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#3771 haddock: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 19269 bug lowest Compiler 6.12.1
#3781 Improve inlining for local functions bug lowest Compiler 6.12.1
#3859 Problems with toClockTime on NetBSD bug lowest Compiler 6.12.1
#3895 "Fix" pervasive-but-unnecessary signedness in GHC.Prim feature request low Compiler
#3990 UNPACK doesn't unbox data families bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#4012 Compilation results are not deterministic bug high Compiler 6.12.2
#4016 Strange display behaviour in GHCi feature request low Compiler 6.12.2
#4017 Unhelpful error message in GHCi bug lowest Compiler 6.12.2
#4019 deriving Ord can produce incorrect and inefficient instances bug low Compiler 6.13
#4052 Two sided sections feature request low Compiler 6.12.2
#4081 Strict constructor fields inspected in loop benl bug low Compiler 6.13
#4092 Floating point manipulation : ulp and coerce IEEE-754 Double# into Word64# feature request normal Compiler 6.12.2
#4096 New primops for indexing: index*OffAddrUsing# etc feature request low Compiler 6.12.2
#4101 Primitive constant unfolding schyler bug low Compiler 6.12.2
#4105 ffi005 fails on OS X bug low Compiler 6.12.2
#4114 Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC iduhetonas feature request low Compiler 6.10.4
#4121 Refactor the plumbing of CafInfo to make it more robust bug low Compiler 6.12.2
#4140 dynHelloWorld(dyn) fails in an unreg build bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#4176 reject unary minus in infix left hand side function bindings that resolve differently as expressions bug low Compiler 7.2.1
#4222 Template Haskell lets you reify supposedly-abstract data types feature request low Compiler 6.12.3
#4281 Make impredicativity work properly simonpj task low Compiler 6.12.3
#4288 Poor -fspec-constr-count=n warning messages bug low Compiler 6.13
#4295 Review higher-rank and impredicative types simonpj bug normal Compiler 6.12.3
#4296 The dreaded SkolemOccurs problem simonpj bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#4301 Optimisations give bad core for foldl' (flip seq) () bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#4329 GHC.Conc modifyTVar primitive feature request low Compiler 6.12.3
#4428 Local functions lose their unfoldings bug low Compiler 7.1
#4451 Re-linking avoidance is too aggressive bug normal Compiler 7.1
#4453 Allow specifying .hi files of imports on command line in batch mode feature request low Compiler 6.12.3
#4466 Add extension for type application feature request low Compiler 6.12.3
#4470 Loop optimization: identical counters feature request normal Compiler
#4471 Incorrect Unicode output on Windows Console bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#4505 Segmentation fault on long input (list of pairs) bug low Compiler 7.0.1
#4800 Memory Leak when Compiling qtHaskell bug low Compiler 6.12.3
#4806 Make error message more user friendly when module is not found because package is unusable feature request low Compiler 7.0.1
#4815 Instance constraints should be used when deriving on associated data types feature request low Compiler 6.12.3
#4823 Loop strength reduction for array indexing feature request low Compiler 7.1
#4833 Finding the right loop breaker bug low Compiler 7.0.1
#4836 literate markdown not handled correctly by unlit bug low Compiler 7.0.1
#4896 Deriving Data does not work for attached code bug low Compiler 7.1
#4899 Non-standard compile plus Template Haskell produces spurious "unknown symbol" linker error simonmar bug low Compiler 7.0.1
#4937 Remove indirections caused by sum types, such as Maybe feature request normal Compiler 7.0.1
#4938 Core2 CPU not detected correctly bug low Compiler 7.1
#4955 increase error message detail for module lookups failure due to hi references bug low Compiler 6.12.1
#4960 Better inlining test in CoreUnfold bug low Compiler 7.0.1
#4980 Warning about module abbreviation clashes feature request low Compiler 7.0.1
#5059 Pragma to SPECIALISE on value arguments feature request low Compiler 7.0.3
#5073 Add blockST for nested ST scopes bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5075 CPR optimisation for sum types if only one constructor is used simonpj feature request normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5142 stub header files don't work with the MS C compiler simonmar bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5158 Update .git-ignore in all the repos pcapriotti task low Compiler 7.0.3
#5171 Misfeature of Cmm optimiser: no way to extract a branch of expression into a separate statement feature request low Compiler 7.0.3
#5224 Improve consistency checking for family instances simonpj bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5262 Compiling with -O makes some expressions too lazy and causes space leaks bug low Compiler 7.1
#5273 error and undefined should print a location feature request low Compiler 7.1
#5288 Less noisy version of -fwarn-name-shadowing feature request low Compiler 7.0.3
#5292 libHSghc exports more symbols than Windows can handle bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5298 Inlined functions aren't fully specialised bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5302 Unused arguments in join points simonpj bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5305 crash after writing around 40 gigabytes to stdout bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5320 check_overlap panic (7.1 regression) simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.1
#5326 Polymorphic instances aren't automatically specialised simonpj bug low Compiler 7.0.3
#5355 Link plugins against existing libHSghc bug normal Compiler 7.0.3
#5378 unreg compiler: warning: conflicting types for built-in function ‘memcpy’ bug low Compiler 7.3
#5387 ffi/should_run fptr02 fails on OS X amd64 bug low Compiler 7.3
#5388 ghcilink003 and ghcilink006 fail on OSX bug low Compiler 7.0.4
#5392 Warnings about impossible MPTCs would be nice feature request normal Compiler 7.0.4
#5429 Docase notation as GHC extension tomasp feature request normal Compiler
#5443 Errors when shutting down the event manager loop tibbe bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5444 Slow 64-bit primops on 32 bit system bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5495 simple program fails with -shared on mac bug low Compiler 7.2.1
#5522 mc03 -O -fliberate-case -fspec-constr runs out of memory simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.3
#5539 GHC panic - Simplifier ticks exhausted simonpj bug high Compiler 7.3
#5556 Support pin-changing on ByteArray#s feature request normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5615 ghc produces poor code for `div` with constant powers of 2. bug normal Compiler 7.4.1-rc1
#5619 Shorter qualified import statements feature request normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5630 External Core needs love bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5642 Deriving Generic of a big type takes a long time and lots of space dimitris bug high Compiler 7.3
#5645 Sharing across functions causing space leak bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5647 CLI option to silence "Loading package foo ... linking ... done" output feature request normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5692 Source code with large floating constants in exponential notation cannot be compiled pcapriotti bug normal Compiler 7.2.1
#5763 Confusing error message simonpj bug high Compiler 7.2.2
#5775 Inconsistency in demand analysis bug normal Compiler 7.5
#5777 core lint error with arrow notation and GADTs ross bug normal Compiler 7.4.2
#5791 Defer other kinds of errors until runtime, not just type errors task normal Compiler 7.2.2
#5813 Offer a compiler warning for failable pattern matches feature request normal Compiler 7.2.2
#5821 SPECIALISE fails with a cryptic warning bug normal Compiler 7.5
#5823 FFI and CAPI needs {-# INCLUDE #-} back? feature request normal Compiler 7.5
#5834 Allow both INLINE and INLINABLE for the same function feature request normal Compiler 7.5
#5835 Make better use of known dictionaries feature request normal Compiler 7.5
#5841 seg fault in ghci but not ghc when using chart-gtk code bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5898 ghc: internal error: Invalid Mach-O file bug normal Compiler 7.0.4
#5916 runST isn't free bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5924 Bad Cmm generated for updating one element in Array# bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5928 INLINABLE fails to specialize in presence of simple wrapper bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#5954 Performance regression 7.0 -> 7.2 (still in 7.4) simonpj bug high Compiler 7.4.1
#5959 Top level splice in Template Haskell has over-ambitious lexical scope? bug low Compiler 7.5
#5985 Type operators are not accepted as variables in contexts bug normal Compiler 7.5
#6047 GHC retains unnecessary binding simonpj bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
#6087 Join points need strictness analysis bug normal Compiler 7.4.1
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