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#2346 Compilation of large source files requires a lot of RAM bug lowest 6.8.2 Linux
#2387 Optimizer misses unboxing opportunity bug lowest 6.8.2 Linux
#3458 Allocation where none should happen bug lowest 6.10.4 Linux
#4505 Segmentation fault on long input (list of pairs) bug low 7.0.1 Linux
#5539 GHC panic - Simplifier ticks exhausted simonpj bug high 7.3 Linux
#5959 Top level splice in Template Haskell has over-ambitious lexical scope? bug low 7.5 Linux
#2370 num009 fails on OS X 10.5? bug lowest 6.9 MacOS X
#3533 mac installer package deletes old version of ghc bug lowest 6.10.4 MacOS X
#3771 haddock: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 19269 bug lowest 6.12.1 MacOS X
#4105 ffi005 fails on OS X bug low 6.12.2 MacOS X
#5387 ffi/should_run fptr02 fails on OS X amd64 bug low 7.3 MacOS X
#5388 ghcilink003 and ghcilink006 fail on OSX bug low 7.0.4 MacOS X
#5495 simple program fails with -shared on mac bug low 7.2.1 MacOS X
#5777 core lint error with arrow notation and GADTs ross bug normal 7.4.2 MacOS X
#5841 seg fault in ghci but not ghc when using chart-gtk code bug normal 7.4.1 MacOS X
#5898 ghc: internal error: Invalid Mach-O file bug normal 7.0.4 MacOS X
#3859 Problems with toClockTime on NetBSD bug lowest 6.12.1 NetBSD
#602 Warning Suppression task lowest None Unknown/Multiple
#849 Offer control over branch prediction feature request normal 6.4.2 Unknown/Multiple
#888 Implement the static argument transformation task normal 6.4.2 Unknown/Multiple
#1016 Avoidance of unaligned loads is overly conservative task lowest 6.6 Unknown/Multiple
#1216 Missed opportunity for let-no-esape simonpj bug normal 6.6 Unknown/Multiple
#1349 Generalise the ! and UNPACK mechanism for data types, to unpack function arguments task normal 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1466 Stack check for AP_STACK simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1498 Optimisation: eliminate unnecessary heap check in recursive function bug low 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1544 Derived Read instances for recursive datatypes with infix constructors are too inefficient bug normal 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1572 Make it easy to find documentation for GHC and installed packages task lowest 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1600 Optimisation: CPR the results of IO nomeata task lowest 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1631 Make the External Package Table contain ModDetails not ModIface task lowest 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1721 Make GHCi print the entire result of an interactive 'bind' statement feature request lowest 6.6.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1880 Unify flag descriptions to generate both docs and code task lowest 6.8.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1885 Improve CPR analysis feature request lowest 6.8.1 Unknown/Multiple
#1965 Allow unconstrained existential contexts in newtypes feature request normal 6.8.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2028 STM slightly conservative on write-only transactions bug lowest 6.8.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2104 Add Labels feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2119 explicitly importing deprecated symbols should elicit the deprecation warning feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2135 Warn if functions are exported whose types cannot be written feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2147 unhelpful error message for a misplaced DEPRECATED pragma bug lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2159 Use a more efficient representation than [DynFlag] bug lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2256 Incompleteness of type inference: must quantify over implication constraints simonpj bug lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2258 ghc --cleanup feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2269 Word type to Double or Float conversions are slower than Int conversions dons@… feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2273 inlining defeats seq bug lowest 6.9 Unknown/Multiple
#2289 Needless reboxing of values when returning from a tight loop bug lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2333 Emit a warning if an INLINE function is a loop breaker feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2365 Warn about suspicious flags in OPTIONS_GHC pragmas feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#2439 Missed optimisation with dictionaries and loops simonpj bug lowest 6.9 Unknown/Multiple
#2522 Warning for missing export lists feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2526 warn about missing signatures only for exported functions feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2530 deriving Show adds extra parens for constructor with record syntax bug lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2550 Add an option to read file names from a file instead of the command line feature request lowest 6.9 Unknown/Multiple
#2598 Avoid excessive specialisation in SpecConstr feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2600 Bind type variables in RULES simonpj feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2640 Treat -X flags consistently in GHCi feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2641 Revise the rules for -XExtendedDefaultRules feature request lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2642 Improve SpecConstr for join points bug lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2710 -main-is flag in {-# OPTIONS #-} pragma not fully supported bug lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2721 Newtype deriving doesn't work with type families feature request lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2731 Avoid unnecessary evaluation when unpacking constructors bug lowest 6.8.3 Unknown/Multiple
#2836 Data.Typeable does not use qualified names feature request lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2867 Make a way to tell GHC that a pragma name should be "recognised" bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2940 Do CSE after CorePrep simonpj bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2968 add test for C trigraphs kchugalinskiy task lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#2988 Improve float-in bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3032 would be nice if -fno-code and --make worked together feature request lowest 6.8.2 Unknown/Multiple
#3055 Int / Word / IntN / WordN are unequally optimized bug lowest 6.11 Unknown/Multiple
#3073 Avoid reconstructing dictionaries in recursive instance methods bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3085 warn about language extensions that are not used feature request normal 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3122 Enhance --info duncan feature request lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3123 make INLINE work for recursive definitions (generalized loop peeling/loop unrolling) feature request lowest 6.11 Unknown/Multiple
#3138 Returning a known constructor: GHC generates terrible code for cmonad bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3217 Make GHCi have separate flags for interactive Haskell expressions feature request normal 6.10.2 Unknown/Multiple
#3314 Add compilation date to +RTS --info feature request lowest 6.10.2 Unknown/Multiple
#3321 -fhpc assumes original sources relative to the current directory bug lowest 6.10.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3355 Refactor Template Haskell syntax conversions task lowest 6.10.3 Unknown/Multiple
#3372 Allow for multiple linker instances feature request low Unknown/Multiple
#3379 GHC should use the standard binary package task normal 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3427 control what sort of entity a deprecated pragma applies to bug low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3462 New codegen: allocate large objects using allocateLocal() task low 6.11 Unknown/Multiple
#3483 Some mechanism for eliminating "absurd" patterns feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3547 Improve granularity of UndecidableInstances feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3571 Bizzarely bloated binaries bug lowest 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3588 ghc -M should emit dependencies on CPP headers bug low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3619 allow to set ghc search path globally (a'la CPATH) feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3632 lift restrictions on records with existential fields, especially in the presence of class constraints feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3646 Enforce requirement that our repos contains a subset of upstream's patches task lowest 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3699 Wildcards in type functions feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3701 allow existential wrapper newtypes feature request low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3704 Using -shared without -dynamic should be rejected on linux bug low Unknown/Multiple
#3712 Implement -dynamic-lib option task low 6.12.1 RC1 Unknown/Multiple
#3713 Track -dynamic/-fPIC to avoid obscure linker errors task low 6.10.4 Unknown/Multiple
#3744 Comparisons against minBound/maxBound not optimised bug low 6.13 Unknown/Multiple
#3755 Improve join point inlining task low 6.12.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3767 SpecConstr for join points bug low 6.12.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3781 Improve inlining for local functions bug lowest 6.12.1 Unknown/Multiple
#3895 "Fix" pervasive-but-unnecessary signedness in GHC.Prim feature request low Unknown/Multiple
#3990 UNPACK doesn't unbox data families bug low 7.0.3 Unknown/Multiple
#4012 Compilation results are not deterministic bug high 6.12.2 Unknown/Multiple
#4016 Strange display behaviour in GHCi feature request low 6.12.2 Unknown/Multiple
#4017 Unhelpful error message in GHCi bug lowest 6.12.2 Unknown/Multiple
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