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#4118 GHC forces gcc version on mingw32 bug normal Compiler
#4129 Template haskell API makes inconsistent use of [Q Dec], Q [Dec] and Q Dec proposal normal Not GHC Template Haskell
#4132 Generate .o, .dyn_o, .p_o etc. simultaneously feature request normal Compiler
#4133 -fvia-C option does not work on ppc with Linux bug normal Compiler
#4189 (<.>) operator (generalizing (.) to Functor) proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#4219 sequence is not tail recursive, doesn't work with large inputs in strict monads bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#4303 Segfault in RTS (apparently only MacOS) FFI related? igloo bug highest 7.2.1 Runtime System
#4304 Remove the `-fwarn-lazy-unlifted-bindings` flag bug high 7.4.1 Compiler
#4307 Default to all cores for executables compiled with -threaded feature request normal Compiler
#4315 Generalize the 'RandomGen' and 'Random' classes proposal normal Not GHC libraries/random
#4347 Bug in unification of polymorphic and not-yet-polymorphic type bug normal 7.10.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#4382 GHC trac doesn't work well behind load balancing NAT. bug normal None
#4402 Ticket #4252 not fixed for 6.12 branch bug normal Build System
#4433 Suboptimal rendering of long type signatures bug normal GHCi
#4443 Don't require users to use undefined proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#4475 unreliable ghc on sparc bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#4482 Allow type variables to be instantiated as a typeclass feature request normal 7.4.1 Compiler (Type checker)
#4500 Improve Read Integer proposal normal Not GHC libraries/base
#4507 Data.List.sum and Data.List.product unnecessarily inefficient bug normal libraries/base
#4807 Data instance for Data.Map is incomplete bug normal libraries/base
#4810 Versions of bracket without masking acquire action proposal normal 7.4.1 libraries/base
#4842 keep Data.Map.foldWithKey proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#4849 object code size fairly large for ghc-7.0.1 with optimization igloo bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#4868 deepseq should not depend on containers proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#4872 build failure on IA64 linux bug normal Compiler
#4881 Some patches for GHC task normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#4886 GHC "extensions" for (pre/post)processors feature request normal Compiler
#4887 add a Location interface for element-wise operations on Data.Map proposal normal Not GHC libraries (other)
#4944 -fvia-C/asm mangler broken on registerised powerpc-linux build bug normal Compiler
#4958 Ambiguous module name `Prelude' (base haskell98- bug normal Prelude
#4976 zipWith static argument transformation feature request normal libraries/base
#4979 IO performance regression in 7.0.2 simonmar bug normal Compiler
#4983 Warning about redundant import is wrong when hiding identifiers in order to avoid export ambiguities bug normal Compiler
#4987 darcs: internal error: stg_ap_v_ret (GHC version 7.0.1 for x86_64_apple_darwin) bug normal 7.2.1 Compiler
#4996 can't link executables due to dtrace error on Mac OS X 10.5 bug normal Compiler
#5021 How to get shared base libraries with profiling when installing from ghc-7.0.2-i386-unknown-linux.tar.bz2 feature request normal None
#5032 putting left equation sides in parantheses causes GHC.Prim.Any specialization bug normal Compiler
#5055 STM Exception "BlockedIndefinitelyOnSTM" throws to wrong thread bug normal Compiler
#5062 Patch: Debug output for OS X linker and coding standard upgrades bug low Runtime System
#5068 Possible loss of sharing: big performance change bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#5085 internal error: evacuate: strange closure type simonmar bug highest 7.4.1 Runtime System
#5094 Get rid of hidden modules feature request normal Compiler
#5096 Profiling wall-clock time counts are way off bug normal Profiling
#5116 Using -fno-code and -ddump-simpl don't work together anymore. bug normal Compiler
#5135 compilation failure on OS X 10.4 due to _POSIX_C_SOURCE igloo bug high 7.4.1 Compiler
#5138 TypeSynonymInstances should be enabled by default feature request normal Compiler
#5162 Add Int index functions to Data.Set sacundim feature request normal libraries (other)
#5196 Warn about non-existent targets immediately feature request normal Build System
#5206 Data.Map: Add a strict version of fromListWith and fromListWithKey feature request normal libraries (other)
#5242 IntMap.differenceKeysSet for removing an IntSet of keys fox@… feature request normal 7.6.1 libraries (other)
#5244 Reg build broken on powerpc-linux bug normal Compiler
#5255 String literals cause runtime crashes when OverloadedStrings is in effect feature request normal Compiler
#5256 code in an "else" branch that is never executed still does influence runtime (Vectorizer?) bug normal Compiler
#5260 System.FilePath.combine encourages unsafe practices bug normal libraries (other)
#5264 Add support for out of source tree compilation. feature request normal Build System
#5269 RTS flag decoding broken bug normal Runtime System
#5309 make[1]: *** [Apply.o] Segmentation fault (core dumped) bug normal Compiler
#5317 non-linear complexity of :reload combined with :module in ghci bug normal 7.4.1 Compiler
#5319 MacOS X + executeFile + -threaded = "Operation not supported" bug high 7.4.1 libraries/unix
#5367 Program in (-N1) runs 10 times slower than it with two threads (-N2) simonmar bug high 7.4.1 Runtime System
#5375 Regression in newName bug highest 7.2.1 Template Haskell
#5383 GetOpt parser too strict bug normal libraries/base
#5391 Better deriving for Typeable feature request normal 7.6.2 Compiler
#5427 '#' becomes an illegal first-character of a QuasiQuote line when CPP is enabled bug normal Template Haskell
#5447 please build GHC for Linux that links against or (libgmp 5) feature request normal Compiler
#5454 reify seems to needlessly remove kind ascriptions from type synonym RHSs feature request normal Template Haskell
#5491 build GHC binaries against GMP 5 task normal Build System
#5499 Tagging constructors with record/product phantom type feature request normal libraries (other)
#5506 LLVM AST : needs an LlvmType ctor to represent vectors so that LLVM can generate SIMD instructions dterei task normal Compiler (LLVM)
#5510 Representation of GHC Errors feature request normal GHC API
#5511 -package should take priority over modules in the filesystem bug normal Package system
#5530 TyVarBndr inside type quotations don't have kinds ascribed feature request normal 7.6.1 Template Haskell
#5535 Performance regression vs. 7.2.1 igloo bug highest 7.4.1 Compiler
#5563 ANNOUNCE file is from GHC 6.10 bug normal Compiler
#5580 Make switching GHC versions easier on Mac OS feature request normal Compiler
#5608 Fix T3807 for Mac OS X 10.5 bug low 7.10.1 Test Suite
#5629 missing "where" gives unclear error message feature request normal Compiler (Parser)
#5630 External Core needs love bug normal Compiler
#5659 hsc2hs should add explicit type annotations to peeks and pokes bug normal hsc2hs
#5667 Data.Unique.Unique and Data.Graph.SCC are not instances of Show feature request normal 7.6.1 libraries/base
#5677 Allow the definition of extra functions in typeclass instances feature request normal Compiler
#5679 Provide Arrow lift functions for Control.Arrow feature request normal 7.6.1 libraries/base
#5680 Main thread does not respect stack size RTS options bug normal 7.6.2 Runtime System
#5690 Enable RTS opts by default with security warning feature request normal Compiler
#5693 Build of local-gc branch of ghc broken simonmar bug normal Build System
#5704 Bug in the handling of wired-in packages (like template-haskell) simonmar bug high 7.4.2 Package system
#5705 getGCStats only works with +RTS -s bug normal Runtime System
#5718 Misplaced SPECIALIZE instance pragma silently ignored bug normal Compiler
#5741 openFile should fail if null bytes are in the argument feature request high 7.6.1 libraries/base
#5744 List layouts nsch feature request normal Compiler
#5745 import-hidden symbol is still re-exported bug normal Compiler
#5756 Specialize sequence into sequence_ automatically feature request normal Compiler
#5758 Add a safe index to Data.Foldable feature request normal libraries/base
#5781 Add :: [a] -> Int -> Maybe a feature request normal libraries/base
#5806 Make TimeLocale an instance of Def feature request normal libraries/old-time
#5808 nofib/spectral/hartel/transform is crashing with -fllvm (LLVM 2.7) dterei bug high 7.4.2 Compiler (LLVM)
#5812 Nasty interaction between MagicHash and CPP LANGUAGE pragmas bug normal Compiler
#5818 gcd and fizzled reversed in event SparkCounters duncan bug normal 7.6.1 Runtime System
#5844 Panic on generating Core code bug normal 7.10.1 External Core
#5868 Wrong error messages with qualified imports bug normal Compiler
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