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#615 Remove uses of ccall from PackedString task normal libraries/base
#9508 Rename package key ezyang task normal 7.10.1 Compiler
#5510 Representation of GHC Errors feature request normal GHC API
#1902 Restrict the type of (^), (^^), and add genericPower, genericPower' proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#1555 Reverse do notation: lexer bug? feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#2032 SCC annotations cause compile errors bug normal Compiler
#5055 STM Exception "BlockedIndefinitelyOnSTM" throws to wrong thread bug normal Compiler
#4303 Segfault in RTS (apparently only MacOS) FFI related? igloo bug highest 7.2.1 Runtime System
#8938 Should fallback instead of EXIT_FAILURE on clock_gettime failure simonmar bug normal Runtime System
#1950 Should not register packages when installing with DESTDIR option bug normal Build System
#2026 Simple data types in System.Posix.IO should have Eq, Ord, etc. instances bug normal libraries (other)
#8381 Simplifier ticks exhausted bug normal Compiler
#3907 Solaris tar truncates filename of Data.Array.Parallel.Stream.Flat.Combinators interface. bug normal Compiler
#4881 Some patches for GHC task normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#1089 Somewhat bad type error message bug lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#5756 Specialize sequence into sequence_ automatically feature request normal Compiler
#3777 Split MonaIO class from mtl proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#7036 StableNames in presence of class constraints / monadic functions feature request normal GHC API
#2684 Stack overflow in stream-fusion library with GHC 6.10 RC dons task high 7.2.1 Compiler
#2918 Storable alignment for Double is 4 bug high 6.10.2 Compiler (FFI)
#2099 Storable instance for Complex proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#3056 StrictAnal module naming issue proposal normal Compiler
#5255 String literals cause runtime crashes when OverloadedStrings is in effect feature request normal Compiler
#4433 Suboptimal rendering of long type signatures bug normal GHCi
#7658 Support empty record update syntax feature request normal Compiler
#7496 Support for JavaScript as an official GHC output language feature request normal Compiler
#3199 System.Environment provides no access to argv[0] bug normal 6.12.1 libraries/base
#3200 System.Environment.withProgName strips everything before the last slash bug normal 6.12.1 libraries/base
#5260 System.FilePath.combine encourages unsafe practices bug normal libraries (other)
#1393 Tag source tree with successful bootstraps bug normal None
#5499 Tagging constructors with record/product phantom type feature request normal libraries (other)
#9272 Template Haskell doesn't support n+k patterns bug normal Template Haskell
#4129 Template haskell API makes inconsistent use of [Q Dec], Q [Dec] and Q Dec proposal normal Not GHC Template Haskell
#7298 Test 2228 fails with dynamic-by-default bug high GHCi
#1032 Test.QuickCheck.Batch overflow in length of tests bug normal Not GHC Compiler
#7652 Testing freezes on FreeBSD 9.1. pgj bug high 7.8.1 Compiler
#2003 The Data.Time.Format parser should be more liberal feature request normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#9115 The kind of (=>) feature request low Compiler
#3280 The order of arguments to the function passed to nubBy got swapped somehow bug normal 6.12.1 libraries/base
#6009 The packaging used to provide GHC 7.0.4 for OS X fails for 32 bit -- cannot install bug normal None
#1112 The testsuite setup is broken bug normal Compiler
#10024 This bug tracker: Can not create filter `x contains y && x contains z` hvr bug normal Trac & Git
#4402 Ticket #4252 not fixed for 6.12 branch bug normal Build System
#2519 Time.toClockTime: picoseconds out of range, after diffClockTimes bug normal GHCi
#2187 Top-level bindings are broken for polymorphic values bug normal 6.10 branch Compiler
#1245 Turn tuples into syntactic sugar for heterogeneous lists feature request normal Compiler
#5530 TyVarBndr inside type quotations don't have kinds ascribed feature request normal 7.6.1 Template Haskell
#5970 Type checker hangs bug normal Compiler (Type checker)
#927 Type checker infers () instead of a bug normal Compiler
#9568 Type classes that fully cover closed kinds feature request lowest Compiler (Type checker)
#1369 Type error when compiling ST-monad-like code bug normal Compiler
#7102 Type family instance overlap accepted in ghci bug normal GHCi
#5138 TypeSynonymInstances should be enabled by default feature request normal Compiler
#1221 Types don't match expressions in type error simonpj bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#2249 Undeclared variable in cmm reports as panic bug low 6.12.3 Compiler
#7429 Unexplained performance boost with +RTS -h bug normal 7.8.1 Compiler
#8564 Unhandled ELF relocation types on dynamically loading object files with GHCi pgj task normal GHCi
#7217 Unification of type variables in constraints bug normal Compiler
#7676 Unify patterns and function bindings feature request normal 7.8.1 Compiler
#7137 Unnecessary -XRank2Types requirement involving type alias containing "forall" from another module simonpj bug highest 7.6.1 Compiler
#1207 Unnecessary prohibition of unquantified higher-order typeclass constraints bug low Compiler (Type checker)
#1629 Upgrade regex-base,compat,posix with GHC 6.8 Chris Kuklewicz <haskell@…> proposal normal 6.8.2 libraries (other)
#1520 Use Linux's signalfd() instead of pipe() to deliver signals to the IO manager task lowest 7.6.2 Runtime System
#8703 Use guard pages rather than heap checks simonmar feature request normal Runtime System
#7855 Use optimizer for more information about incomplete pattern matches feature request normal Compiler (Type checker)
#5116 Using -fno-code and -ddump-simpl don't work together anymore. bug normal Compiler
#1078 Using X11 through ffi on windows does not work bug high Compiler
#4810 Versions of bracket without masking acquire action proposal normal 7.4.1 libraries/base
#449 Very big integer arithmetic crashes GHCi on Windows and Mac simonmar bug normal 6.4.2 Runtime System
#1099 Visual Haskell crashes when ".." is used in hs-source-dirs bug normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#1499 Visual Haskell installer issue(s) bug normal Not GHC Visual Haskell
#9757 Warn about derivable instances feature request normal Compiler
#5196 Warn about non-existent targets immediately feature request normal Build System
#4983 Warning about redundant import is wrong when hiding identifiers in order to avoid export ambiguities bug normal Compiler
#68 Warnings for unitialized fields feature request normal Compiler
#1361 When trying to run yi, it fails to compile main, and exits with an error bug normal 6.8.1 Compiler
#3593 Where has readline gone? bug normal Package system
#1455 Wildcard pattern _ generates defaulting warning bug low Compiler
#1350 Win 9x support feature request high 6.8.1 Compiler
#7673 Windows: run "git config --global core.autocrlf false" before cloning the repo hvr bug normal 7.10.1 Trac & Git
#721 Write Data.Trie jpbernardy task normal 6.8.1 libraries/base
#5868 Wrong error messages with qualified imports bug normal Compiler
#3380 [Patch] Support implicit concatenation in list comprehensions feature request normal Compiler
#7364 `foo !f = id . f` becomes non-strict with -O2 bug normal Compiler
#4887 add a Location interface for element-wise operations on Data.Map proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#3254 add a configure option to turn off profiling bug normal 6.12.1 Build System
#2095 add new forms of unsafePerformIO and unsafeInterleaveIO proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#7922 adding direct *.c -> object code (*.o/so/dylib) support to compilation driver feature request normal Compiler
#3993 allow implicit parameter bindings in patterns feature request normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#1334 apparent memory leak in --make mode (compiling base library during building ghc) bug normal 6.8.2 Compiler
#3876 assignement of thrown extension to variable of type string bug normal Compiler
#2428 bad error message for multiple modules in the same file bug low 7.0.1 Compiler
#2697 bad testsuite results with ghc- bug normal Compiler
#5491 build GHC binaries against GMP 5 task normal Build System
#4872 build failure on IA64 linux bug normal Compiler
#1293 building via gcc 4.2.x on SPARC/Solaris is very slow benl bug normal 6.10.2 Compiler
#2085 cabal uses haddock from hard-coded location bug normal Build System
#4996 can't link executables due to dtrace error on Mac OS X 10.5 bug normal Compiler
#5256 code in an "else" branch that is never executed still does influence runtime (Vectorizer?) bug normal Compiler
#1239 compare on exceptional Doubles and Floats should raise an error proposal normal libraries/base
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