghci look for the files made by -dynamic-too new feature request normal GHCi
#8054 Undefined symbol during linking new bug normal Compiler
#8056 Make Install fails on HEAD new bug normal Build System
#8057 PackageImports with versions for ghci new feature request normal GHCi
#8060 Undefined symbols when using Template Haskell linked from another object with unexposed modules new bug normal Compiler
#8061 Support for Complex Double in Foreign Function Interface new feature request normal Compiler
#8064 Warning out when "undefined" value has been used. new feature request normal Compiler
#8068 ghc incorrectly accepts the Kannada TTHA character at the beginning of an identifier. new bug normal Compiler
#8078 Core lint failure for profiled code new bug normal Compiler
#8079 Redo T7919 and TH_spliceE5_prof with a cabal file new task normal Test Suite
#8082 Ordering of assembly blocks affects performance new bug normal Compiler (NCG)
#8085 Both GHC and its installer don't run on current Debian Stable new bug normal Compiler
#8086 Minimal install for GHC new feature request normal Compiler
#8094 Intermittent segfault when using ghc-7.6.3 -e on OSX 10.6.8 new bug normal Compiler
#8095 TypeFamilies painfully slow new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8096 Add fudge-factor for performance tests run on non-validate builds new task normal Build System
#8098 Faulty Word64 arithmetic if optimized new bug normal Compiler
#8099 Alternate syntax for indicating when a function is "fully applied" for purposes of inlining new feature request normal Compiler
#8100 Standalone deriving using template haskell new feature request normal Template Haskell
#8109 Type family patterns should support as-patterns. new feature request normal Compiler
#8114 GHC panic when building `thyme` new bug normal Compiler
#8118 <stdout>: commitAndReleaseBuffer: invalid argument (invalid character) new bug normal Compiler
#8123 GHCi warns about -eventlog even though it's sometimes necessary new bug normal GHCi
#8128 Standalone deriving fails for GADTs due to inaccessible code new bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8136 Some tests segfault randomly with ghci way new bug normal GHCi
#8144 Interface hashes include time stamp of dependent files (UsageFile mtime) new bug normal Compiler
#8146 Library package cannot be found new bug normal Compiler
#8147 Exponential behavior in instance resolution on fixpoint-of-sum new bug normal Compiler
#8149 GHC should warn about redundant import of a type name also if one of its record selectors is imported new bug normal Compiler
#8150 Foreign export requires redundant type signature new bug normal Compiler
#8151 ghc-7.4.2 on OpenIndiana (Solaris) createSubprocess fails new bug normal Compiler
#8165 Use GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving to automatically create associated type families new feature request normal Compiler
#8171 Extending ExtendedDefaultRules new feature request normal Compiler
#8177 Roles for type families new goldfire bug normal Compiler
#8178 Need TypeRep for Symbol and numeric type literals; and Typeable instances new diatchki bug normal Compiler
#8197 telling people how to use GHC 7.6 correctly with Xcode 5/ OS X Mavericks new bug normal Compiler
#8206 Add support for Portable Native Client new Alex Sayers feature request normal Compiler
#8211 ghc -c recompiles TH every time while --make doesn't new bug normal Compiler
#8213 Bad error message when using lazy IO to read from closed handle new bug normal Runtime System
#8220 Macros / functions for source location new feature request normal Compiler
#8222 CTYPE pragma on newtype is ignored new bug normal Compiler
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