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#7380 Panic: mkNoTick: Breakpoint loading modules with -O2 via API new normal 7.12.1 GHC API
#7388 CAPI doesn't work with ghci new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#7389 can't link postgresql-libpq on windows new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#7398 RULES don't apply to a newtype constructor new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7428 GHC compile times are seriously non-linear in program size new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7430 GHC API reports CPP errors in confusing ways new normal 7.12.1 GHC API
#7450 Regression in optimisation time of functions with many patterns (6.12 to 7.4)? new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7461 Error messages about "do" statements contain false information new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7482 GHC.Event overwrites main IO managers hooks to RTS new normal 7.8.1 libraries/base
#7503 Bug with PolyKinds, type synonyms & GADTs new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7511 Room for GHC runtime improvement >~5%, inlining related new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7535 Using -with-rtsopts=-N should fail unless -threaded is also specified new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7539 Hard ghc api crash when calling runStmt on code which has not been compiled new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7542 GHC doesn't optimize (strict) composition with id new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7543 Constraint synonym instances new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7593 Unable to print exceptions of unicode identifiers new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7596 Opportunity to improve CSE new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7610 Cross compilation support for LLVM backend new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (LLVM)
#7611 Rewrite rules application prevented by type variable application (map id vs. map (\x -> x)) new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7624 Handling ImplicitParams in Instance Declaration new normal 7.12.1 Documentation
#7625 Semicolon is not handled between imports at the ghci command prompt new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#7634 MD5 collision could lead to SafeHaskell violation new ekmett normal Core Libraries
#7644 Hackage docs for base library contain broken links new hvr normal 7.12.1 Documentation
#7650 can't use combining characters in identifiers new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7660 warning: conflicting types when compiling via-C new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7665 dynamicToo001 fails on Windows new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7666 excessive space and time usage for rendering (somewhat) deeply nested Docs new dterei normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#7668 Location in -fdefer-type-errors new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7669 Empty case causes warning new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7670 StablePtrs should be organized by generation for efficient minor collections new normal 7.12.1 Runtime System
#7672 boot file entities are sometimes invisible and are not (semantically) unified with corresponding entities in implementing module new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7687 ghc panic on TH and deriveJSON new normal 7.12.1 Template Haskell
#7695 Hang when locale-archive and gconv-modules are not there new normal 7.12.1 None
#7779 building GHC overwrites the installed package database if GHC_PACKAGE_PATH is set new normal 7.12.1 Build System
#7788 Recursive type family causes <<loop>> new goldfire normal 7.10.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7789 GHCI core dumps when used with VTY new normal 7.12.1 GHCi
#7803 Superclass methods are left unspecialized new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#7810 make show VALUE=VAR depends on ghc-stage1 new thoughtpolice normal 7.12.1 Build System
#7828 RebindableSyntax and Arrow new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7842 Incorrect checking of let-bindings in recursive do new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7849 Error on pattern matching of an existential whose context includes a type function new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#7862 Could not deduce (A) from the context (A, ...) new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#7897 MakeTypeRep fingerprints be proper, robust fingerprints new normal Compiler
#7930 Nested STM Invariants are lost new fryguybob normal Runtime System
#7934 usleep hangs, no threads new normal Runtime System
#7944 GHC goes into an apparently infinite loop at -O2 new normal Compiler
#7960 Compiling profiling CCS registration .c file takes far too long new normal Compiler
#7966 'make distclean' does not work in nofib new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#7983 Bug in hsc2hs --cross-safe new normal 7.12.1 hsc2hs
#7988 Big integers crashing integer-simple on qnxnto-arm new normal Compiler
#7997 waitForProcess and getProcessExitCode are unsafe against asynchronous exceptions new snoyberg normal Core Libraries
#8023 dph-examples binaries don't use all CPUs new normal Data Parallel Haskell
#8029 batch-mode recompilation checking sometimes fails new normal Compiler
#8032 Worker-wrapper transform and NOINLINE trigger bad reboxing behavior new normal Compiler
#8034 Missing ambiguity test for class methods new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#8036 Demand analyser is unpacking too deeply new simonpj normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8040 installed include/HsVersions.h wants to #include "../includes/ghcautoconf.h" new normal GHC API
#8042 `:load *` and `:add *` misbehave in presence of `-fobject-code` new normal GHCi
#8048 Register spilling produces ineffecient/highly contending code new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#8060 Undefined symbols when using Template Haskell linked from another object with unexposed modules new normal Compiler
#8078 Core lint failure for profiled code new normal Compiler
#8082 Ordering of assembly blocks affects performance new normal Compiler (NCG)
#8098 Faulty Word64 arithmetic if optimized new normal Compiler
#8114 STG lint panic new normal Compiler
#8123 GHCi warns about -eventlog even though it's sometimes necessary new normal GHCi
#8128 Standalone deriving fails for GADTs due to inaccessible code new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8136 Some tests segfault randomly with ghci way new normal GHCi
#8147 Exponential behavior in instance resolution on fixpoint-of-sum new normal Compiler
#8150 Foreign export requires redundant type signature new normal Compiler
#8177 Roles for type families new goldfire normal Compiler
#8178 Need TypeRep for Symbol and numeric type literals; and Typeable instances new diatchki normal Compiler
#8198 One-shot mode is buggy w.r.t. hs-boot files new parcs normal 7.12.1 Driver
#8211 ghc -c recompiles TH every time while --make doesn't new normal Compiler
#8222 CTYPE pragma on newtype is ignored new normal Compiler
#8229 Linking in Windows is slow new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8244 Removing the Cabal dependency new duncan normal Compiler
#8248 GHCi should not fail to honour ghci.conf or .ghci if group writable new normal GHCi
#8253 example "Core syntax" is ancient new normal Documentation
#8265 getTokenStream fails for source using cpp new normal GHC API
#8279 bad alignment in code gen yields substantial perf issue new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8281 The impossible happened: primRepToFFIType new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8285 unexpected behavior with encodeFloat on large inputs new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#8292 linker_unload test doesn't work on Windows new simonmar normal Test Suite
#8316 GHCi debugger segfaults when trying force a certain variable new normal GHCi
#8318 GHC does not infer type of `tagToEnum#` expression new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8319 Simplifier ticks exhausted (need -fsimpl-tick-factor=955) new normal Compiler
#8327 Cmm sinking does not eliminate dead code in loops new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#8336 Sinking pass could optimize some assignments better new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#8338 Incoherent instances without -XIncoherentInstances new normal Compiler
#8346 Rank 1 type signature still requires RankNTypes new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8362 Filesystem related tests failed on solaris (SmartOS) new normal 7.12.1 Core Libraries
#8363 Order matters for unused import warnings when reexporting identifiers new normal Compiler
#8373 Cross-compiling from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to x86_64-sun-solaris2 tries to run target compiled inplace/lib/bin/mkGmpDerivedConstants on host/build new normal Build System
#8378 Cross-compiling from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to x86_64-sun-solaris2 with mkGmpConstants workaround fails to build objects for integer-gmp new normal Build System
#8379 sync-all broken when using the GitHub mirror new normal 7.12.1 Build System
#8387 View patterns + pattern bindings: finnicky about scoping new normal Compiler
#8388 forall on non-* types new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#8414 ghc-pkg prevents dynamic library only packages new normal ghc-pkg
#8420 Spurious dynamic library dependencies new normal Driver
#8422 type nats solver is too weak! new normal 7.12.1 Compiler (Type checker)
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