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#9244 Compiler could warn about type variable shadowing, and hint about ScopedTypeVariables new feature request normal
#9229 Compiler memory use regression new bug normal
#7103 Compiler panic, when loading wxc in GHCi new bug high 7.6.2
#9233 Compiler performance regression new bug low
#7258 Compiling DynFlags is jolly slow new simonpj bug normal 7.10.1
#7960 Compiling profiling CCS registration .c file takes far too long new bug normal
#5262 Compiling with -O makes some expressions too lazy and causes space leaks new bug low 7.6.2
#3577 Complete support for Data Parallel Haskell new rl feature request normal
#8591 Concurrent executions of ghc-pkg can cause inconstant package.cache files new bug normal
#9204 Conflicting definition in hs-boot file new goldfire bug normal
#5763 Confusing error message new simonpj bug high 7.6.2
#9009 Confusing error message when loading package with TH new bug normal
#9017 Confusing error message with PolyKinds new bug normal
#1928 Confusing type error message new bug low
#8832 Constant-folding regression wrt `clearBit (bit 0) 0 ` new thoughtpolice bug normal
#7854 Constrained method type accepted in Haskell 98 mode new bug normal
#7543 Constraint synonym instances new bug normal 7.10.1
#5395 Context reduction stack overflow without undecidable instances new bug normal
#8078 Core lint failure for profiled code new bug normal
#8274 Core pretty-printer doesn't print # on unboxed literals new feature request normal
#4938 Core2 CPU not detected correctly new bug low 7.6.2
#9227 Coverage Condition cannot be turned off new bug normal
#5907 Crashed loading package Safe new bug normal 7.6.2
#8335 Create more specialized entries to GC new task normal
#7610 Cross compilation support for LLVM backend new dterei bug normal 7.10.1
#8378 Cross-compiling from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to x86_64-sun-solaris2 with mkGmpConstants workaround fails to build objects for integer-gmp new bug normal
#8746 Crosscompiling new bug normal 7.10.1
#110 Cygwin binaries new feature request normal
#4900 DEPENDS pragma new feature request normal 7.10.1
#3903 DPH bad sliceP causes RTS panic "allocGroup: requested zero blocks" new benl bug low 7.6.2
#5807 DPH library functions don't work without -fvectorise. new benl bug normal 7.6.2
#3782 Data Parallel "Impossible happened" compiler error new benl bug low 7.6.2
#7330 Data Parallel Haskell (DPH) isn't usable yet. new benl feature request normal 7.10.1
#2836 Data.Typeable does not use qualified names new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#8487 Debugger confuses variables new bug normal
#436 Declare large amounts of constant data new feature request normal
#9063 Default associated type instances are too general new simonpj bug normal
#8404 Default to turning on architecture specific optimizations in the codegen new bug normal
#3583 Default view patterns new feature request normal
#7395 DefaultSignatures conflict with default implementations new feature request normal 7.10.1
#5791 Defer other kinds of errors until runtime, not just type errors new task normal 7.6.2
#8036 Demand analyser is unpacking too deeply new simonpj bug normal 7.10.1
#618 Dependency caching in ghc --make new task normal
#8947 Depending on hint/ghc API fixes the binary version I can use new bug normal
#4879 Deprecate exports new feature request normal 7.10.1
#1544 Derived Read instances for recursive datatypes with infix constructors are too inefficient new bug normal 7.6.2
#4896 Deriving Data does not work for attached code new bug low 7.6.2
#5642 Deriving Generic of a big type takes a long time and lots of space new dimitris bug high 7.6.2
#5462 Deriving clause for arbitrary classes new dreixel feature request normal
#8740 Deriving instance conditionally compiles new bug normal
#9149 Description of openFileBlocking is wrong new bug normal
#2940 Do CSE after CorePrep new simonpj bug lowest 7.6.2
#5429 Docase notation as GHC extension new tomasp feature request normal 7.6.2
#5202 Docs on strictness info out of date new bug low 7.6.2
#9247 Document -XDatatypeContexts in flag reference new goldfire bug low
#9248 Document -XHaskell98 and -XHaskell2010 in flag reference new goldfire bug normal
#2776 Document -pgmL (Use cmd as the literate pre-processor) new bug lowest 7.6.2
#5466 Documentation for Chan could be better new bug normal
#4861 Documentation for base does not include special items new bug low 7.6.2
#7460 Double literals generated bad core new tibbe bug normal 7.10.1
#8614 Duplicate symbol error when loading text twice new bug normal
#3658 Dynamically link GHCi (and use system linker) on platforms that support it new thoughtpolice task normal 7.8.4
#5786 Dynanmic way fails when GHC built with LLVM backend new dterei bug normal 7.6.2
#8353 Easy way to defer type errors new feature request normal
#5239 Em-dash for "--" with UnicodeSyntax. new feature request normal 7.6.2
#2333 Emit a warning if an INLINE function is a loop breaker new feature request lowest 7.6.2
#5082 Emit warnings when conflicting flags are supplied new feature request low
#9182 Empty case analysis for function clauses new feature request low
#7669 Empty case causes warning new bug normal 7.10.1
#3646 Enforce requirement that our repos contains a subset of upstream's patches new task lowest 7.6.2
#3122 Enhance --info new duncan feature request lowest 7.6.2
#2614 Enumeration of values for `Sys.Info.os`, `Sys.Info.arch` new mjg feature request low 7.6.2
#2708 Error message should suggest UnboxedTuples language extension new feature request low
#7461 Error messages about "do" statements contain false information new bug normal 7.10.1
#7849 Error on pattern matching of an existential whose context includes a type function new bug normal
#5443 Errors when shutting down the event manager loop new tibbe bug normal 7.6.2
#7259 Eta expansion of products in System FC new simonpj bug normal 7.10.1
#8655 Evaluate know-to-terminate-soon thunks new nomeata task normal
#4144 Exception: ToDo: hGetBuf - when using custom handle infrastructure new bug high 7.10.1
#9059 Excessive space usage while generating code for fractional literals with big exponents new bug normal
#8779 Exhaustiveness checks for pattern synonyms new feature request normal
#9131 Experiment with a dedicated solver for Coercible new task low
#8147 Exponential behavior in instance resolution on fixpoint-of-sum new bug normal
#9049 Expose srcLoc from the assertion architecture to allow better error messages new feature request normal
#8679 Extend FunD data constructor with information about type signature new feature request normal
#9265 Extend PackageId to include version dependency information new ezyang feature request high
#5840 Extend the supported environment sizes of vectorised closures new chak bug normal 7.6.2
#8171 Extending ExtendedDefaultRules new feature request normal
#4372 Extending quasiquotation support new bug normal 7.6.2
#7068 Extensive Memory usage (regression) new simonpj bug normal 7.10.1
#670 External Core is broken new tim bug normal
#5630 External Core needs love new bug normal 7.6.2
#5823 FFI and CAPI needs {-# INCLUDE #-} back? new feature request normal 7.6.2
#9197 FFI types should be usable in foreign import decls without revealing representations new bug normal
#8043 Feature Request : Qualified module exports new bug normal
#8362 Filesystem related tests failed on solaris (SmartOS) new bug normal 7.8.4
#3464 Find import declaration importing a certain function new feature request low 7.6.2
#4833 Finding the right loop breaker new bug low 7.6.2
#4092 Floating point manipulation : ulp and coerce IEEE-754 Double# into Word64# new feature request normal 7.6.2
#9038 Foreign calls don't make their arguments look strict new bug normal
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