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#7011 32bit GHC 7.4.2 cannot compile integer-gmp on OS X 10.8 bug high 7.8.3 libraries (other)
#7987 GHC Build Error bug normal Compiler
#7919 Heap corruption (segfault) from large 'let' expression bug high 7.8.3 Runtime System
#8406 Invalid object in isRetainer() or Segfault bug normal Compiler
#8475 Library docs: broken links to Foreign.ForeignPtr hellertime bug high 7.8.3 Documentation
#5019 OS X: ld: warning: could not create compact unwind for _ffi_call_unix64 bug high 7.8.3 Compiler
#8102 Parallel build of HEAD consistently fails bug high 7.10.1 Build System
#7189 RTS Assertion Crash simonmar bug normal 7.8.3 Runtime System
#7763 Resource limits for Haskell simonmar feature request normal 7.8.3 Profiling
#8093 Runtime Internal Error with setNumCapabilities 1 bug normal Runtime System
#5188 Runtime error when allocating lots of memory bug low 7.6.2 GHCi
#7836 Runtime failure profiling with +RTS -hc -hbdrag,void bug normal Profiling
#8938 Should fallback instead of EXIT_FAILURE on clock_gettime failure simonmar bug normal Runtime System
#8013 Strange closure type error building hs-kqueue on FreeBSD bug normal Compiler (LLVM)
#8131 T7571 with WAY=llvm fails, but not WAY=optllvm rwbarton bug high Compiler
#8366 haskeline Posix backend needs #include <sys/termios.h> on Solaris thoughtpolice bug high 7.8.3 libraries (other)
#7028 incorrect link paths for in mac os x after install leroux bug high 7.8.3 Build System
#8097 internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Operation not permitted bug normal Compiler
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