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#3782 Data Parallel "Impossible happened" compiler error benl bug low 6.12.1 4 years
#3903 DPH bad sliceP causes RTS panic "allocGroup: requested zero blocks" benl bug low 6.13 4 years
#3960 ghc panic when attempting to compile DPH code rl bug lowest 6.12.1 4 years
#4831 Too many specialisations in SpecConstr rl bug low 7.0.1 3 years
#5369 Reinstate VECTORISE pragmas with expressions as right-hand sides chak bug normal 7.0.4 3 years
#5470 The DPH library needs to support PData and PRepr instances for more than 15-tuples chak bug normal 7.3 3 years
#5646 Initialise tuples using pragmas chak bug normal 7.3 2 years
#5702 Can't vectorise pattern matching on numeric literals chak bug normal 7.3 2 years
#5807 DPH library functions don't work without -fvectorise. benl bug normal 7.2.2 2 years
#5840 Extend the supported environment sizes of vectorised closures chak bug normal 7.4.1 2 years
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