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#3932 haddock.exe: internal error: awaitRequests: odd thread state simonmar bug highest 7.0.1 Build System
#4843 "include" directory missing in the ghc 7.0.1 windows installer bug highest 7.0.2 Package system
#5270 Installing ghc ruins PATH on Windows igloo bug highest 7.2.1 None
#6071 Compiled program segfaults simonmar bug highest 7.4.2 Compiler
#7153 GHC crashes with "(Array.!): undefined array element" while building pcapriotti bug highest 7.6.1 Compiler
#370 possible compacting GC bug in 6.4.x simonmar bug high 6.4.2 Runtime System
#1528 Windows HEAD snapshot does not include hpc program Igloo bug high 6.8.1 Build System
#1818 Code size increase vs. 6.6.1 bug high 6.8.3 Compiler
#2081 GHC reports internal error: stg_ap_v_ret simonmar bug high 6.10.2 Compiler
#2397 inclusion of Network.Curl causes compiler issues and coredumps simonmar bug high 6.10.1 libraries (other)
#2815 On windows, hGetLine stdin leaks like an inside trader simonmar bug high 6.10.2 Runtime System
#3103 Compiling base with cabal fails. bug high 7.8.1 Compiler
#3745 Non-deterministic behavior with FFI bug high 6.12.2 Compiler (FFI)
#4199 createDirectoryIfMissing fails if directory exists on 32-bit windows bug high 7.0.1 libraries/directory
#4510 No links will be generated to these packages: base- igloo bug high 7.2.1 Compiler
#4804 ghc-stage2: Monadic.o: bus error / segmentation fault / internal error bug high 7.4.1 Compiler
#4839 RTS assertion failure when heap profiling threaded programs. bug high 7.2.1 Runtime System
#4922 Segfault / Assertion failed in RTS (Compact.c) simonmar bug high 7.2.1 Runtime System
#4967 internal error: stg_ap_v_ret on forkProcess + executeFile simonmar bug high 7.2.1 Compiler
#4998 performance regressions bug high 7.2.1 Compiler
#5036 ghc bug: urk! lookup local fingerprint bug high 7.2.1 Compiler
#5072 Segfault on OS X in interpreted code bug high 7.4.2 Compiler
#5221 unicode regression batterseapower bug high 7.2.1 Compiler
#5234 The parListWHNF optimisation isn't simonmar bug high 7.4.1 libraries (other)
#5259 Heap used by compacting collector larger than heap used without. simonmar bug high 7.2.1 Runtime System
#5394 GHC hangs on compile of anything bug high 7.4.1 Compiler
#5553 sendWakeup error in simple test program with MVars and killThread tibbe bug high 7.4.2 Runtime System
#5727 Unclear documentation about .eventlog's spark information flag duncan bug high 7.4.2 Documentation
#5831 space_leak_001(ghci) segfaults on OS X x86_64 bug high 7.6.2 Compiler
#5899 RTS crash w/ strange closure type 603975781 on OS X 10.8 bug high 7.4.2 Runtime System
#8686 "cannot find normal object file" error during compilation bug high 7.8.1 Compiler
#342 GHC: panic! (compiler bug?) nobody bug normal Compiler
#402 internal error: startTask: Can't create new task simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 None
#406 internal error: EVACUATED object entered! simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 None
#447 segmentation fault when profiling large case simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Profiling
#686 warning: implicit declaration of function `ftruncate' simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 libraries/base
#729 Build system uses wrong version of include files. bug normal Build System
#739 command-line expressions with double-quoted strings misinterpret some special symbols bug normal Compiler
#748 VISUAL HASKELL won't find imports bug normal Compiler
#761 Occasional Segmentation Fault and strange object 17863 bug normal Compiler
#798 Ix{Int}.index: Index (402849792) out of range ((0,100)) bug normal 6.6 Build System
#817 internal error: stg_ap_ppp_ret bug normal Runtime System
#823 impossible happens with ghc 6.5 building gtk2hs on win32 igloo bug normal 6.6.1 Compiler
#883 cannot use (!) as an infix operator bug normal 6.6 Compiler
#922 ghc-6.5: panic on compile of Language/Haskell/TH/Ppr.hs bug normal Compiler
#1073 ghc-6.7: internal error: R_X86_64_PC32 relocation out of range bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1130 GHC reports : <interactive>: internal error: removeFromQueues simonmar bug normal 6.6.1 Runtime System
#1139 Error when running ghci in emacs buffer bug normal GHCi
#1335 overflow in multiplication bug normal 6.8.2 GHCi
#1356 "derive instance" panics ghc-6.7.20070404 igloo bug normal Compiler
#1429 :list gets confused by bang patterns in .lhs files simonmar bug normal 6.8.3 GHCi
#1436 Build errors: awkward "no rule to make target" errors where there ARE rules bug normal Build System
#1437 Build failures on Mac OS X 10.5 bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#1507 GHC documentation package download feature request normal Build System
#1553 Error in "nameModule header{v a1Ax}" bug normal 6.8.1 GHCi
#1562 ghci crashes on startup bug normal 6.8.1 GHCi
#1578 darcs-all work around for darcs Issue 467 bug normal Build System
#1601 ghc-6.6.1: internal error: evacuate: strange closure type 7600 bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1640 Bang patterns cause compilation error bug normal Compiler
#1646 : panic! (the 'impossible' happened) igloo bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#1656 Bignum exponentiation yields wrong results bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#1676 Infinite loop bug normal Compiler
#1684 impossible happened when compiling darcs with GADTs. bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#1685 getCPUTime does not work in general bug normal 6.8.1 GHCi
#1786 can't build ghc- under Solaris using a GNU linker bug normal Compiler
#1846 under MAC OS X package dependencies are not satified by the user database bug normal Not GHC Build System
#1887 internal error while running parallel program simonmar bug normal 6.10 branch Runtime System
#1907 HPC and Template Haskell don't mix AndyGill bug normal 6.10 branch Code Coverage
#1934 Bad interplay between -O2 and -prof -auto-all in GHC-6.6.1 bug normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#2008 GHCi takes increasingly more memory bug normal 6.10 branch GHCi
#2015 SOE samples crash when running from ghci rather than compiling and running with ghc bug normal 6.8.3 GHCi
#2083 linker reports missing symbols Main.c:(.text+0x12): undefined reference to `__stginit_ZCMain' bug normal 6.8.3 Compiler
#2091 heap corruption in ghc-6.8.2? bug normal 6.8.3 Compiler
#2150 allow definition of functions in the interpreter feature request normal GHCi
#2230 ghci crashes with .o mismatches bug normal Compiler
#2263 GHC 6.8 (STABLE) branch build framework does not pass correctly CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS env vars to subsequent configure scripts bug normal Build System
#2272 internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Bad file number benl bug normal 6.10 branch Runtime System
#2279 Include library source code in distribution feature request normal Documentation
#2282 threaded runtime system crashes on powerpc with -N2 bug normal Runtime System
#2300 GHCi locks up on long input bug normal 6.10.1 GHCi
#2308 ghc doesn't honor -keep-tmp-files bug normal Compiler
#2323 Segfaulting binary only with modules bug normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#2341 GHC crashed my mac, said I should report it bug normal Compiler
#2402 ghc fails sans error message. bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2407 internal error simonmar bug normal 6.10.1 Runtime System
#2484 ghc 6.8.2 broken after Security Update 2008-005 (PPC) on Mac OS 10.4.11 bug normal 6.10.1 Compiler
#2503 Panic related to MPTC's and type equality bug normal Compiler
#2661 Associated type synonyms not fully simplified in GHCi bug normal GHCi
#2673 FreeBSD built-in libedit is not compatible with GHC bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2837 Vectoriser should give a better error message rl bug normal Data Parallel Haskell
#2841 Ghci + foreign export declarations result in undefined symbols ezyang bug normal Compiler (FFI)
#2852 Type family checking oddity bug normal Compiler
#2874 Error message doesn't mention extension that is missing bug normal Compiler
#2876 Inconsistent error message bug normal Compiler
#2877 crash when printig a list (IO ()) bug normal GHCi
#2878 panic while compiling Cabal- bug normal Compiler
#2942 witten/ghc-6.10.1-powerpc-apple-darwin.tar.bz2: make install fails on case-sensitive file system igloo bug normal 6.10.2 None
#2949 ghci suddenly won't start bug normal Compiler
#3042 rts defines "real_main" which can clash with user C code bug normal Runtime System
#3131 GHC stops after a single 'defined but not used' warning bug normal 6.12.1 Compiler
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