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#9070 "Simplifier ticks exhausted" new normal Compiler
#9074 GHC 7.8.2's ghci does not track missing symbols when loading non-Haskell object files new normal Compiler
#9076 GHC.Exts docs don't contain all primops new normal Documentation
#9087 Executables in the Linux binaries are not stripped new normal Build System
#9095 make sdist picks up test files new low Build System
#9113 Template Haskell should warn about non-exhaustive pattern matches new normal Template Haskell
#9121 Presence of dyn_o files not checked upon recompilation new high Build System
#9149 Description of openFileBlocking is wrong new normal Documentation
#9160 Panic: Template variable unbound in rewrite rule new normal 7.8.3 Compiler
#9173 Better type error messages new normal Compiler
#9176 GHC not generating dyn_hi files new normal Compiler
#9194 Remove magic parsing of (~) new normal Compiler
#9198 large performance regression in type checker speed in 7.8 new high 7.10.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#9202 Strange Closure Type new normal Compiler
#9210 "overlapping instances" through FunctionalDependencies new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9215 GHC 7.8.2 mingw-w64: symbol not found in link new normal Compiler
#9219 Parallel build proceeds despite errors new normal Driver
#9221 (super!) linear slowdown of parallel builds on 40 core machine new high 7.12.1 Compiler
#9223 Type equality makes type variable untouchable new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9227 Coverage Condition cannot be turned off new normal Compiler
#9233 Compiler performance regression new low Compiler
#9234 Compiled code performance regression new low Compiler
#9235 Simplifier ticks exhausted on recursive class method new normal Compiler
#9237 GHC not recognizing INPUT(-llibrary) in linker scripts new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9238 Negative zero broken new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9246 GHC generates poor code for repeated uses of min/max new normal Compiler
#9249 Link to "latest" user's guide new low Documentation
#9257 CC_CLANG_BACKEND not reconfigured during bindist install new normal Build System
#9267 Lack of type information in GHC error messages when the liberage coverage condition is unsatisfied new high 7.12.1 Compiler
#9277 GHCi panic: Loading temp shared object failed: Symbol not found new normal GHCi
#9278 GHCi crash: selector _ for message _ does not match selector known to Objective C runtime new normal GHCi
#9280 GHCi crash: illegal text-relocation to _ in _ from _ in _ for architecture x86_64; relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol _ can not be used when making a shared object new normal GHCi
#9298 ghc.exe: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 365488164 new normal Compiler
#9304 Floating point woes; Different behavior on 32- vs 64-bit x86 new normal Compiler
#9307 LLVM vs NCG: floating point numbers close to zero have different sign new low 7.12.1 Compiler (NCG)
#9308 nofib fannkuch-redux runs perpetually with -fllvm new normal Compiler (LLVM)
#9314 Each object file in a static archive file (.a) is loaded into its own mmap()ed page new high 7.12.1 Compiler
#9320 Inlining regression/strangeness in 7.8 new normal Compiler
#9349 excessive inlining due to state hack new normal Compiler
#9364 GHCi (or haskeline?) confused by non-single-width characters new normal GHCi
#9370 unfolding info as seen when building a module depends on flags in a previously-compiled module new high 7.12.1 Compiler
#9386 GHCi cannot load .so in ./ new normal Compiler
#9388 Narrow the scope of the notorious "state hack" new normal Compiler
#9389 Full Test Suite Failures new normal Test Suite
#9405 Ticky results should be displayed even during interrupts (Ctrl-c) new normal 7.12.1 Profiling
#9406 unexpected failure for T7837(profasm) new low Test Suite
#9407 Program produces different output when compiled with -O new normal Compiler
#9414 GHC 7.8.3 compilation fails on Raspberry PI new normal Compiler
#9418 Warnings about "INLINE binder is (non-rule) loop breaker" new normal Compiler
#9420 Impredicative type instantiation without -XImpredicativeTypes new normal Compiler
#9432 IncoherentInstances are too restricted new high Compiler (Type checker)
#9438 panic: loading archives not supported new normal Compiler
#9445 GHC Panic: Tick Exhausted with high factor new normal Compiler
#9447 Add support for resizing `MutableByteArray#`s new normal Compiler
#9450 GHC instantiates Data instances before checking hs-boot files new normal Compiler
#9456 Weird behavior with polymorphic function involving existential quantification and GADTs new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9457 hsc2hs breaks with `--cflag=-Werror` in cross-compilation mode new normal hsc2hs
#9481 Linker does not correctly resolve symbols in previously loaded objects new normal Compiler
#9503 Cross compiling with mingw uses wrong gcc new normal Build System
#9504 LLVM backend TBAA is too aggressive new normal Compiler (LLVM)
#9509 No automatic specialization of inlinable imports in 7.8 new normal Compiler
#9512 T9329 fails test on unregisterised i386, amd64 new normal Compiler
#9517 hp2ps generates invalid postscript file new normal Profiling
#9520 Running an action twice uses much more memory than running it once new normal Compiler
#9522 SPECIALISE pragmas for derived instances new normal Compiler
#9533 Signed/unsigned integer difference between compiled and interpreted code new high Compiler
#9547 Empty constraint tuples are mis-kinded new normal Compiler
#9553 GHC under Windows with TH can't tell that gtk-win32-2.0 is in gtk-win32-2.0-0 (note the -0 suffix) new normal Compiler
#9554 Pathological type family turns type error into runtime loop new normal Compiler
#9555 internal error: ARR_WORDS object entered! new normal Compiler (LLVM)
#9557 Deriving instances is slow new normal Compiler
#9562 Type families + hs-boot files = unsafeCoerce new normal Compiler
#9570 cryptarithm1 (normal) has bimodal runtime new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#9572 nofib target for just building should be part of validate new normal NoFib benchmark suite
#9584 Interface file errors (Iface type variable out of scope: k) new normal Compiler
#9587 Type checking with type functions introduces many type variables, which remain ambiguous. The code no longer type checks. new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9599 app runs 10 times faster when compiled with profilling information than without it new normal Compiler
#9607 Programs that require AllowAmbiguousTypes in 7.8 new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9609 GHCi gives overly specific error message for unknown constructor new normal GHCi
#9614 ghc --print-(gcc|ld)-linker-flags broken new normal 7.12.1 Compiler
#9618 Undocument ImpredicativeTypes new normal 7.12.1 Documentation
#9619 HPC Code Coverage complains when two exactly the same mix files are on the path new lowest Code Coverage
#9625 ghc: panic using --enable-executable-dynamic new normal Package system
#9627 Type error with functional dependencies new normal Compiler
#9636 Function with type error accepted new normal Compiler
#9643 ghci must be restarted to use break point more than once? new normal GHCi
#9648 ghci fails to reload after deleting/creating an imported module new normal GHCi
#9655 Do not UNPACK strict fields that are very wide new normal Compiler
#9660 unnecessary indirect jump when returning a case scrutinee new normal Compiler (CodeGen)
#9663 Windows build process should give better message if you forgot to clone tarballs new normal Build System
#9669 Long compile time/high memory usage for modules with many deriving clauses new normal Compiler
#9672 Error message too long (full case statement printed) new normal Compiler (Type checker)
#9673 ghc 7.8.4 and 7.10 fail to build on aarch64 new normal Compiler
#9675 Unreasonable memory usage on large data structures new normal Compiler
#9677 "operation not permitted" when running tests on Windows new normal Compiler
#9687 Missing Typeable instances for built-in types new normal Compiler
#9691 GHC-HEAD runtime is broken on arm new normal Compiler
#9693 Reloading GHCi with Template Haskell names can panic GHC new normal Template Haskell
#9696 readRawBufferPtr and writeRawBufferPtr allocate memory new normal Compiler
#9701 GADTs not specialized properly new normal Compiler
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